What is your definition of a good game?

Cause my blood simply boils when someone slaughters me 13-0 and dares to send me a Good games message.
My friend told me it’s out of respect.
My response to that was: So you just lie to my face out off respect?

For me a good game is even when i am getting slaughtered i am still learning how to play better, not when it’s landslide victory after landslide victory.



You’re old enough. Take that loss like a man. It ain’t his fault that you took an asswhooping.


What infuriates me is: Good Game.

Aint nothing good about the contents of the matches, just landslide victory after landslide victory.

Hate when people patronize me when there’s nothing to be happy about.


yes, its out of respect…every game can be “good” subjectively. hopefully, even while you were getting 13-0’d by landslide victories you were learning even if the lesson is “damn, my defense sux”, so gg. the experience itself should always be worthwhile.


Look, I’ve caught enough ass whoopings in this game so there’s something you need to understand: fighting games encourage exploiting weaknesses. That is one of the reasons why people lose their mind when they lose. Your opponent has found a bunch of shit about you and is using it to beat you. GG means that it isn’t personal; its to let you know that what happened in the game is what needed to happen regardless of how you feel about it.

So relax, ultimately it is your fault and what you NEED to do is ask your friend what were all the holes he saw in your game plan; not whine about it.

I understand emotions run high and you need some time to cool off. But last week I lost 20 straight trying to learn a match up. Yeah, maybe I’m dumb as fuck and I’m terrible at this game; but getting mad over that won’t help any.


@Pertho How do you deal with the rage?

I hate that i play this street fighter game so poorly compared to the others.
Hate that my friends made the transition from other games to this one so seamlessly that they body me for free.
Hate that i am not improving my execution at the rate that i want it to, Hate that i cant seem to get the feeling of street fighter 5 no matter which character i play with. and last but not least i hate capcom for releasing zangief in such a broken state of a character.


You really made this motherfucking thread?

You’re not a noob, you’re a grown ass man. Act like it.


It’s polite to say GG and/or shake hands after a set.

You’re getting pissed off for someone being polite. Do you rage when a fast food employee says, “may I help you?” 'Cause that’s you’re doing.




How you supposed to git gud if you keep posting in the noob thread? It’s like complaining about being a shitty mountain biker while hanging out at the tricycle section at Toys R Us.


You need to start smoking weed or something bro. When I don’t have my herb, I get salty sometimes. But as that magic weed is known to do… when I smoke I don’t give a fuck and just relax and enjoy the game. I’ve even started lifting weights with every loss I have. Something to look forward to when I do lose. Just relax and enjoy the game dude. It’s just a game. GGs is polite and even if they whomp you, it’s something that should be said. Don’t get mad, get glad. LOL.


@Raz0r Considering i still play sets when i get bodied 13-0 without improving on the matchup before flipping the table, guess i did not graduate from the newbie section.

@“Trouble Brewing” so when you see someone getting bodied in marvel 3 with a double perfect you have the gall to say: "Ey man you really did your best, GGS.

@“DevilJin 01” Apparently git gud seems to be something wasted upon the people who stick time into this game. especially when you had experience playing other fighting games.


Seriously…what would you have wanted him to say?

That you suck?
That you are bitchmade?
That you are a waste of gametime?

I don’t see why you should be mad a someone who tried to be polite after a one-sided set.

It’s not his fault at all that you went 0-13.


triple perfect, standard for marvel 3 is a best of five

the only people who mean gg in a literal sense are the ones who then proceed to mock you after saying gg. for everyone else, gg is a handshake. a formality. a quick and easy way of acknowledging your opponent and thanking them for taking the time to play the match in just four simple keystrokes. people don’t actually mean “good game”, but typing all of that out after every single match is just too much effort.


You guys don’t understand though, I always blame myself when i get bodied or when i lose a close match/set.
Eventually i’m the one responsible for my actions each round.
This game just brings out the demon in me. Can’t stand talking to my friends who beat me on the regular.
I rather they just say nothing to me when they win. better than a patronizing GG.

Or maybe i just need to suck it up and just git gud. Not that i have been trying since i got the game.


it isnt patronizing. you interpret it that way because you got rekt. ppl say gg because they appreciate the games, even if they dont try


I only send GG messages if they game is actually good. I always send GG messages if the match is close whether I win or lose. Also if I feel like my opponent put up a decent fight I will still send them a GG message. I played a Dhalsim I beat 2-0 but both matches were close and went to the final round. So I sent him a GG message.

I played a Zangief player that I beat 2-1. The first two sets were close and I bodied him in the third. I still sent him a GG because the first two sets were just off the chain. Then I adapted to his play style and he started to become predictable. Sometimes I lose when I become too predictable. For example I love to use Vega’s C.MK on peoples wake up after a knock down. This gets me blown up A LOT by st.LP’s that hit crouchers, reversal DP’s, and wake up throws because cr.MK has 7 frames of start up. I love to jump air to air MK with Vega to make up for my lack of anti-airs on hte ground. This gets me anti-aired a lot and sometimes it leads to a big combo. I sweep too fucking much as well because I think I’m at a safe distance. I had a Ryu player do St. MP -> st. MP xxx hadouken xxx super on me for doing that shit. That was fucking painful to watch. In spite of that I still sent him a message saying “Good game, that was a sweet punish” because I got what I deserved. Was I salty after that KO? Absolutely. However, I’ve also done way worse. I’ve done 50% crush counter punishes that decided the game when I was at the last pixel. You just have to take the good with the bad. Street Fighter ain’t no fair weather game. When it rains niggas get wet out this motherfucker. Stay dry dummy.

The only way those losses you accrued are meaningless is if you didn’t learn from them. You gotta think about why you lost every time you lose. If you can’t figure out why you lost then watch your replays. It will be clear as day then.

As a matter of fact, OP. I want you to watch every one of those replays. Yeah, I’m talking about those 13 games you failed to win one of. Watch that shit, analyze it and think critically about why you lost. Look at your opponent wailing on you, watch what he does, look for your weaknesses and try to refine them. There’s a lot to be learned from watching yourself get served.

TL;DR: Everyone loses. It fucking happens. Learn from your losses, watch the replays, refine your game and improve.


you bums are overthinking this. ggs is how fighting game players say “good bye” after a set. thats it. it isnt supposed to mean shit. and it definitely isnt a statement about the quality of the games that were had. if your rage is causing you to inject added meaning into a pleasantry… thats on you.


Honestly, if I say GG it was a good fucking game. I’m not the type of person to say some shit I don’t mean.


Playing a game at high level is no different than studying a subject to master it. You’re going to come up with some match-ups where instead of getting upset at being bodied, you need to understand why you got killed. Outside of just raw skill, this game is a lot of numbers. Understand the numbers, understand why certain moves will work in some parts and will get rekt in others.

Come on, man.