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<p>why is there no kof 2003 on ggpo?</p><p>was kof 2003 ever on neogeo? i dont know…but if it was, shouldn’t somebody have made a lobby for that game by now. or kofxi if possible.</p>


somebody made a list of games that can be played on ggpo. not sure if that’s on the list but if it is you would have to set the game up yourself.


<p>may i ask how? i know i can take over an unused lobby of another game, dont know how to do that though.</p><p>can i create a whole new kof2003 lobby on ggpo listed as the king of fighters 2003 and for it to be allowed?</p>


they have a room called unsupported games that you can put games in now.  just google how to do it.  I don’t know I’ve never done it.


-canceled-<br>(for indefinite amount of time)<br>

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