Cant seem to find any threads about Dizzy (the character one seems to be dead). Anyone have any tips/methods on starting with Dizzy? Thanks

Well since its just me my advise is this, first get the execution of her moves down. She plays an excellent rush down game with high low attacks mixed in.
He strengths are he strong ranged ability, it allows you to setup some nice combos.
Especially the biting fish, they can take hits for you during a rush in, use this as they’ll ALWAYS take the hit if yer foe attacks you while you rush with on infront. You can use this to setup an offensive combo or just throw them if they always block.

If they run away use the 421S spike, and rush, it homes in and is good for chasing someone down.

Her overdrives are okay but usually its best to use the meter for defense, F/RC or Dead Angles. Necro Archer is wicked on wakeup but is hard to execute consistantly.

The imperial ray (100% tension laser attack) is good against predictable foes where you can land the first hit of it. Otherwise I just use it to chip kill people who cannot move around quickly. Avoid using it against Ky/Sol and people who can cover a full screen in less than a second. Otherwise its usually safe to use at full screen for maxxing out their guard meter and doing good chip damage at the end of a round.

The other overdrive is good for forcing space between you and someone else. Usually it comes out too slowly to be used at range and you do more damage in a combo to warrent use for purely damage purposes.

Standard combo looks like this

1.Fish at a distance, will either give you a 1 hit buffer or 3 extra hits, alway use the biting ones in combos, laser ones if they’re trying to back dash out of it.
2. Rush with fish
3. a. P/K, S, S (3-4 hits), HS, (if in range still) 2D or 2HS cancel into 236 HS Icespike.
3 b. Throw, 236HS Icespike
3 c. d or 2d right off the bat.
4. Necro Archer on wakeup, or get some space and use a ice or homing spike, or another fish

I could be wrong, i suck with dizzy.

Dizzy is relatively linear, compared to the other characters in the game. She also has a lot of range and priority, plus rather large hitboxes. Her combos are extremely easy to learn and perform, and they also do rediculously high damage compared to other characters. This makes her a pretty good starter character.

Her easy bread and butter combo is: 2/5K, ©5S, 5S, 5H, 2D, 236HS (spike)

Generally, the second 5S in that combo reduces the ammount of damage the combo does, but it adds a lot more meter, so it’s usually better to add in that far S. The 2K also weakens the combo, as it prorates. But it hits low, so you’ll probably be using it a lot anyway.

You can combo her super with: 2/5K, ©5S, 5S, 2H, 632146S (Imperial Ray)

Her air bread and butter is just: [S, P]xN, D
example: S, P, S, jump cancel, P, S, D

Once you learn it, it becomes insanely easy. And like all of her easy-to-do combos: it also does silly ammounts of damage. Depending on your height and speed, you can get more [S, P] loops in there before the jump cancel or air dust.

Her j.HS can be abused easily. It’s huge and has crazy priority. Air dash strings are usually P, P, HS – or just P, HS – or K, P, HS

Cancel blocked 2D with 214P/K fish, or 421S arrow, or 236S scythe.

Try not to whiff her 2D. It has huge range and priority, but it’s risky if you whiff. You can FRC it if you want to be extra safe.

Her okizeme (meaty rushdown) mostly involves setting up a 214P (or 214K) fish, or setting up a 214HS laser fish cross-up.

You can mix high and low attacks while the opponent is blocking the fish, or you can attempt a throw in between fish bites, or you can try an IAD (instant air dash) over the opponent to cross them up (right as the fish is hitting).

The laser cross-up involves knocking down, throwing a 214HS fish, then IAD (instant air dashing) toward the opponent. The laser should connect right as they get up, and they are forced to guess which way to block. The really tricky thing about this is Dizzy can air dash twice in the air per jump. So, she can first dash forward, then backward, making it even harder to guess which way to block. Another way to screw with them is to IAD, then cancel the dash with an air 214K bubble, which stops you before you cross them up. Or you can throw an air 214K, THEN air dash over them. You can generally set this up fairly easly after a 2D (sweep), by simply cancelling the 2D into 214HS. And if the laser connects, you usually have enough time to connect a combo after it. You can also try setting up the laser cross-up after a mid-screen 236HS (spike) combo, then air dashing twice… but I think it might be less effective.

Her most useful FRCs (false Roman Cancels) are her 2H, 2D, and 236HS (spike). You can also FRC her 6HS and 632146S (imperial ray), but I’m not sure how useful those are. They are also fairly easy to time, so learn them.

Her 6P has upper body invulnerability and can go through fireballs and jump-in attacks, which makes it a decent anti-air. You can also use her 5HS as anti air, or 5S, or 2S, or even 2P – though their effectiveness varies.

As already pointed out, you can easily follow up a ground throw with a 236HS (spike). For more meter and damage, you can also follow up a throw with a dash, 2K, 5S, 236HS – though, that combo might be character specific.

Spam her projectiles. 214P (fish), 236S (scythe), 421S (arrow),air 214K (bubble). It sounds like such a scrub tatic, but it works. Lots of people spam her projectiles (not just scrubs). Plus, everyone else hates Dizzy’s projectile spam, which means it’s one of her strong points.

Oh, and the bubble does about 50 damage when it pops, and launches, so it’s a wonderful way to tack on a huge chunk of damage to any of her normal combos. It’s also a great little poke extender. You can cast a bubble and then do an early air punch or late air slash to pop the bubble. Since the bubble has a large hit area, it essentially extends the attack you used to pop it with.

Dizzy doesn’t really get much more complex than that. At least, I don’t think she does.

good advice xenozip

For bread and butter replace the far S with 6p on smaller characters and I actually do it this way all the time anyways since it allows for more options/safer

The Midscreen Ice Column option I do often because you don’t have the cross over mix up but it adds more fun. I like to cross up mixup after throws personally because the spacing is perfect for setups. For Midscreen; Use the HS fish to meaty attack and then rush in with 2k, 5S. From here you have to pin point. If it hits, continue to combo and repeat w/ ice spike at end and set up a new meaty HS fish/ice column loop if you wish. If blocked, you can wait a sec, then 2k -> combo. 2k is faster than 95% of moves at this point due to close slashes’ +1 frame advantage and will beat out most other attacks. You can throw if they lock up after you beat them with 2k = free okizeme again. Dust is always an option too after this move… and throw dust in first instead of 2.k 5S if they get used to blocking low right away, the fish will lock them from countering most of the time, just don’t use dust often, it’s really not that fast and should be used sparingly. Or my personal fav is as you’re running in, they may try and jump out, catch them with 5S. Rarely will they PD and if they do you still stopped the getaway and continue with pressure.

Do not spam projectiles. There is lag between fish, learn to not waste a fish and have an opponent dash over you and have to use other projecticles in the mean time. All I’m saying is don’t blindly spam projectiles, each one has it’s drawbacks and advantages, just learn when to use what against what characters.

Don’t overdrive unless you want to do the unblockable for damage/victory preferably the later.

When I say “spam projectiles”, I mean: Try to get 3 or 4 of her projectiles on the screen at once, while your opponent is getting up/blocking a P fish.

There is lag between fish, but the time between fish is filled with arrows and scythes.

I’ve seen a lot of players knock down near the corner, and go through the following steps : meaty 214P fish, 236S scythe, 421S arrow, instant air bubble (2147K bubble), followed by an immediate air dash (before landing from the bubble, 6, 6), into air P, P, HS, (land), ground chain, sweep, P fish, repeat.

Keeps them in the corner, and builds your meter.

yea, that’s her lockdown

Don’t spam her projectiles