GGX2: Sol Combos and Strats

Well, I’ve finally picked up GGX2, and I must say I’m very impressed. Anyhoo, I guess I’ll start this shindig.


Dust, j.P, P, P, K, S, Volcanic Viper, Knockdown

Dust, j.P, P, P, K, S, Bandit Revolver

c.P, c.P, c.P, Sweep, Gunflame


A lot of Sol’s attacks are most effective from a dash. This is especially true of the Volcanic Viper. Just don’t overuse it.

The Tyrant Rave is also most effective from a dash.

Using Dust with Sol can be risky business, since it can be seen from a mile away.

That’s about it for now…I hope this thread isn’t closeable…

I’m starting to pick up Sol quickly, especially after watching a lot of Daigo match vids. :smiley:

Still practicing the infamous “Loop Combo”…although I sometimes mess up the high jumps, so I take shortcuts sometimes.

I noticed one of his simple rushdown bread and butters (by watching those vids) is pretty much c.K, c.D xx Bandit Revolver, then OTG with some move (like another c.D xx into something). The c.K opener for his rushdown is pretty good, because it has decent range.

One combo that I use(if I have meter, and if I know I can totally punish) is s.MS, s.MS, s.FS xx Tyrant Rave. If your opponent doesn’t tech properly, juggle for more hits. :smiley:

And I’d have to disagree with you saying Sol’s Ground Dust is useless. It’s an overhead! I see it so much like Ryu’s overhead MP…but Sol’s version gives you an opportunity to air combo! Plus, against people with no wakeup DPs, this is a nasty mind game tactic to utilize. Basically, the majority of Sol’s bread and butters start hitting low. If you pressure with this long enough, you can insert a mind game tactic of using a ground dust once in a while, giving you an opportunity to air combo.

And speaking of which, I use a very basic air combo after a Dust launcher: (hold up) Dust, Dust, Dust xx Volcanic Viper. Does a nice chunk of damage.

Anyone have any decent midscreen Dust launch combos other than that simple one I currently use?

Never said it was useless, just that it takes a bit too long to execute for my tastes. Still, that’s an interesting idea. Definately worth a look:evil:

I’m kind of new to the Guilty Gear series. I started with Sol, because he seemed like a simple character. Here’s what I got out of it so far:

-I don’t find Sol’s Overdrives to be very useful. Dragon Install is garbage, seeing as the opponent can play it safe until you run out of DI, and when you DO run out of DI, you get raped for free. Tyrant Rave isn’t half bad, but it’s a waste of meter. I find that Sol puts RCs and FRCs into very good use, and the majority of his Tension meter should be used on that.

-My main strategy with Sol is based around pressure, and a huge part of that is Gun Flame. I find it to be a good way to safely end blocked combos, and if you FRC it, it covers you for another rush. After Gun Flame into FRC, run in with a low kick, if it hits, finish the combo. If it’s blocked, you have tons of options: pressure some more into another Gun Flame (FRC), go for a Dust, go for a command throw.

-I find Sol’s Loop Combo to be really important to his game. The fact you have it threatens the opponent every time he gets close to a corner. Even if you don’t end up hitting the opponent with it, it works to your advantage. Obviously, the more setups you have for it, the better (I’m still working on that).

There are probably stronger combos, but I either don’t know them or can’t do them yet. :frowning:

-dash, c.K, s.S, c.D, Bandit Revolver
**Standard B&B (Does anyone have anything else??)
-dash, f+s.P, s.S, c.H, Jump, j.S, D.Jump, j.S, j.D, Volcanic Viper, Knockdown
**Not as practical as the last combo, but it does good damage
-command throw, dash, c.H, S.Jump, j.S, j.D, Volcanic Viper, Knockdown
**This is the best combo I can do after a command throw. I’m having trouble doing a double-jump combo after a command throw at midscreen. Any suggestions??
-s.D, Jump (Hold Up) j.D, j.D, j.S, j.K, j.S, j.K, j.S, D.Jump, j.S, j.D, Volcanic Viper, Knockdown
**I have a hard time with the double-jump part, but I’ve done it before so I know it’s possible. It shouldn’t be too hard though. Otherwise, just do the Volcanic Viper instead of the D.Jump.

Opponent in Corner (Dust Loops):
(Replace “Dust Loop” with: Jump, j.D, D.Jump, j.S, j.D, Land, S.Jump, j.D, j.D, Land, Jump, j.D, D.Jump, j.S, j.D, Volcanic Viper, Knockdown)
-dash, f+s.P, c.S, c.H, Dust Loop
-jump-in, j.D, dash, s.S, c.H, Dust Loop
-command throw, dash (under), c.H, Dust Loop
-Gun Flame, FRC, s.K, c.H, Dust Loop

I like to use this combo in the corner, dont know if its reliable, but its fun to do!

P,K (2 hit), HS -> Tyrant Wave Beta, RC (after the flame hits), C.HS, jump and juggle with P,K,HS,P,P,P,K,HS -> HS Air Volcanic Viper -> QCB+K (during Volcanic Viper).

Here are a few of my own

Dash P,K,S,HS Gunflame Dash crouching HS jump cancel P,K,S,HS flame uppercut,or spin kick.

Command throw, crouching HS jump cancel P,K,S,HS uppercut/spin kick.

Dust real early (before the screen changes color) jumping S,jumping HS, double jump after the HS, P,K,P,K,S,HS uppercut/spin kick. This is the only air combo I do with Sol.

HCF+HS, sends you to the wall QCB+K
HCF+HS, Dash crouchingHS, jump cancel P,K,S,HS uppercut/spinkick.

first I’ll say I’m still new to this game, so I don’t know much, maybe I’m saying useless things…

but here’s a pretty good combo I found, easy to use and somewhat not too hard to connect (maybe use it for punishment)… at least when against computer I could do it consistently when I have a chance to.

(close to opponent) S, S, HS -> hcb,f+HS overdrive (forgot name)

does pretty good damage I think… in the 130s or 150s, if I remember it right, from training mode. If opponent doesn’t use recovery, then add a cr.S after he gets bounced back from the wall for more damage.

if no meter, do S, S, HS, cr.HS
cr.HS actually won’t connect most of the time, but I think if you’re close enough, it can. (did for me a few times)

Just some really simple stuff I try to incorporate in to my game, I’m still learning;

f+HS (2 hits), hcb,f+HS

running -> K (2 hit), c.S, c.D, qcf+K (revolver, 2 hit)

dp+K, c.HS, JC, j.S, j.D, JC, j.D, { dp+HS, qcb+K } (VV Doesn’t always hit)

qcf+P (hits), FRC, qcf+K (bringer), c.HS, JC, j.S, j.D, JC, j.D, dp+HS, qcb+K

qcf+P (blocked), FRC, wait, dp+K, run back, c.HS, dust loop

f+P, K, JC, dust loop