GGPO ST Danisen Ranking Battle

I have this idea (vaporware) to run danisen ST ranking battles on ggpo.

I googled a bit and found that the 3rd strike guys having been doing it for a while.

It seems that it is not working too well since it requires manual labor to coordinate the battles and update the ranking.

So I was thinking to create a website to automate all these.

I don?t want to spend time working on it unless you guys think it?ll work. So I?ll just explain it here and I have also created some mock up screenshots.

Please leave some comments or suggestions!

What are the Dan Battle rules?

see and

New players begin at 1st Dan
Players fight other players within 1 rank of themselves
One win = +1 point, One loss = -1 point, +3 moves the player up 1 rank, -3 moves the player down 1 rank

Rankings go from 1st to 10th Dan, with special rankings after 10th Dan
After 10th Dan, players only fight other players of the same rank, and must instead get +5 points to move up a rank

When you play a different character it’s treated as a new player, so you will start at 1st Dan

Here?re the special ranks after 10 dan:

?? HaOh / Champion
??? Shou HaOh / Hero
?? Teisei / Guardian
?? Busei / Protector
?? Kensei / Sentinel
?? Toushou / Destroyer
?? Chishou / Slayer
?? Meishou / Hunter
?? Ouja / Gladiator
?? Mosa / Veteran
?? Tsuwamono / Warrior

The following are modified rules to make this works on ggpo

? Instead of 1 game for 1 point, you need to win first-to-7 set to get one point (establishing connection on ggpo takes more time than playing a single game)

? To promote from 10th dan to Warrior, in addition of getting 5 points, you also need to beat at least 8 different characters of 8th dan or above (old / new are both ok). This is to prevent people from dodging bad matchups and recognize that you have truly mastered your character. (In offline danisen battle, you cannot dodge a challenge). We use 8 instead of all 16 different characters because it might be hard to find a 10th dan cammy, etc.

So here is the work flow

Go to the ST danisen website and verify your ggpo account. Then you can choose one of the 32 characters to start with.

You can see all your danisen character in your user profile

There is a user list at the top and you can sort with various options

Now logon to ggpo as usual.

If you see a player available and is within +1/-1 of your dan, you can ask that player whether he is interested to play a danisen battle.

If both of you agree, establish a ggpo connection, go to the website and click on your user profile.

Under your user profile, click on your character and you?ll see a list of players that you can challenge

click on the [challenge] button next to the player that you just establish connection with.

The player that is being challenged will see a list of incoming challenge in his user profile.

Once he clicks accept, you two can start the set.

After the set is finished, the one being challenged is responsible to report the result.

And that?s it.

If you click on your profile (or other?s profile), you?ll see a battle log like this.

It should be obvious to tell if someone is cheating from the battle log.
So I hope the system should work without any manual intervention.

VFDC / VF4 / vf4evo_ranking_faq.html

The complete ranks and the original ranking rules are taken from the VF series (though the rules are heavily modified for ST and 3S in Japan). And I believe the way that they have Danisen in Japan for ST and 3S is that you fight people within three or even four ranks of your own rank. So they’d have a cabinet that is 1st-3rd Dan, 4th-6th, 7th-9th, and then special cabinets for 10th and up individually. It’s easier to run when you don’t have to constantly search out people who are within only one rank of you.

Sounds interesting doing this on GGPO. Maybe we can bribe Damdai into setting up a Danisen section on Tonamento.

I am interested.

I would love to do this event.

With GGPO, I think this would wind up being necessary. The pool of regular players isn’t such that finding constant competition within one rank is going to be especially feasible.

I am interested, but I am very dense. I do not quite fully understand what you are trying to say. Can someone use simpler words, perhaps fewer words as well, to explain to my simple mind.

Sounds really great ; danisen is to my mind the only thing that can show what is the level of a player. But : where is the ST danisen link ? Only available if you receive positive responses by the ggpo players ?

Guys, I’ll work on this after NCR and one more interview.

I just asked Ponder for a little help and he’s the man, I got what I wanted :slight_smile:

Hmm, seems like a good idea. Even though it’s automated there would still be some work in maintenance (having to moderate cheating), I can imagine the top ranks being filled with people who are sore losers who report incorrectly. Maybe have both report, and then beside their name have number of inconsistant reports? So people can avoid them?

That way it doesn’t matter if there’s no maintanance. Just periodic checks that don’t even have to be frequent… (assuming when the account is finally removed, it removes logs of all the matches that account has had…)

Maybe screenshots to avoid abuse? (dummy accounts etc…) (the last few digits in the score shows the amount of continues…, thus, the set score)

wow is it really that serious? I thought it was just a good way to level up though ranks, play people on your level and work your way up :amazed:


Sure I can do this

no, not that serious, but you still need a certain degree of basic credibility for it to be fun (otherwise the people you’re fighting aren’t TRULY your level) … how many times have you utterly beaten a scrub online that has a huge BP or whatnot lead over you just to find that they RQ (I actually havn’t had too much online experience other than ST)? The screenshots may be going overboard, but the rest seem pretty reasonable. I was just throwing things out there.


What kind of help did you need from Ponder. Are you going to somehow interface with GGPO server or with the emulator to get the results of the matches?

I know 2df and have ranking features. But they count EVERY match that you play (whether it’s against a guy with same level or not). I believe the score calculated is still kinda of relevant that way but those who play more (of coz with decent skills) will definitely be on top of the list.

A danisen battle will be more accurate than that because it forces you to play guys with the same level so there is no easy wins (except at low dan). If you look at the ST & 3s danisen links above, you can see at high level, the representation is very accurate.

No I do not have interface with the emulator to get the results of the match directly. Even if I have, I cannot take every result as is (there need to be some way to indicate a match is a danisen battle to the emulator…)

I asked ponder for an API to get a list of users currently logged in so in the website you don’t get a gigantic list of users to select from (if they are offline there is no point).

All I’m doing is automate what the ggpo 3s guys are doing manually. But the users still need to challenge and report the results using my website with a mouse. My job is to make this process as easy as possible.

If you guys have any suggestion or you are technical savvy, please share your thoughts!

I am sure a separate room would be needed to make this easier. shrug

I think getting some help from ponder would be the best bet, only it also seems a bit time constraining, and perhaps a bit demanding.

popping in again to say i appreciate the effort you’re putting in. i’m excited for this! the only problem i can see comes from people who’ll try to manipulate any kind of scoring website to up their ranks.

Edit: deleting this last part. i didn’t bother reading and suggested something you already plan to do

It would be nice to get pondor’s help but isn’t he busy being a superman or something with his company