GGPO/Supercade SFIII 3rd Strike PSN/XBL Tag Archive

I’d like to have an archive of everyone’s gamer tag on PSN/XBL so that the GGPO community doesn’t die. Post your tags and your GGPO/Supercade handle with it and I will update the main post with them. Also if you’d like to post what region you’re in to kind of nullify lag as much as possible I’ll add that next to your name. I will not add you to the list if you do not include your GGPO name.

Scidadle: PS3: Scidadle (Florida)

@DOUBLE CHILI FRIES: PS3: t1nm4n_v2 / 360: t1nm4n v2 (East Coast)

Winston Smith/Bloody_Parry: PS3: Romblax / 360: Romblax (France)

J.D: 360: TRUJD3S (Texas)

Counterhit: PS3: Counterhit_SRK / 360: Counterhit (Midwest)

Ha-Dou-Ken: 360: Hahadouken (Florida)

Duralath: PS3: Duralath (SoCal)

The Phantomnaut: 360: The Phantomnaut (NorCal)

pvp. tW34k - 360: ImakeigloosPat (Norway)

Metric: PS3: MetricLA (SoCal)

Hbombgosu: 360: hbombgosu (Chicago)

Dander: 360: dander420

Pedram_swe: 360: Try2HandleThis (Germany)

XxZenxX: 360: Dkegwarrior (UK)

mrdrofficer: 360: MrDrOfficer (Hawaii)

Wingen: PS3: EnterTheFist_

PattyBam: PS3: Pattybam (Toronto)

Agentz: PS3: agent000 (Tennessee)

Womble: 360: Womble Dewd/Womble_Dewd (UK)

F8isRIPPIN: 3 60: F8 YDG (New York)

NightoY/SBM: PS3: NightoY (France)

Muldoonite: PS3: Muldoonite (Midwest USA)

fohstick: PS3: fohstick (Central Canada)

Tryken: PS3: tryken 360: GentlemanTryken

kreichjr: 360: kreichjr (Austin, TX arcade UFO regular)

bmckay: 360: bmckay (Tumwater, Washington)

SoupyShoe: 360: SoupyShoe SRK (Texas)

kikimaru024/KOKiki: PS3: kikimaru024

Zementos: 360: J musashi (Germany)

EatEtEet: PS3: EatEtEet (Omaha, Nebraska)

TrueGunnerShadow: PS3: TrueGunnerShadow / 360: xTsurugiMinko (NYC)

Randumcat: PS3: Randumbcat (Norfolk, VA)

SeanxFayt: 360: SeanxRikkuxFayt (Lumberton, NC)

Sf3twelve: PS3: Professorpeabody (Sacramento, CA)

Cactuarlover: 360: Neo Cassherns (Chicago, IL)

Joezorz: 360: Joe621 (Washington)

Goten1986: 360: Little Goten (Texas)

Trippin/Sticktrainingstfu: 360: TrippinSix

xXMR.MSCXx: PS3: mscaprimed203 (South Carolina)

Rayartz: PSN: Rayartz (Indiana)

ParryAll: 360: ParryAll

ShinkuuHadouken: 360: Shinkuughadouken (Texas)

Riot Guard: PS3: RiotGuard

Graphic: PS3: njninja6

Jaemes: PS3: Jaemes (Toronto)

Onizuka1: 360: SoJazzed

PervyJin01: PS3: PervyJin

CrimzonWolf777: PS3: CrimzonWolf777 (Hampton, Virginia)

J Flo: 360: JFloCooGuy (San Diego, CA)

georam5: PS3: georam1 (NorCal)

Snaaaake: PS3: Snaaake718 (New York City)

GigasBreaker: 360: GigasBreakerJC

Debz55: 360: Depstar

DeliciousPanda: PS3: Osakaness

m1x4h: PS3: m1x4h (PA/NY)

Clue2025: PS3: Looptron3000 / 360: Looptron (PA)

kenuran: PS3: kenuran (Socal)

ThirdStrikeMan: Mr Battle28 (Socal)

Lyrical212: LyricalWhip

KPOPgirlband: KPOPgirlband (Pennsylvania)

NateMare/N88888888: Nate_Mare (New York)

Wuziq: Wuziq (Socal, apparently a boss)

Squiz: Squizalicious (New York)

Marcusg: Skillzdontexist (GA)

Sonic and Tails: Omnimon-X / 360: Asuka x Shinji

AgentOrange\CK: 360: CK442 (Sweden)

xsonicc: PS3: xsonicc (SoCal)

Abaddon: PS3: CheezBOX

Niji87: PS3: Niji87 (Illinois)

C1utch: PS3: Sziz

agony: PS3: ageha_stg [Germany]

Opeo: 360: Opeo (Long Island, NY)

GGPOmakoto: 360: Skatormss

Tea and Crumpets: 360: T and Crumpets (East Coast, USA)

Dreadz18x: 360: Dread Primetime (South Florida)

AsTheWorldBurns: 360: AsTheWorldBurns (NY)

Wil: PS3: Freelipino / 360: Hi-Risk (Hawaii)

Amarok: PS3: Doomy

Minato_EP: PS3: Izangi_XIII / 360: Rhapsody R

Tenrou: 360: Sasunac (Florida)

Deadacid: PS3: DEADACID

Bear Machine: 360: bear rug (Florida)

NoMoreFunland: 360: N0M0reFunland (Toronto, Canada)

SuperSamyon/Mr.Boo: PS3: SuperSamyon

Killing Moon: PS3: Kahl-One

Arkkai: 360: Arkkai srk (Mexico)

nars: PS3: gunthahunta / 360: billynarso (Hawaii)

Phantom_Angel: 360: PhantomSRK (NY)

Laughter 7: 360: Laughter 7 (Birmingham, UK)

obertor: 360: OnionMan X (Illinois)

Dangerous J: 360: subtleanarchist (Tampa, FL)

Ataconazi: 360: jailhousefrog89 (New York)


Tenren12: PS3: Tenren12 (SoCal)

ShinAkuma: PS3: ShinAkuma-204 / 360: ShinAkuma204 (Winnipeg, Canada)

Artayes: 360: SHD Artayes (Southern US)

TRUJD3S on both XBL and GGPO
from Texas

360: imakeigloosPat
From Norway.

Counterhit_SRK PSN

Counterhit XBOX Live


XBOX: hahadouken

Orlando, Florida

XBOX: Daigo Umehara

PSN: Duralath

Southern California

If you guys could post your GGPO names with it that would be great.

my GGPO tag is the same as my XBL tag

GGPO: Metric
PSN: MetricLA

Southern California

GGPO: hbombgosu
360: hbombgosu


@scidadle - it would be better if you separate 360 and ps3 tags =D


mrdrofficer - (XBOX) MrDrOfficer (Hawaii)

just color code em. Green Xbox, Blue PS3

XxZenxX on GGPO - Xbox Live - Dkegwarrior (UK)

GGPO: pedram_swe
360: Try2HandleThis

Color coded. Thanks for the idea Dander.

I probably wont bother getting an Xbox or PS3 as Im not really that much of a gamer.

If it comes to PC then that would be cool, so just in case anyone else can’t be arsed to get a console…

Windows Live ID: XRS2000
GGPO ID: Balbars

PattyBam: PattyBam (ps3) Toronto