Ggxx AC money matches vs chobo ruin :]

I’ll be accepting all money matches for GGXX AC so… get at me :]


I’ll take one for $100.

First to 5.

i like marn for $1000

petey piff also likes marn for $10000

Don’t got that kinda money :] especially since I haven’t played the game yet but I’ll take 100 on myself vs you and piff <3

I just got the game yesterday… =[.
Oh well. $10 then. 2/3.

oh no I’ll do 100 from you first to 5

I meant I can’t back up deus and potter for 10000000000 dollars :]

but i’ll take their bet also for 100 each if they want.

good luck at the quals marn <3

Name your price and I’ll accept it.

3/5 for $50?

<3 hows life bro

If I can make it to evo world I will money match you for however much youd like. Still not sure if I can make it yet

how are u not going to go, god damn it elven

Deal. And life’s been good for me. glad to see you taking back gg now that Eddie is broken again lol.

I leave for Japan on July 28th and I will be living there for at least 1 year but maybe longer

hahahahh i heard he’s GOOD not broken =)!

2/3 for $15 ruin

eddie is broken

edit:so is half of the cast, but eddie has no bad matchup =)

ill bet you chicago fools in slash and ac. money match. whats the price

I dunno, whatever is cool, how does $100 sound? We can do more if you want, less if you want, doesnt matter to me, we can do 100 in each game too for all I care.

back on that bullshit cho?
if i go
3/5 for 15 as always?

Accent Core has to be the most broken retarded game i’ve ever played. my bet is for slash instead.

cool im down with some slash action. what’s the bounty?