GGX Zio Colored

My friend, SBZ, drew something so nice I couldn’t help but to give my best shot at CGing it and so here I am with my first ever completed CG.

Crits and thoughts?

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nice… a midtone would be nicer, though.
you gonna finish it? :slight_smile:

Hehe… ^_^;; There is a midtone, it’s just not very visible…

Should I add another…?

Add more shadows? Another midtone shade for the highlights? Just tell me what’s missing.

…o.O Wait, what do you mean by midtone? I think I don’t understand the terms.

YOu just said there is a midtone and then ask what is a midtone?

He meant theres only white(hightlight) and the blue(shadows), nothing in between. You probably fix this by lessening the highlights, and add a shadows, makeing the blue the midtone.

Nice cg job, almost looks like it was done with copic pens, I would just say to add alot less hightlight to her left leg ( the one beneath her) other than that pretty good job :slight_smile:

Looks like a good start. Think about the direction of the lighting more. From looking at her boobies, the lighting is coming from above, so there’s no reason that the underside of her leg should have a highlight on it. Pop some darker shadows all over to bring out the form more.

Oh, so my guess of a midtone was quite correct… I do have a color between the blue and white, and I don’t want to make her skin darker.

I guess I should really add some more shadow… I was kinda planning the light to come from in front of her and I could just change the highlight on her boobies, but I think I should keep it from above, as lighting from the sun, I can’t quite imagine her in a dark room with a lightbulb. :lol:

Good start. I only see a midtone and a highlight in this pic. I think you could really use some shadow work to bring it out some more.

3 transitions of value should do the trick.

I’m confused at what you meant by that. You mean I should have three diffrent shades starting from the midtone? Like: midtone, shadow and one more for what’s in between?

shadow, midtone, highlight from darkest to brightest.

if you’re sfmc you’ll have about 100 colors for each value

lay down the mid first, then add the shadow/hightlight.