GGPO Showdown - Roshihikari VS Fu Sung E. Cookeye - Witnesses Wanted


Regarding the dispute over Roshihikari’s Elena tutorial video, we have now come to an agreement on how to settle the matter. Roshihikari will be having a LIVE battle on GGPO to determine who the better SFIII: Third Strike player is. The battle will be held this Thursday, 8PM West Coast time.


We have mutually agreed that the winner will be decided over a battle consisting of 15 matches. The player that wins more matches will be the winner. The loser must surrender their claims to the Elena tutorial video.

Since the medium will be GGPO, we are now inviting spectators to witness the outcome of this battle.

I would like to personally invite members here to witness the humilation of Fu Sung E. Cookeye on GGPO.


$2 on loueeei cipharr


I challenge him to a $100 MM in the game The Binding of Isaac.