GGs thread

Hey, I thought that the people who get teamed up from this site could say their ggs and give the advice they want to, or just say how godlike the X thing the other dude did :slight_smile: (we all know how cool it is to write on a stick) also to schedule fights between u guys and get to fight new guys.

even tho you could just write on the other guys wall, this is a chance to get tips from other players reading or whatever. (we use a thread like this on another site for my country) Dont like it, dont use it? :slight_smile:

Dont know if many here play against eachother right now :stuck_out_tongue: but Ill start

GGs Thebook, great gen, was surprised by your execution level, played you a while back in ranked matches, and remembered you because you were the only gen I ever played against xD didnt main gen back then. you’ve improved ALOT( this was like 6 months ago so… not really surprising :P) I need to prac my execution, just got a te stick and found out that using the buffer method is easier for the fadc, still not used to it tho =/ (I used to just use mp, mk hands, mk hands fadc etc. (no buffing of hands, just mk hands by itself, and I failed 99% of the time on fadc)

I myself play a good 5 ish gens from here. Im sure alot others play eachother also. My favorite Gen to play is BXCR though. Hes about even with me on a good day of mine. So its always good games.

What do you think about the gen mirror? its kinda funny, when I play against people that have no experience against gen and they get mindfucked im like, hmm, really? its not hard to see that im gonna cross up u now. but when I play another gen, Im just like wtf, THAT WAS A CROSS UP, I BLOCKED THE RIGHT WAY! :stuck_out_tongue:

Btw, anyone from EU want to play me? I know there is a gen list n all, but i dont see alot of EU gens there. on PS3. I suck right now tho :stuck_out_tongue: my execution is balls :stuck_out_tongue:

When it comes to a gen mirror u just gotta play smart and out footsie him. Be careful not to let him get that MK on you and just get yours off first. Keep an eye on the cross up’s and Oga and you should be fine. In the end if comes down to either who got lucky in that fight or who has a little bit more skill. Either way we all help eachother and get better. . . except Asiantom because he bullies me on xbl. jk


GGs Fazza, great gen, good execution. your gen owns mine lol. Im gonna steal some of your tricks :stuck_out_tongue: looks like we both had some tricks in our sleeve :slight_smile: to bad the connection aint to great =/ lots of things get harder with a connection like that =( if it were offline it would be fun but bad, fun why? I would be able to do my combos better and not fail at gekirou timing xD bad why? because you would get the same advantage and own me with 29 hit bnb combos all day long =(

Gen mirrors are horrible, I hate mirrors matches in general though.