GGPO ST Grand Masters Challenge. May 13th 7:00PM Pacific Standard Time


Ever wonder who was the best player of a certain character was on GGPO? Well here is your chance to find out and test how well you do against other top players from GGPO.

We are excited to bring you some new ST entertainment. Starting May 13th, we will be streaming an ST game show of sorts. We call it, the Grand Masters Challenge. In the first episode, Fromo and I will compete against top GGPO players Kuroppi(Honda), Omen(Ryu), and Hyphenated(Fei) using blanka. The Blanka with the best score in the end will be crowned top Blanka player of GGPO. To add extra hype to this match, the loser of the contest will have to retire their favorite color…. Forever! The Black and Red Blanka color is at stake, and neither of us intends to give it up.

The format of the show will go as followed. Fromo and I will both play each Gladiator FT5. The contestant with the better score in the end wins.

We will stream this event every other week. So if you want to compete in the next event, PM me your screen name and what character you use. Here is your chance to find out if you are the better player of your character against the other GGPO players.

The next show will stream on May 27th, so PM me to sign up now!!! Send me your GGPO screen name, character you use, and what state you are from. In order to insure that we get good connections for both contestants, I will organize and find Gladiators that are close to both contestants to reduce lag.

Stream will be hosted by


sign me in big mike


DSP, kyouya plays very good with blanka i send a message


It’s not just for Blanka players. It’s for everything. Just post up your GGPO screen name and what character you use, I’ll schedule the next show for you and another contestant to square off.


That sounds interesting…


Please sign me up. I will be using my chinese german name: Ho Lee Schitt.


Oh put me down as fat ass honda and cheap ass rog.



Ryu, OG Ken,Fei Long


awesome, I’m going to need to know which characters you want to sign up with Senor Rob!

also, Yito, I’m putting you down for sim.




I am not sure I understand.
So round 1 is only between you & fromo for the blanka GMC?
So reign and 10000watts couldn’t join?

Is there a limit per character? If there are like 10 ryu masters, FT5 each vs omen, kuroppi, hyphenate will take a long time.


Good questions Papasi.

Only 2 contestants per show. If any other Blanka’s want to contest the title, they will play on their own episode. We plan to stream once every 2 weeks on Monday. This weeks show is already booked. We want to keep the show at 45 mins per episode. This isn’t going to be one of those streams that run on for hours.

TL;DR: Show is every other Monday, 45 min per show. 2 Contestants each show, 3 Gladiators, FT5 each Gladiator. Contestant with best score wins.


You know I got your back big homie! Lets get this shit crackin and spark some shit up for Super Turbo ! Bring the fuckin hype and make this riot KICK THE FUCK OFF MOTHER FUCKER !!!


List of Gladiators I got so far.

(Who ever wins the next Blanka match)

I need some more from the East Coast. If you are interested, please PM me. I have a few in mind already. Going to try to get in contact with them soon.


I will use chun li, any other chun li player takes the challenge?


im interested yay sign me up


you forgot to tell yer stream adress, im in if i can, all new and old chars+akuma.


It should be on


I am pumped and also stoked for this event


Put me in as a competitor or as a gladiator (DeeJay/Fei/Sagat) :smiley: