GGXX air combos and launching


Ok, GGXX is my first ‘air combo’ game. I played MvC2 but as a party game and we never really learned it and I have no idea how to do air combos in that game at all.

In GGXX, I know how to pop someone up with a Dust attack and then combo, but I’ve started noticing a lot of launching moves that I can’t capitalize on because I don’t know how to follow the other character up from a non dust attack.

I tried reading the FAQ’s for the game, and it doesn’t go into much explaination about how to follow.



for a dust combo?
press dust, then up towards then mash the buttons.

For air combos, find an attack or move that will pop them in the air and mash buttons, like sols 263 k throw,then down heavy slash, then up, mash buttons.

its not that hard really…

And for the record, I was too lazy to state any combos, so I just said mash the buttons, it doesnt really make a difference when you start out…try not to start with (air) dust or heavy slash


well,you should say which char you play cause i can’t give all air combos i know.
example of a basic air combo
take johnny,perform a f+p,then jump,do a k,s,jump again,made a k,s,d,hcf+hs.


I assumed for pop-ups that weren’t dust you’d have to do some sort of cancel to get up there before they came down again. What you say seems fairly simple actually.

Ok, so say I have Baiken and do her tatami mat attack, how do I get into the air from that point? Just jump or do I have to super jump?


well, I think the only way you’re gonna be able to combo off it is if you FRC the mat…I can’t remember off the top of my head if you even need to FRC the mat to combo, but if you don’t, timing will be very strict…she recovers right before the tech point…I know you can do 2d, mat, then jump/super jump into an air combo without a FRC…


You FRC the Tatami for better looking combos - as well as getting from corner to corner easier than you would without FRCing.

Just jump after Tatami. I prefer superjump, but others may want to just use regular jump.


according to my memory i did 2d,tatami,jump s…i think it’s easier after the duck dust…not so sure


Yep, it worked. I couldn’t hit it every time but it’s much easier than I thought (I’m on a PS2, so RC’s are sort of difficult to get out pressing all buttons with the thumb rather than all the fingers in the arcade). Now it’s just a question of practice practice practice!



as for the rc and frc why don’t you configure your paddle? you can config p+k+s in only one button so the rc’s will be easier than in arcade…

if you’re a baiken player learn to frc tatamis to keep pressure and to frc the air dust to perform high damaging combos.

here’s an old combo
corner s(or hs?),qcfqcf+s(or hs?the super at least…),rc that at the second hit,then duck dust,tatami,jump,s,dust.nice damages and easy to do.
sorry i can’t help more as i’m not a baiken player at all…


No need to waste all your tension doing that - if you land an S, last thing you do is an overdrive then RC it. :stuck_out_tongue:

If I do anything like that I do…

P, S, 6P, 236236S (RC 3rd hit) > 236K j.S-D


Only works on some chatacters though. I won me a match using this. Blatantcy! :stuck_out_tongue:


no offense to anyone but everything i’ve heard so far is very scrubby, and the guy who said do a lunch jump then mash, i swear to god that brought a tear to my eye.

for Biaken just 2d, 236k, ^ , s, d (continue is if u want to or can) frc, air dash forward then s, d. easy damage.

if u ever roman cancel an overdrive it should be when u know it will kill them or if it will do massive damage, there are no real combos that deal massive damage by roman cancelin a overdrive.

i consider myself good at this game so if u guys want info or combos i’ll prolly know, jus ask or pm me.


yeah…someone who doesn’t pay attention to the thread…:mad:

anyways, I think black’s question has been answer…let this thread die…


[quoteif u ever roman cancel an overdrive it should be when u know it will kill them or if it will do massive damage, there are no real combos that deal massive damage by roman cancelin a overdrive.

i consider myself good at this game so if u guys want info or combos i’ll prolly know, jus ask or pm me. **[/quote]

you’re right.

i just gave that as for example as it was the only one i get just to have fun.
don’t play baiken at all…i like her but can’t play everyone and i don’t play defensive char…


You just mentioned a generic Baiken.


There are far superior combos you can do mid screen, OTHER than j.S-D. Like force them in the corner. After the first j.D; FRC into air Tatami. A well placed one knocks them back up into the air for more damage. And you can keep on doing it till they get into the corner.

Then you can D-Loop proper from there.

And if you are any good at the game, you shouldn’t RC the super anyway, unless it’s being blocked and you know it can be punished, which Baiken’s can.

Or better yet, not use OD at all seen as Baiken doesn’t need to use it. Only uses it has is to use those invincibility frames it has on startup.


Wrong, good sir. RC Jam’s pillar overdrive after the first hit and all subsequent attacks in the combo do 200% damage. However, I think that is the only instance where RC’ing an overdrive is useful.


Anji…couch cough…FRC fan super after butterfly super makes it so that it is like a 100% chance butterfly trap. Sure, the guy can burst, but I think that there is too much time for the fan to stay out, but hey, who really uses him? The Chipp 632146HS, if actually landed, is good when RCed the last hit for the floating it gives. Yep, but there really isn’t any character that has a useful Overdrive except a few (Johnny, Ky in Reload, Zappa, ad Bridget come in mind)


Ah, I don’t know how I forgot about Anji’s unblockable overdrive… oh well, probably because I’ve never actually played against an Anji player. I stand corrected.


i had a list somewhere of all the useful supers:

Venom: Dark Angel
Bridget: Me and my Killing Machine
I-no: Ultimate Fortissimo (air super)
Zappa: It’s Alive (dispel super)
Johnny: That’s my Name

and of course, Kliff and Justice’s screen freeze supers (Reflex Roar and Michael Blade) are way too good anyway


mm i don’t know anything about baiken,but the hs,236236s make 185 damages.and if you rc it to 2d,tatami,jc,s,d it takes 240 i think it’s not so bad.??
anyway yes i use less and less overdrives as i think it’s better to rc and frc.

like you told i suppose that with baiken frc the air dust damage a lot.




lmao. Very amusing thread. I needed that… lol

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