GGXX: Anji Mito

Fans and Butterflies galore. With GC being down for so long I figure it wouldn’t hurt to consider reviving all the good Anji discussion that went on over at the GC forums here. This thread is for anything and everything involving the Fan Man. Ask any questions, strats, etc. here. Myself and hopefully some of the regulars from GC will join in and help answer anything people are interested in asking.

This is mostly for XX but I can answer some Anji questions about #R as well though my playtime is far more limited with it. So, let the discussions begin.

i have a question that i would find out for myself, but my ps2 is dead;

in the corner, after c.dust, fujin > hop, what characters can you not otg with kick?

ex. (in corner)
k, s, s, c.s, c.dust, fujin > hop, k, s

Are you talking about XX or reload? Because it’s nigh impossible to otg anyone with the hop after fujinn in XX due to it’s lag.

you sure? 'cause i do it alot in both.

only in the corner though.

selfsci used to do it a lot.

he’d hop, k, s, iad, hs, or some other stuff.

From personal experience, you can’t OTG Testament or Chipp (I usually OTG with 2P, 5K, 5S into whatever but it still doesn’t work on them). Might not work on any else but Testament and Chipp are people I can remember right now.

Ok, apparently my brain took a dump and I kept reading OTG as juggling into a combo. So just ignore that post I made eariler. I’ll go with Ukyo on this one, Chipp and Testy are the only two I’ve never OTG’ed with that setup, however I haven’t tried it on some other characters. For example I’m not sure if it works on Venom, Milla, or Zappa since I’ve never attempted it.

i dont think it works on zappa, from what i remember from… two days ago. :stuck_out_tongue:

anyway, i doubt there’s gonna’ be any more posts concernin’ anji himself. anyone down for some anji vs. anji money matches at evo?

I’m game. How many matches, $$ etc?

best of 3, $5?

Works for me. Hey Ukyo, you want in on some money matches? I’ll even let you play your Sol heh.

Money match best of 3 for $5 sounds okay against both of you. I dunno, I’ll probably play Anji for this one. :smiley:

sounds good.

I’ve got two questions:

-Certain Match-ups in XX:


Unless I can knock her down…Millia is very annoying for me to deal with. Eddie is just…ugh…as for Axl, I have problem getting in (otherwise it isn’t bad).

-What are ALL of Anji’s changes in #Reload?

Thanks for any/all help.


Millia is just flat out better than Anji because when she gets her okizeme going she’s very difficult to stop. Play your basic Anji game but be willing to burn tension on dead angles to escape disc setups. Autoguarding hairpins is a tactic worth learning as most Millia players follow the hairpin to get inside. Can’t offer much else other than get good trap strings going, Millia is like Anji in that she doesn’t have great moves to get people off her. Watch for her Angel overdrive, as players will often sneak that in to get out of traps or rushdown.

Eddie… well it’s not much fun. I haven’t played any good Eddies so all I can offer is that you have to use dead angles to get out of unblockable setups. That’s the ONLY way you’re getting out of good Eddie setups on knockdown for the most part. If you want to see a very good example of how to use Anji against Eddie, find the match vids of KBnova vs. Kono. You should be able to get ahold of them on IRC in #gamecombos.

Axl is patience patience patience. Pick your spots carefully and use a lot of double jumping to bait out Axl’s anti air. Also abuse the Air dust for stopping yourself midair and getting a better angle when you fall. Don’t recklessly super jump or air dash because Axl’s anti airs turn into big combos real easy. Lots of faultless defense in the air against Axl is your best friend. If the Axl player whores 6HS (the big sweeping overhead) it’s an easy autoguard. Also learn how to use the invulnerability on HS Fujiin. It’s a great way to get past standing punch since you can go right through the chain when you learn the timing right. Also realize that the corner against Axl is really bad for Anji. It’s hard to super jump out with his anti air, and blocking Axl’s down Rasengeki (the spinning chain) is nigh impossible for Anji to punish out of the corner. Just be patient and really work the angles to get in and you can win this fight.

I’ll list all of Anji’s changes to #R that I know but I may need help from Ukyo.

5S (far) faster, slightly bigger hitbox, more priority.
2D shorter range
5HS faster, can juggle for combos
6P quicker recovery, also can be used in juggles.

214P better priority (probably faster as well but not sure)
214K now bounces opponents on counter hit (maybe on normal hits as well but again I’m not certain)
236P butterfly falls faster after first hit
K after connected 236S/HS The hop after fujinn now recovers really fast, there is basically no lag.

632146HS Doesn’t lower guard balance as quickly, now does far more damage in combos.
[2]8K I believe this gained more priority but I’m not sure. I believe you can also juggle after it in the corner as well.
Autoguard 63214S Now “sucks” in the opponent after the first hit to assure that all 4 attacks hit.

P after connected 236S/HS. The Fan attack after connected fujiin gained an FRC just before the fans are thrown.
214K Gained and FRC at the peak of the attack. Great for throw games.
214P I thought I read this gained an FRC as well but I am not certain about that. Don’t hold me to this one.
632146HS FRC moved from start of Overdrive to the last hit of the fan. This is what removed the unblockable setup from XX.

There were a lot of different damage changes to Anji’s moves as well but for the most part his combos do slightly more damage.

Hopefully Ukyo can clear up whatever I missed/messed up since he has far more time on #R than myself.

Luckily I actually saved Anji’s #Reload changes from gamecombos, lol. The ones I highlighted are the ones that I think are the most beneficial for #Reload Anji:

Kou: 1~6 inv. to strikes
Jump: Startup 2->3F
Close Standing S: Startup 6->7F. Added knockback
Far Standing S: Increased priority
Standing HS: Startup 17->15F. Active 11->4F. Recovery 13->21F. Guard point changed from 1~8F->4~11F. Can cancel into 6P on whiff.
2K: Added knockback
2S: Added cancel time
2HS: Can gatling into 6P?
Jump HS: Added gatling to Jump D. Damage 36->32
Jump D: Recovery 21->17F. Landing recovery 5->3F. Upper body invicincibility added at 1~8, 23~30
6P: Startup 17->18F. Recovery 22->16F. Attack level 4->5. Damage 28->24. Added cancel time. Invincibility changed from 1~20->1~21 above the waist inv.
6H: Can cancel into 6P on whiff. Untechable time increased
6K: Recovery 12->13F. Guard point 1~6F->1~7F. Can gatling to Standing K on whiff. Floats opponent higher
Kai§: Damage 42->32. Priority increased
Kai(K): Recovery 12->13F. Landing recovery 12->8F. Damage 25->50. Attack level 3->4. Knocks opponent to the ground. Counter hit bounces them opponent off the ground. FRC point added at 23~25F. Priority increased
Fuujin(S): Damage 40->30. Doesn’t bounce the opponent as high in the air
Shin Ichishiki: Startup 31->32F. Landing recovery 12->6F. FRC point addded at 16~18F. Total move time 77->68F
Shitsu: Falling portion attack level 3->4. The Shitsu doesn’t fly as high after being blocked
Issei Ougi Sai: Recovery 44->40F. First 11 hits damage 20->12. Reduced guard damage on first 11 hits. FRC point changed from 13~14F to 51~52F. Last hit damage 100->50
Kachoufuugetsu: Startup 1+6F to 7+0F. Invincibility changed from 1~21 inv. to strikes to 1~21 complete inv. Damage 50x4->40x4
Shin Nishiki: Damage 18x6->16x6
Hitoashitobi: Air time 9->5F. Total time 33->28F. Moves farther
Tenjinashi: Damage 20x13->15x13. Reduced guard damage. Charge time 60->40F

Really have few to add to the vs. Millia and vs. Eddie matchups though. In general, very bad matches for Anji. :frowning: Here’s a few helpful hints, I suppose:

  1. If Millia is without a hairpin and she air dashes towards you, a good anti-air is actually 6P. Something like: throwing butterfly from max distance will most likely bait Millia into IADing. Just 6P afterwards. If it’s a counter-hit, it’s a potential midscreen setup for #R Fujin Loop.

  2. Try to avoid jumping in on Millia, unless you mess her anti-air attempts by using air D, then fall S(like Klaige said). Millia has two really good anti-airs: 6P and 5P. 5P is in someways deadlier because it’s JUST LIKE Anji’s 5P… only, she can repeatedly chain it faster. :confused:

  3. Dead Angle when necessary, but don’t dead angle at the same spots all the time (or you will get baited). Blocking Millia’s pressure strings pretty much puts you in a VERY BAD position. You’ll never know when a 6K will suddenly show up…

  4. If you (somehow) predict (heh) that Millia is immediately going to do something after a disc, try to do a reversal HS Fujin on wakeup. Depending on what she does (2K or 6K), you’ll most likely blow through, given the 1 frame invinicibility on wakeup + initial invincibility frames on the HS Fujin. I do not suggest doing this if you predict (heh) that Millia is going to do TK Bad Moon.

  5. Eddie is quite a painful match, as mentioned, if you’re using Anji. Again, trickery with air D into fall S might prove useful, especially since Eddie has good anti airs, as well.

  6. Go for a knockdown as often as possible. Your only way of doing major damage (unfortunately) is from your butterfly trap, and even then, that’s not going to be enough at times. For example, if you somehow do SJ K S HS air combo from whatever setup you can think of, try not to end it with air 214P…let the air HS knock down, and begin wakeup games. If for some reason air HS doesn’t knock down (which is unlikely since Eddie is normal weight, anyway), it’s a prime setup for an air throw reset.

  7. Be VERY wary of Eddie’s wakeup reversal reflect move. Once you start the butterfly trap, you do NOT want the butterfly hitting you instead, leaving you wide open for a knockdown combo (which, of course, leads to unblockables). Alas, this is going to be a VERY unfortunate disadvantage for Anji (as you can’t continue your traps as usual, and you’d have to bait)… but this is just something you’re going to have to deal with, when fighting a good Eddie.

  8. For the record, you cannot Dead Angle Eddie’s unblockables (hence, “unblockable”, and DAs require you to be blocking first), when they’re done correctly… the only thing you can hope for, is if he messes up, heh, and you can block correctly. -_-

  9. When Eddie does his buzzsaw wakeup games, you might be able to reversal K hop on wakeup…sorta similar to how Sol avoids this okizeme game by doing Riot stomp. Admittedly, I’ve never tried this before (and this just occured in my mind right now). It will probably be a bad idea (if he sees you coming down, waiting for an anti-air)…but it’s worth a try, I suppose. :confused:

  10. As for Axl, there are ways of getting in. Klaige did a great job of explaining some methods (double jumping, super jumping, air D fakes) to avoid Axl’s pokes. Also, remember that Axl’s pokes are a part of his body. More often than not he’ll poke with 5P (mid hit, not low), and in that sense, this is easily Guard Pointed->P. Not only will it connect and knockdown (yes, even from a distance), it should also give you plentiful tension bar.

That’s all I can think of for now… those are two difficult matches (Millia and Eddie), and one semi-difficult one… can’t quite guarantee you a victorious outcome, but hey, if it works, then the ideas here have merit. :slight_smile:

Yea I did a piss poor job wording the eddie thing. What I meant was to be ready to DAA out of buzzsaw pressure before you get knocked down and then put into the unblockable. Props to Ukyo for saving that list.

I guess the only thing I can add to take solice in about the millia match is that you won’t run into that many good Millia players. She’s just not that popular in the states. Eddie on the other hand… yeesh.

Just 2 months Ukyo and we’ll be in town for the fun and festivities of MWC. Can’t wait to get in some good casual with you guys.

Im looking to go to midweast also

You’re kex from gamecombos right? Cool, it would be dope to finally have some other Anji players to bullshit with during the tourney. Now if Ukyo over there can just convince Kenji to come out and school us all it’d be perfect.

I heard that MWC will be on a GGXX cabinet. what is the correct button layout?

I have a stick and play like this

K Dust

But I heard that my punch and kick are wrong. Can you help me out

Kenji told me that he might be going, but he wouldnt enter.