GGPO ST stream on


If anyone is interested, check out - - to watch some ST matches. The broadcaster said he’ll be doing ST tournaments in the near future as well, so I thought I’d let you guys know.


is he going to continue soon? all I see is an empty room with a GGPO still with random music playing…


He said he’s done for now. He left the stream running so people could see upcoming events.


Honestly, it does look very cool, he has a nice background and a cool timer until the next stream starts up :smiley:


I like those guys.
Entertaining and funny.


lol i thought these guys were trolling, i mean they are located in LA and who streams GGPO ST at 8AM?



I actually talked to those guys on stream-chat and in emails. I have no idea why they held a tournament at 8am, but they got a surprisingly decent turnout. They’re all pretty much noobs except for Wadeoc, who easily won the tournament.

They’re actually fairly interested in joining offline ST sessions in the LA area, whenever we can manage to get a working ST cab. So hooray for new potential players.


they do some stream right before they start working ( doing nice sticks, arcade style stands, etc) from what I have seen, they really enjoy to do the commentary

Btw, I really like their 24/7 radio station style, at any time u can go to their stream n some cool tune is playing


I FUCKING KNOW THESE GUYS!!! lolzozlozlzololololz. I ran into them when I first started playing HDR on xbox. The guy that does the Arab voice is easily one of the funniest guys I’ve encountered in xbox.

ExposeD should recognize the voice as well. If these guys make this a regular thing, we will be looking forward to a very entertaining show.


Yo Paper, we gotta head out to West LA and check out this garage of theirs. It looks nuts.


I immediately like these guys