I hope this is the right forum. Ok, so: how exactly do I play on GGPO? Can I use any USB gamepad for it? I’m guessing I need to acquire the proper MAME ROMS? Thanks in advance, much appreciated!

I’m pretty sure you can use MAME roms… (don’t remember) and… you can set the controls in the game when you start a match, I sometimes use my joystick via USB, so I’m guessing it should work on a game pad.

To play GGPO:

1.Download it!
2.Go to GGPO directory and create a folder named “roms” and put thirdstrike or w/e ZIP in there.
3.Create an account.
4.Log on.
5.Go to the appropriate lobby for your game.
6.Challenge someone (or your buddy).

Hope that helps~ :S

is there a mac version for ggpo and where do you get roms?
I think you get roms from the web

1.Forward ports listed on GGPO, I’ll PM you something if you don’t know how to do it…
2.Yes you can use a USB gamepad for it(if your computer can recognize it you can use it), you may also use your TE.
3.MAME roms work… however you must acquire the exact rom listed(can easily find this out when you just hop on GGPO online(the .exe )… as you see it, not… this is where you will get the ggpo program… whatever folder you decide keep the program in(for me, by default it places it in program files(x86)), create a ROMS(exactly as you see it) folder here.

To set up your inputs, go to game-> map inputs…

EDIT: PM sent.

Probably old news, but I was messing around and found that if you use a wired Xbox control (doesn’t matter if it’s pad, stick or whatever), that you can plug the headset in and use it. Just plug the control in first and let it install, then plug the headset in after (it will install the headset). Not much use on it’s own since GGPO doesn’t have a chat feature, but you can set the mic up to work in MSN messenger for example (just remember to click custom in the settings and set the earpiece to receive audio otherwise it comes out of your speakers).

Quality isn’t too bad either. Myself and Herbalholic tried it the other day and it was certainly a bit clearer than it was on the Xbox.

That’s pretty neat actually. Good shit finding that out.

Here’s a kind of related question,

What did GGPO originally stand for? I know it was originally some sort of term but I’m not sure what it was.

Just so you know, asking where to get roms here is a bannable offense.

Good Game, Peace Out.