GGXX avatar request


This is request for a Jam avatar with the part where her punch is all they way out. I would like a Pink backround(same color as her skirt) if someone can do it thats all I really care about ill let the creator get creative:) suprise me

Thnx in advance


I will give it a try;)


Shit if you like naruto hook it up with a rock lee avatar as good as your avatar:D


I want a Itachi one! pls pls pls! :(… Animated! or a Kakashi one! Animated too! you can get gifs and pics at =P… i want a naruto avatar =(

Hi flash! wassah hot diggity! ;D


Yeah make me an animated rock lee av of when he goes crazy with the gates:D


uhhh ok, i guess I will do both, I will try and get them done as soon as possible;)


You the man:D


heres my attempt of the rock lee av:D


now let’s see what itachi looks like! :D… if you need an animation IM me on AIM at mmmitzmarteen


DAMN!!!:eek: :eek: :eek: STOP BEASTIN


hummm someone from SRK has somewut about the same exact avatar… but i dont remember who…


I have a request. Its a hard one but I hope someone can do it for me. I want a gif like av with Anji from GGX or GGXX doing his guard point reversal from start to finish on any opponent doing a attack. First saying “when in doubt” On a black screen then showing the reversal then saying “that shit!!” on another black screen. I really really want that av I dreamed it up LOL. I been thinking about it ever since.


Laostyle? his isnt the same



…still waiting for mine… cough…


Sry its not what you wanted exactly :sweat:


Well since you seem to be doing Naruto avs and animated ones at that. Can you make me one? If you say yes I will supply the pictures and the detail.


might as well;)



I want an avatar of the entire Sand Village team. Baki, Garaa, Kankuro, and Temari. I also want some sort of animation in the avatar related to the characters.

Here are the pictures I have:

This is the only good one I have of Baki. But if you have anything better feel free to use it.


ok, I will try to get it done as soon as I can:D


One more thing I forgot to mention.

Have my name spelled the original way like this: SA.M