GGPO thread


After playing on keyboard for like 8 months, I finally got a USB Saturn controller the other day. While I’m not great on pad (activations/VCs/CCs/charge supers etc are a problem), it beats the hell out of keyboard, for free.


Since A2 and A3 are fairly popular on GGPO, though not as much as ST or 3S, I figured we needed a thread.

Username: TS-



The hell happened to that stick you were supposed to get like a year ago, lol.


Funny you should mention that…


TS, do you have this:

I have it and can tell you that there’s a significant problem when it comes to pressing the top three or lower three buttons at the same time. If it is the same pad, have you encountered this?

Sorry to hear about your stick being delayed. Is there still a chance that you might get it?


There’s a chance I’ll get my stick, in the same way that there is a chance I could win the lottery, or that X-Men Origins: Wolverine could sweep the Oscars.

Yeah, that’s the same pad I have. I’ve noticed the button pressing thing too, I figured it was just me getting used to it. I can’t play Gen on pad anyway, but trying to play him on this one is murder, because you have to limit how often you can change stances, because realistically it’s just not going to happen whenever you want it to.


TS are you used to american or japanese style sticks? What did you buy from DJ Matrix?


Gee gee pee oh!!!



One of each, so I’m actually out like $300.

But let’s not let this turn into the TS Got Robbed thread.



Hey im really new to A3, I was just wondering who some of the top players that get on ggpo are. Not necessarily looking to challenge them, just spectate and learn. Thnx in advance.


As a general rule, anyone with a Korean or Japanese flag by their name is pretty good, about 75% of the time.

Random names that come to mind:

Booker (his etiquette issues aside)
Middlekick, who I haven’t seen in the channel in forever

For Alpha 2, randomDPs, and RagingstormX are good.

Not meaning to leave anyone out, of course I played some people in A2 and A3 just last week who were really good, and spectated on some great matches, but I can’t remember either of their SNs.


Awesome, I’ve actually seen some of those people on. Heres hoping some ggs ensue. I think that people really underestimate online as a good, legitimate learning experience. I like to think I’ve made considerable progress just playing on ggpo/2df. Plus it isn’t like we have a lot of alternatives anymore.


Alioune (Gen, Juni, Ryu, lots of others) and V-Ryu are definitely the top non-Japanese players in there. They’re both playing SF4 95% of the time now though.


I suck at A3, but I’d love to get schooled by you guys.


I am online usually after 6 p.m. Eastern.


Speaking of which I started playing again after a 8,000 year hiatus. So hit me up on xbl when you get on.


whos robsiley? robsiley? Or was it rosiley? Not sure… GGPO kicked me out after we played last night so I couldnt say ggs… Also anyone know what japanese dude sirika is?

I dun think ive ever seen these dudes on before… then again I dun sign on much either… so…

edit: oops i ment RoyBisel I guess


I know you said you didnt want to be outed. But you should play more a1. And on 2df. For some reason 2df plays the game better.


Argh! That was you? I did wonder to myself if you played or not. Very good games.


Lol yea I just got it a couple weeks ago. So ive been signing on randomly to see if anyone plays. ggs


If you wanna get some matches going, join #ggpo on QuakeNet. Click here if you don’t know what that means.

If you have any questions, let me know.