GGX anyone ?


Just curious if GGX strategies are discussed here. Otherwise, post away ! My best characters are Faust, Zato, Johnny, Millia , Axl and Baiken.


Sorry dude… I’m a Dizzy/ Testament person. Sure Dizzy LOOKS like a preteen hooker, but man can she dish out some sweat damage (except against faust… he crouches too damn much)


I didn’t think there was someone who played Dizzy and Testament regularly, you must hold up a pretty good game :D. Anyways, yep I’ve pissed off one too many Venom players with Faust’s super-low duck. :stuck_out_tongue:


Johnny is sick, he’s my fav, I just have trouble setting up his mist trap…

How does it work again? :slight_smile:


i know this is obvious but i just had to mention that GGX graphics are sick…it looks like a cartoon, when will capcom follow this…


jam kuradoberi…she’s sick…trust me…:evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


GGX is all about Mag… I mean Millia…:smiley:
she’s too good…
Anji is my other favorite…
he’s a machine…


I’m not quite sure how it works myself, but here’s how I’ve been doing it for the past couple times.
d.S>d.HS>Coin>f.K JC>j.P>j.S DJ>j.P>j.HS>(land) d.KxxMist


:lol: :lol:
I hate her. All that rush down. She must be related to Mags.
I thought I was the only one who liked Anji. Anji fuckin owns.


man, i’ve not played a good mil-neto in a while

my main man is faust

and quick question for you all . . . how’s survival treating you? (maxed at level 86 today)



Venom is the shit! So many set-ups. So many options. Fun as hell to use but hard to master. :evil:


Is Potepkim really that bad??


So Ive heard, but im sure you can with him, just like you can win with Ky. Imma Sol, Johnny, Zato, Venom. Zato is just fun to play with, and Sol, hes just a slut.


Unless he’s changed, no. Getting stuck by his ground slam means he gets to engage in close quarters. Also, his air dash is pretty good (about…ten times the distance of a jump). It’s less about pressure and more about turtling and making your hits count.

I use Jam, Millia, and May. I used to use Jam a ton, but Millia requires less effort for her combos, and she has better defensive moves. I suppose Jam can be good with her powerups, but I haven’t really found a use for her flying kick (once you learn how to defend against it, it’s nothing). Her uppercut does good damage, but I hate when they barely go forward. Her best move is the dash that cancels with a different button for four other moves.

Millia, on the other hand, can get easy combos with her hair. Her heavy strikes also have more range and power than Jam’s. Her spiral wind things can also be used to defend against someone jumping in, and also used for pressure.

If none of this applies to GGXX, I’m sorry.


At gamefaqs they say he’s top tier. Needless to say, I was baffled. But I never play with him. He’s boring.

It’s all about Zato, Anji, Johnny, and Venom.:cool:


Potemkin is not, i repeat is not top tier, not by any stretch of the imagination. Neither is Ky, so please, for Gods sake, lets not argue about it anyone. Dont make Beast of Fire come up in here lol :stuck_out_tongue:


Have any idea what a tier list would be?

What’s funny is that this thread is actually about GGX. I guess I’m just too drugged to notice…


Actually, there used to be good, agreed upon tier list somewhere on this site, but after the great collapse, i dunno it kinda got murdered. I think it went something like this.

  1. Millia

  2. Johnny

  3. Sol

  4. Chipp

  5. Jam

  6. Dizzy

  7. Faust

  8. Venom

  9. Zato

  10. May

  11. Anji

  12. Ky

  13. Potemkin

  14. Axel

Now, feel free to correct me, as this is IMHO, but the top tier im almost 100% sure is right, and in that order. I know Milila #1 and Johnny #2, but its arguable. I didnt pust testament in there cuz i dont know where to put em. Prolly in the middle of the middle tier or the top of the bottom tier.


Last time I checked the list was:
I don’t remember the rest but I know they were last.


Hummm, I dont remeber Dizzy being that high and Chipp and Sol being so low. Chip and Sol are beasts when you abuse FDC, so is Dizzy, but Chip is just a bastard. I just dont see Dizzy being that high though, I dunno. Faust should be up there 2, Faust is good, trust me on that. He can trap, pressure, poke, he just loox gayer than a seamonkey. I dunno, Beast of Fire knows though. That man knows his GGX.