GGPO X-Men Children Of The Atom Tourney #1

Everyone is welcome to join this tourney. I will be recording the finals and posting them in my channel on youtube :wgrin:, no characters are banned either. All other info is in contained within this flyer, to sign up simply state that you wish to be in or tell me if you see me on GGPO and I’ll be glad to add you.

Players In

  1. DooM_
  2. M@dHa+tEr
  3. jedpossum
  4. seasofcheese
  5. Mr. Diablo
  6. QuiGonZel
  7. -JuNo-
  8. AkitaZero
  9. Fishy
  10. LK-7T2
  11. Komarage (our new Brazillian buddy)
  12. 5150
  13. Chi Chi Chi Chia
  14. Kizer

Oh man where to begin? This tourney was a complete success thanks to ALL the people that attended. Well I’ll have the Finals and a lot more game footage such as ft5 exhibition matches that took place after the tourney was over on my youtube page of players such as -JuNo-, seasofcheese, AkitaZer0, and M@dHatter. It was one of the most fun tourneys I have ever hosted online and I hope more people will keep joining and supporting them. Here are the results by the way :arazz:

  • JuNo- (repping USA, amazing sentinel):tup:

  • Fishy (repping Canada, good job lol ):tup:

  • Komarage (repping Brazil, good collossus):tup:

Final Brackets - Winners close-up
Final Brackets -Losers close-up

This looks fun I think I will join this also.It’s rare you see a COTA tourney.

I’ll try and see if my Omega Red or Spiral can hold up. Unless it is a single character tournament.

Nope it is not a single character tourney you may choose as many different characters as you like, as long as you first lose a match. If you win a match you must stick with your character.

Count me in!!!

Ditto for me!

Yo DooM. Sorry our session was short tonight. Your Silver Samurai is nice, and I look forward to facing you on sunday.

It’s all good, they were short but ggs and yeah I’ll see you on Sunday :]

If I’m on I will play so yeah.

I’m in… I have never seen a tourney held for Cota so… this is pretty cool. Also inb4 dash lk infinites? xD I hope not…

Add me in, Omega Red all the way…

1 hour left for the tourney to start!!!

Last Minute Join. =)

Oh man…is the only video of me going up the ft5 where Akita kicked my ass?

Not if you don’t want to, just be sure to tell me before I start uploading them lol.

Wear your wins and loses with pride dude. You can always look back at them later and see how far you’ve come, ya know?

lol, naw, that’s fine