GGXX and #r Glitches


Ok… I was informed from another thread that there are a bunch of glitches that Final Showdown knows and had once shared… but I thinnk most didnt even pay attention to…

Well… Final Showdown… PLEASE SHARE…

this is a list of what he said he knows…

Player 2 only bugs
blocking foward
Keeping FD on you with out pressing the buttons
Keeping FD on you while you are being comboed
No push back from attacks
storeing attack stun in different attack(example makeing little attacks do hs stun)
changing properties of moves
makeing every attack cause dust effect
air throw air dash
Proxemity block bug(Examples faceing wrong way, and makeing proxemity blocking cause acctualy stun.)
Freeze bug(you can not move after you block a attack thusa free low attack or what have you)
FRC all of kys air attacks
Turn characters invisable
full screen throws

Like i posted in the other Im very curious…

I respect Final Showdown as a player and from what it seems a glitch master…

please share your knowledge with the community…




Thats just what i said i know, There are many other things i didnt say like RC with instant kill etc…


One glitch I’ve found is that when Slayer’s Eternal Wings gets canceled out with Bridget’s DP, Slayer stays WAY up in the air and has a really weird gravity setting where he just sort of “floats” down…I’ve had this happen twice on the American console version, and once on the American arcade version.

Since it’s happened so rarely I didn’t really think of any real way to abuse this glitch, but it’s a glitch nonetheless.


That just happens beacuse when you clash with a move that has a set distance, even after the clash the move takes out the momentum from it self. Some characters have ways to fly off the screen for times of 10 seconds or more due to FD increasing momentum from teh clash.


RC Chipp TK Alpha Blade is funny.

…Chipp flys hella far. (Really stupid but whatever)

Errr, Giganter/Zanseirouga Glitch…kinda…
Launch Giganter, Chipp passes through Giganter with Zanseirouga, even though he’s invincible, he gets dizzied by it sometimes.


Saw a match today where Venom was fighting Faust. I am not sure what the circumstances where, but venom does his air super which usually sends the balls straight down and to bounce off the ground at thier respective angles, but they did some other freaky looking shit. He shot them and they fell in slow motion and curved towards faust, the background was still red from the super and venom floated down. Anyone know what this is? If you want the match I can send it to you, just PM me. It looks mad wierd.


haha add a infinite with every cahracter to that list, i madea video of it acctualy and a few people have done it now so they can vouch for me …

dun have a capture card though shrug.


sounds like ex/gold/GG mode/GGX mode glitches to me.

i don’t see how the engine would allow certain things like this. i know finalshowdown has posted glitch information in gamecombos before, since i’ve seen most of the threads; but i haven’t seen a few of these glitches posted before.

if you don’t feel like sharing the glitches again, why not just tell us if they’re practical or require set-ups to execute them? most sound like they would work off of clashes/parries/some form of cancelling.


If you dont belive tehy are real ask destin,…?,fatcat i have already taught them how to do the infinite. And they said they can do it…

Also GGX mode etc?? Come on dude i have been playing since the first GG(and GGX which had gg mode which let you do air dash infinites)i wouldnt post infinties with gold and shit like that lol. What would be the point?

THough i guess i did lie, the infintie doesnt work with axl,faust, or zappa.

As for how to do them or whatever you were saying, obviously everything requires a set up so i guess yea they require a set up ina real match. Just some are easy to set up lol.


lol guess im wrong again zappa can do it with, swords,ghosts and raoh. Thanks to kbnova for pointing this out to me.


Not trying to badger, but I dont think that was his point. I think he means that if you discovered something, instead of telling us OMG INFINATE WITH ALL CHARACTERS. Tell us how… explain cercumstances and/or setups or something.

Especially with game breaking statements like that. Its pretty important.

Also, Kugler, do you want a link to this venom shit? I seriously wanna know if anyone knows what this madness is. Cause I have no idea right now…


ok ok fatcat has a capture card so he is makeing a video of it(just the infinite though)so i will show you guys since i am so nice:rolleyes: and so respected :rolleyes: by all wc people even after winning so many tournments…

Im on dial up though so i guess thats the price you pay if you want to see the video it would take awhile to dl from me.


The video is done…

KingBee131 should be able to send it… thanks go to fatcat for encodeing the video etc.

Lets hope that no one tries to steal this bug like some other crew did ina video of theres and then take credit for a bug that i found.


yes, please. <3

btw, if you need hosting for this infinite video i can host it on the renocrew server.


Just saw the vid… WOW. :eek:

If you can perfectly set this up almost any time you want… then… GGPO… :frowning:


does this works on #r? and where can i get the vid?


Anyone care to send me the vid? PM me for my AIM SN. Thanks…


Im on dial up so i would send really slow but some people in irc now have it…

my aim name is final shodown

but again im on dial up so i dunno if it would send very well


Im gonna try and stop loseing so many tournys, wait which ones have i been loseing?

Boy just got back from IRC lol what a firestorm that was. How did going from people asking me to make a video go to them hateing me? Oh yea you already did. Lol Glad i didnt tell you guys how to do anything lol.

Also talking shit about me being sick and shit lol i hope none of you guys are religous, ethier that or i hope you are ready for some long ass prays before you guys die one day lol.


FS, do you know who has the vid on IRC? Also, personally, I hope all this shit talk is put to rest. Everyone should simply not worry about it. Come to EVO, have another WC v. EC challenge(on a big screen tv so there’s nothing about ‘projector lag’). And I for one do respect what you have done. (Ky info, tournies, and glitches.) But anyway, I would like to see a vid of these and other glitches,infinites,whatnot. After all, it’s not like you have to explain them or anything, just showing them is cool.