GGX Artwork... and some from other games


Hey all,

I was wondering if anyone of you knew any good GGX artwork sites. Original artwork or from straight out of the game. I have a couple of site I’ve found in my search;

Some GGX

From other games, same artist

Some more GGX

Here is the artists main link page

Kawaii Art Zone Gallery

Dizzy Gallery

GGXX Screens (Not High Res) :rolleyes:

Couple of GGX

Even more GGX

I’ve seen alot of nice GGX artwork in peoples avatars here, there was one with Sol and I-No, damn should of copied down his name, cuz I can’t seem to find any of his posts… Oh well, thats all I’ve got, I would really be gratefull for any new links and images.


They used to have this thing called “Guilty Gear Watch” before the game came out… it’s got some great illustrations that they did week by week until the game was finalized. I don’t think they update anymore, but the illustrations are still there I think.

Looks like you found Falcoon’s website. He’s a great artist that did the KOF 2003 illustrations. If you are interested in that, it can be seen on the official SNK Playmore site.


Thanks man.


Hey kunai you still play cvs2 online on xbox? haven’t seen you on in a long time. 240 sec is killing me.