ggpo tourney

Ok this is nothing serious, just sign in and lets go. First tourney organisation for me, so may be messed up lol.
-Starts when i say go
-No limit of challengers (we can start if there’s 8 guys around, with a max of 10)
-Akuma banned
-ft3 winners brackets, ft2 losers brackets
-ft5 final.
-Bojack is welcome.
-2 Chars, with possibility to switch only if you took a loss
Current challengers :
1/ Sticknoob (rog/chunbitch)
2/ wzbz (Blanka/Boxer)
3/ Dirty ken (N.Ryu / Dee- Jay)
4/ Unknown (honda/vega)
5/ robbiers (sim/chun)
6/Jarek04(honda / rog)
7/TRYmyGUILE (guile/ken)
8/Earthquake 1983 (gief/sim)
9/kasodef12 (vega/cammy)

sign me up

ggpo name: sticknoob

If someone spectates my game it crashes :S
But I’m in if that’s no problem.

ggpo nick: wzbz

Sign me up

GGPO = Dirty Ken

N.Ryu And Dee- Jay

ggpo = Curakill

dee jay + ryu



Dhalsim + Chun-li

2/Earthquake 1983
Thx mates for joining as it wasn’t official. The thing ran good tho. Cheers.

another one, next day, same rules (see post 1) !
1/ Kurodaan (Boxer/fei long)
2/ rjive(ryu/fei)
3/ Dirty Ken (Ken/Dee Jay)
4/ illshill (sim / n.ken)
5/ kelvinbho (sim/dic)
6/ roybisel (guile/dic)
7/ s4v (o.ryu/o.rog)
8/ wolmar (sim/

GGPO: Bob Sagat

Chars: O.Hawk/Rog

GGPO - Dirty Ken

Dee Jay

ok :sweat:

sim / n.ken



Boxer / Fei




Hey all, I try to organize a tourney for FRIDAY 19th of february 23h GMT. If i cant reach the number I want, it will be later until I get it.
This is team tourney : 8 teams. Rules are : first guy plays the other first guy, and then plays the other one. This means a single teamate can strike the whole team by himself.
Rules :
-Akuma banned
-A single character by player.
-ft2 winners brackets, ft2 losers brackets : so to win JUST a member of a team, you have to beat him twice. Same thing goes then for the following teamate.
-ft3 final.

I’ll edit this post to incorporate new folks. Please tell your ggpo nick and your character by player. You will follow the order of the teamates as it’s written here. Come on !

1/ paskis: n.Sagat
wolmar: Dhaslim
2/ Aerorockman : dictator
Er comander : Blanka
3/ Philcito: Ken
Tyrantshredd: Balrog

Er commander:blanka


We are having a GGPO ST tourney as well at With first place prizes and free entry.

Register here:

Sign me up for this tourney, i cant participate in the one im making:

You need a partner to participate in this one Tyrantshredd !

I’ll be his Partner… sign me in!.

GGPO ID: Philcito(Ken)

Philcito: Ken
Tyrantshredd: Balrog