GGPO - What is it, why is it better, and why don't fighting games use it?


I’ve seen a lot of talk about GGPO net code for fighting games over the years. Can anyone tell me what makes it so good, what it does that other net codes don’t?

(It’s net code right?)

And if it truly is the best for online fighting, why don’t all online fighting games use it? Does it have a ridiculously expensive license or something?

Thanks in advance for any help.

It is used in fighting games, Capcom has the license to ggpo netcode.
Games they used it for was final fight and they used a hacked up shitty version for HDR.


As far as is it truly best for fighting games…it’s pretty damn good.

So if capcom has the license…is there must be some reason they didnt use it in Sss4.

There must be some drawback if they didn’t use it (i’m guessing) ?

They haven’t had it very long, I think they’re still testing with it perhaps and Final Fight is their pilot for it. I do remember Capcom saying that for SF4 the GGPO netcode would’ve taken too much of the game’s resources to be used practically, I imagine SSF4 is the same reasoning.

I’d imagine the same applies to SSFIV.

Oh ok that makes sense.

Thanks for the info!

It would be great to seem them pilot an oldie like kof98 and super turbo 2

Third strike HD w/ggpo in 2011
calling it

If the point of GGPO is that it’s so simple because it only sends the inputs the gand oal of it is to reduce latency… then why would it be too much for the consoles to handle?

I hear a lot about how street fighter 4 can’t support good netcode because the game has too good of graphics but,Ii never see any hard facts explaing how 3d models make sending inputs harder to do.

I’d guess the proposal for ggpo came too late in to sf4’s development. It’d be like if I asked for a single floor house and they got half-way in to making it. And then I came back and was like “i change my mind, can we get a basement in there too?” and they’d be like “lol, no”

As mentioned, Capcom is just starting to use it now. So far, it seems that they’ll be using it for re-releases of old arcade games (FF:DI is after all, only running the ROMS of Final Fight and Magic Sword). For something like 3rd Strike, they’ll need to find a way to implement versus and and training modes while running the arcade ROM.