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O.K. I’ve been reading a few good threads for Guilty Gear but only see a few things in one thread and then something cool in another, etc. I figured I would start an exclusive thread for both games right here where every GG fan can come and view tactics and updated info on GGXX all in one spot. So if you have any questions, combos, or anything else on your mind, post away.

There are 2 really cool combo vids on for GGX.

I’ll start by asking a question. Does anyone know if these combos are being done in regular mode. I never play GG mode so I don’t know anything about it. I know most of the comboes can be recovered out of, but they are still real fun to watch.

Also, what the heck is that Ky Super that looks just like the regular super but it goes straight up in the air? Is this a special mode Ky? I’ve never seen that before.


I completely forgot that there’s a Robo-Ky. Could it be him?


I’ve been playing a little bit of GGXX and it seems like a great game but when i get my hits in i cant really do a lot of damage I use Sol. So any combos for Sol??


Yeah that is GG mode Ky.


Hello :smiley: !

Edit: May all the WAY!


that game…is cool, but some designs are really weird…i.e. testament and that new kid with a yoyo…


You make it sound like it’s a bad thing.

Although, it would be cool if there was 4 shotokan karate masters in the game. Not necessarily Ryu, Ken, Akuma, and Evil Ryu - but it just doesn’t feel like a fighting game with out someone wearing white pajamas and a headband uppercut, fireball, hurricane kick, low strong, blah!

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I’m not sure how much they changed Sol in the new one, but these comboes work good for me in GGX for big damage. I’m not going to list any that require FCD since they are REAL HARD and their are too many variations. Also, forgive me for not using the correct terms for the moves. Alot of players don’t know what the official term for moves are called so I listed them so newer players will know what I’m talking about.

(anywhere) dash in with low kick ->low HS -> sweep -> flipkick move -> towards + HS when they are on the ground for 2 more hits.

Anywhere - Jump in HS ->2 st. slash ->super. (if they are close enough to corner, jump up and hit them with a slash, jump cancel into another slash -> HS -> HS Dragon Pucnh -> kick slamdown -> (towards +HS or low S -> low HS when they are on the ground)

Run up and do the command throw - after they bounce do a low HS -> immediately jump (jump cancel) into slash -> jump cancel into another slash -> HS ->HS Dragon Punch -> kick slamdown -> towards + HS on the ground)

Counterhit them with a gunflame fireball - dash over and do a low HS -> (finish them with the same thing as the throw bounce up combo)

Corner - Dash in with low kick -> low HS or sweep -> kickflip -> Roman cancel immediately after the 2nd hit of the kickflip -> 2hit st.kick -> super fireball -> jump S -> jump cancel S -> HS -> HS Dragon Punch -> kick slamdown -> towards + fierce on the ground.

Some characters you can add extra hits. It’s always best to do as few punch/kick moves as possible before going into a S or HS since the combo will do more damage.

There are alot of other high damage combos but they basically all start out a little different and end with the jump S -> jump cancel S -> HS -> HS DP -> kickslam -> hits on the ground. If you get into Roman Cancelling Supers, there are some real big ones too.

Here’s one for example:
dash in with slash X2 -> st.HS -> Super fireball -> immediately RC after the first hit into a regular gunflame fireball -> dash over before they can recover and do a low HS -> jump S -> jump cancel S -> HS -> HS D.Punch ->kickslamdown -> towards+fierce on the ground.

I hope this helps. You might already know all this stuff for GGX but I figured I would help out the best I can if you don’t. I don’t have a clue about GGXX Sol. I heard the gave him lag time after certain moves now



Re: …

Some of the designs are definately weird, but they do look cool as hell. The best thing about GGX and GGXX is that EVERY single character is completely different. You can’t just go from one guy to the next and expect to be able to play him. Yeah, it does seem wierd without that Ryu as the main fighting game staple, but Sol does a pretty damn good job of representing the Shotos. If you get a chance to play the game. Sit down a give it a try. (if you haven’t already) The game has so much to offer and is real fun. I am a diehard Street Fighter player but I’m hooked on this game like you wouldn’t believe. I can’t believe how good it is. It’s tough going back to Street Fighter just for the fact it seems too slow and doesn’t have enough in it. (It has plenty, but after GGX it seems to simplictic) V-Ism comboes in Street Fighter are fun, but just the regular comboes in GGX are funner. Both games are unique in their own way. The are both great games. They are just different. I wish their were as many GG machines around as their are SF machines. :slight_smile:


Re: Re: …

GGX is the only fighting game I enjoy partially because there is no shoto style characters (I have no sarcasm skills so my previous post makes no sense, even to me).

Going from GGX to CvS2 is like coming off the freeway onto a city street. Frustration as you watch your N groove Ryu go into his jump animation, after what seems like 3 seconds he is in the air approaching the peak of his jump. In this time a person could have done 50% damage in GGX or atleast established a trap that nearly secures a win.

It took me almost 2 months to get to a place where I was even able to play GGX. And still I only do 3 of Venoms ball set-ups simply because in the heat of the match it is hard to try new stuff because it takes so much more concentration.

The most annoying part of going from GGX to a Capcom game is that you start to realize how much better some of the games would be if they were just a little more like GGX. The other day I tried playing Vampire Saviour. I used to think that game was fast (in comparisson to GGX it isn’t that bad) but it lacks the flow, why can’t you cancel chain combos into special moves, why can’t Donovan cancel his sweep into the sword placement allowing stimulating mind games.

In the End
GGX isn’t popular in North America.
So it’ll always be a cult game.


Johnny 5

I’m looking for some good Roman Cancel combos with Johnny.
The best I have so far is:

S->HS->Roman Cancel->F+K->“That Is My Name” (Johnny’s one and only Super).
“That Is My Name” can be replaced by any high damage air combo.

The only problem with this is that it’s possible to flip out of the way of “That Is My Name” since F+K launches so high, and I’ve only been able to get one hit of the air combo in before they flip out. Granted, I’m doing all of this in training mode, and I’m not quite sure if it’s possible to flip out of a countered true combo that launches.

Does anyone have any others?


i need some help with may in ggxx. she seems weaker compared to her ggxx counterpart? (i dunno really)

there’s also a button in ggxx that helps her “float” or does the roundabout kick that has like 0 priority. are there any uses for this new button?

also is there any point in going into destroy to do her destruction move if your opp isn’t dizzy, seeing how so many characters can play such a good keepable game and her destroy is a close-up throw


Johnny 5

The only place I’ve seen people use a RC with Johnny is after a successful Dust. Goes something like Dust, j.hs,j.s,j.hs,RC,j.hs,fire thingy. I don’t know exactly since I don’t play Johnny at all. Foggy foggy memory doesn’t serve combos accuretly :slight_smile: .

I found a few from gamecombos. Originally posted by Klonoa7.

Johnny: Mist Finer (mid), RC, J, K, S, DJ, K, S,(as opponent lands)F+ P, Mist Finer (high), Johnny Special. 10 hits

Johnny: F+K, J, P, S, F+P, F+K, Mist Finer (Mid), RC, J, P, S, DJ, P, S, (as opponent lands) Johnny Special. 13 hits, 218 damage.

But these are a bit exhibition-ish i think. Johnny doesn’t need RC’s, all he needs is a f+k counterhit.


i use sol in this game, and not bad at it, but i want to learn baiken, sol is good, but easy at times to use for me, so i want to learn baiken, any one got anything on her?


Baiken - st. S and c. S are hella good pokes…use her guard reversal Slash one more so than the others…that one is almost guaranteed everytime.

Johnny - f. K is a blue roman cancel move only in ggxx. It will only take off 20 or 25? percent of your bar…so use it whenever you have the chance.

May’s destroy move - Just have a setup for hre throw. One guy got it on me at Anime Expo 2002 :mad: I saw it coming, but he knocked me down, then he played a mind game with me to empty jump and make me volcanic viper with sol, but I didn’t, then did the destroy…I’d say she has the best destroy move since it’s unblockable next to Millia, which her’s homes in on you and stays there for a long ass time.

IMO, GG series character design is all based on originallity for their chars…Daisuke Ishitawari I heard is even putting a license on the characters so no other game char can have the same move/looks like the GG chars.

They shoulda made bridget to a girl god damn it…3 more guys and just 1 more girl… that she is ugly:mad: :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope that helps…heard GGXX is coming out in October for DC in Japan…anyone heard or can correct me on this?


What are some combos with POTEMKIN?!:smiley: <says it all loud as is the staple to do with his name>


potemkin combos

This guy has some really cool devastating combos. Anytime you jump HS, etc. your opponent out of the air (has to be a counterhit so they can’t recover) do the air grab when you land to snatch them out of the air. That’s a real simple one. His real big combos involve the Roman Cancel (RC).

Anytime you do a sweep combo or have your opponent next to you on the ground. Do your dizzy shield super to hit them on the ground and have them stand up dizzy. Then do the combo of your choice.

Jump HS -> low HS -> HS air grab -> extra power hit (roll away and HS). If they are in the corner you can RC the last hit into a forward + HS -> another HS air grab -> add the extra power hit at the end and then hit them on the ground with QCT + punch.

You can also substitute the super air throw in for the Air grab in most cases. Just mess around with his RC out of the air grab in the corner to find some cool combos. Sorry I don’t have alot of different combos for you. I don’t play him as much as other characters. I am using him alot more lately so I’ll keep you posted if I find anymore big ones.:slight_smile:


Sweet! Yah, I started using him more, after I saw how much damage his F. Heavy slash does! <puke> BTW, what are some sweet combos with Jam? I normally do the 3 move air combo thing, just wondering if there were anymore?


most likely ggxx wont come out for dc, only ps2 or sumtin


Machine locations…

Where is this game located? Specifically, where in Cali? I know UCLA has it cuz I played it there during EVO. I know now that Sunnyvale Golfland does not have GGXX, just GGX. Someone told me that Southern Hills Golfland has the game, but I can’t confirm that.

So, where do you guys play it?