Hmm, gamecombos is down and there’s never been a thread about Axl.

I’m going to learn Axl and try to make him a second primary, and he just seems rather weird since he doesn’t thrive off of gatlings/combos. What are some gatlings/combos worth using, strats, even match-ups, etc? Thanks a ton.

Axl is easy to learn. He’s my secondary. Give yourself a week to learn the following and you’ll have most of everything mastered:


Standard Air Combo after any launcher: j.K, dj j.H, j.D, Axl bomber

If you only want to do a single hop and not a double jump air combo to set up possible bomber loops, only do j.H, j.D, Axl Bomber. I generally never do the j.K part of it and I stick to single jump j.H j.D combos since it hits harder.

623S RC, jc j.H, j.D, 623H. Depending on the character, and how close you are to the corner…you can either do 5P, Rensengeki(explained in a sec), or if you’re close to the corner you do bomber loops.

Any time you FRC Rensengeki(the green chain move), you dash in afterwards, and my standard combo is 6P, 2S(if you have trouble doing 2S, use c.S), air combo. You have two choices on this though. Some characters you can dash in after and do 6P, 2S jc j.H, j.D, 623H, land, 5K, c.S, 6239H(TK Axl Bomber). You can do that or you can simply do a double jump combo if you’re newer to Axl and can’t pull off bomber loops consistantly.

Most damaging Axl Bomber loop in the corner after you throw the opponent is the following, and it works on most characters:

Throw in corner,(some character you might need to dash a tad) 6P, 2S/c.S jc, j.H, j.D, Axl Bomber, land 5K, c.S, TK Axl Bomber.

That is also your best option because it will down your opponent when you’re finished.

Axl bomber loops are simply getting your opponent in the corner launched and repeatedly doing 5K(optional), c.S, TK Axl Bomber. You can loop this 2-3 times before the opponent can tech.

The 5P to Rensengeki FRC option I listed above is if you’re not quite close enough to the corner to set up bomber loops. This allows you to dash in and set them up on certain characters.

Pretty much ALL of your combos, no matter which of his launchers you use, will lead to his air combo, and Axl bomber loops if you have the option. That is ALL of his combos. The only combo outside of that is that he can use 6K as anti-air, then combo 2S 6K 2S depending on where in the air they are.

Lastly, his standard combo throw mid screen would be throw, dash 5K, c.S, j.H, j.D, Axl Bomber, land, 5P, Rensengeki. That’s the highest damage option you have without doing character specific combos.


Learn to use Axl’s long range pokes, but don’t get caught using them at dumb times. They’re laggy. If you’ve played Dhalsim before, Axl is sorta similar in his long distance. Save the long distance at keeping your opponents away, and stick to his shorter moves up close. Learn to zone your opponents with 5P, 6K, 2S, 2P, 2H, j.S, j.6P. Learn to fight up close with his c.S, f.S, 5H, 6P, 2K, 2D, 623S, 5K, and any other short pokes. This is not something anyone can teach you. It will just take you time to get used to using his long range pokes and switching to close range when you can’t stop your opponent. Use all of his pokes and see what you’re comfortable with. 6K is a pretty safe option for anyone in the air since it covers such an excellent angle. 5P is NOT a very good poke overall, as it goes over a lot of dashing characters. But, it IS good for picking people off who are just starting to jump since most people don’t FD the second they jump.

Try to set up bomber loops anywhere you can. Axl’s 5K is a VERY quick poke, and it combos very well. Axl doesn’t have very good priority up close, which sucks. But it’s only fair since he has long range and high damage.

Your basic rushdown can consist of two different methods. I use the second one. You have the choice of rushing in and timing a meaty 6H(Explained in a sec), or dashing in and starting your pressure chain with 2K. Meaty 6H is basically timing Axl’s 6H so it hits at the end of the move where his sickle is pretty much on the ground. This gives you massive frame advantage and knocks the guard guage up. So you can dash up afterwards and start a pressure string. HOWEVER, this pressure has a very large drawback in some senses. If you’re facing anyone who is very good at timing DP’s/OD’s, I reccomend against using this option as you will just get creamed. I’ve had it happen countless times, which is why I don’t use 6H. You can’t fake a 6H since the animation is so slow. Even if you do it early to bait anything, the opponent can simply throw you when you land. It’s a very iffy option, so I try to stay away from it. The good part is that if your opponent attempts an OD/DP, you land a 6H CH. 6H CH leads into massive damage options. You can dash up, do 6P, c.S, 5H, Rensengeki FRC, dash 6P, 2S, air combo. That’s 250+ damage. Still, I reccomend not using it, especially against characters like Sol who, if they punish you, will gain a huge advantage on you. It’s just not worth it in that sense against Sol.

The second option, 2K, is a little sneakier. It’s a quick move, so it’s easier to fake without being punished, it leads into lots of good attack strings, and you can tick throw from it. I prefer this option because it’s easy to use/combo/fake/tick, and I just prefer it instead of the glaringly obvious 6H.

Another thing you’re going to have to learn since I don’t want to write out every single pressure string is all of the moves that cancel into each other. I can give you some examples, but there are honestly countless.

Dash in, 2K, throw on recovery
Dash in, 2K, c.S, 5H, 2D
Dash in 2K, c.S, 2H, 6H
Dash in 2K, c.S, 6H, continuation
Dash in 2K, c.S, 5H, 63214S

Those are just some small examples. You can make up your own like 3P, f.S, Rensengeki FRC, dash in 5K, 5D. There are too many to list here. Play around with all of the options. At any point in a combo you can do Rensengeki FRC and dash in to continue your pressure, but it’s 25% tension so be wise with it.

When you’re getting up, you have the option of using Axl’s OD(2363214H), or RCing his DP. RCing his DP ultimately winds up more deadly, but it can wind up trading with a lot of hits due to it’s limited vuln.(2 frames I think).

Play the long range game as long as you can and chip off their life, but don’t get stupid and toss out a laggy move. If any of them miss vs. any fastish character, you will eat a combo and okizeme.

I would write more, but I can’t think of anything at the moment. There’s lots of crap I didn’t cover and explain fully, but I just typed as I went. Ask me any questions you want to if you didn’t understand something and I’ll explain it. It’s hard to write all of this stuff online and it’s just easier to play a character how they’re meant to be played.

:eek: :eek: :eek:

/Holy shit, your guide is AWESOME…definately gonna print it and follow your advice hardcore. I’ve only read through your guide twice…I’ll probably have questions tomorrow.

Thanks a bunch, your advice should be linked as an Axl character thread.

Sure. Any questions are fine. A couple more notes I remembered:

During your pressure strings, you can do things like add in 63214S, or throw in (4)6H(hold back, forward H) at erratic times for a quick 90 damage.

If the opponent gets too predictable, you can of course whack them with a 214P/K counter for a quick 100 damage. This even combos on the chics in the game by waiting til they fall low, you recovery and immediately do 623S RC, jump j.H j.D, Axl Bomber. MASSIVE DAMAGE!! Otherwise if it’s a guy you can OTG them with 623S or simply wait for them to get up and start your pressure string.

Cancel all of your long range normals with 623P. This cuts the recovery off of most of them and leaves you safe against characters like Baiken/Anji who could otherwise potentially punish you. It’s a way of covering your tracks.

Another launcher is if someone hits your 623P and you CH them, you can RC it, dash forward, and do his typical launcher into air combo/bomber loops.

Do not use the up button on Axl’s Rensengeki unless you will literally kill your opponent. Otherwise they will get to tech, and I think it’s a smarter decision to knock them down since Rensengeki will down an opponent without any followups. If you’re doing a pressure string on someone in the corner that ends in Rensengeki, you can hold the down button which can possibly really kill them. If their guard guage is up and they forget to block low, it will easily do 200 damage. You can also RC the down button version and run up, launcher, air combo. If someone blocks it you are safe, but you will be on even ground again, so resort back to long range. The down part of Rensen also does excellent chipp damage/guard guage raising.

Don’t use 63214H. Ever. Unless you want to run away safely for the last few seconds of a match since it makes you totally invuln since you’ll be in the sky, otherwise stay away from this move.

Axl’s Dust is much better in #R, so use it less in XX. It can still work and does lots of damage, but you won’t hit as often. His standard Dust combo is 5D, hold up j.D j.D let go of up j.S j.H j.D Axl Bomber. You can RC the Axl Bomber if you want, double jump and add j.H j.D Axl Bomber for extra damage.

You can do a typical launcher when landing from 63214S in XX and do an air combo. You have another option of doing a loop that will work on people who don’t tech correctly which is 63214S, land 5K 5P, 63214S etc. Will work for 3 loops or so on bad techers. I’d stick to air combo though. Don’t bother with JIed(632147S) version since it’s sorta a waste. If you want to learn it though, you do that, RC, air dash j.D, Axl Bomber, bomber loops if possible.

Ok, NOW that’s all I can think of. Ask Q’s anytime.

Alright, i can’t get the timing down on the FRC for resengki and i cant seem to get the axl bomber loop to work correctly, does the Axl bomber work in all the Guilty gear games?

Any help on the Raiei Sageki loop, i’ve seen it in vids and what not and seems simple enough, but i can never get the second Raiei Sageki to connect. Any hints? is there an optimal distance? should the Raiei hit them behind?

Raiei Sageki loop isn’t guaranteed, it can be teched out of…
Just pretty hard to.

I was under the impression that they could only tech after like 3 Raiei Sageki though. Is this right? I still cant even get
63214+S -> K -> P -> 63214+S to connect though.

i bet you can get 63214+S->K->P to connect though right. your having trouble getting the second 63214+S to connect because it can always be teched it only works on people who suck at teching.

I would also like to note that the best bomber loop is K->S->Bomber repeat now it depends on which character you are fighting on how many reps you can get before you should end it with K->S->jc->K->jc->HS->D->bomber. for example its like 2 reps on slayer while on bridget its 3 reps before you go into air combo to max out damage. the more reps you do the tighter the timing is. also on certain characters you have to alter it a little like on potepkin you will have to move forward a bit so your S is in range on bridget it helps to only use S and no K because the K->S pushes her to high and she will tech before she gets back down to you. just play with it abit and if its too hard for you you can use K->2S but you will lose some damage.

some good setups for this is after frc resengeki in the corner, after throw, after counter super if all 3 hits connect. you will be able to use it in many ways if you get good at those 3. you can also get them into the corner for bomber loop if you use frc resengeki after throw in open screen combo looks like this throw->frc resen->iad K->D->bomber into loops remember to count that as the first loop though. throw-> frc resen is very helpful on those characters where its fairly hard to get axl’s normal combo because of how they bounce or how quickly they fall aka johnny and others like venom.

Yeah your right…oh well, ill save it for the scrubs…time to practice those bomber loops…

another way into bomber loops is from axl’s impossible dust combo in or near the corner. his ID is D->HJ->D->D->Axl Bomber then into loops. kinda tricky to get at first but it works with practice.

could anyone please post some axl combo vids i would really like to see some thanxs

I actually made one before but I was too lazy to find anyone to put it up. The reason there aren’t any Axl combo vids is cause, well…his combos are really limited to Axl Bomber loops to do max damage, so it’d just be a bunch of different bomber setups really, and the occiaisonal regular combos, but they’re all the same. That’s half the reason I didn’t bother putting it out: It’s really boring to watch. Same stuff over and over.

Axl Movies

I agree with Testiclement could someone post a movie of axl even if it is just a axl loop with axl bombers. I would like to see some of them thanks

How should Axl fight Millia? What can he do to prevent Millia from rushing him down and never ending the pressure?

I’m asking this for a friend, but…I’d like to know too :0

axl gets killed hella bad by chipp and millia,just get good with counters/antiairs,use DA’s to knock back

it’s such a hard fight cause in close he doesn’t really have any weapons.Especially vs millia gambling with a counter can lead to death,chipp you at least have time to eat combos

I dont really think axl gets raped by millia but i do agree he gets raped by chipp

Millia is about a guessing game but all you need to do is guess one time right to win the match

Basically you gotta go on the offensive agianst millia thats what I do

Chipp is easier to face as Axl than Millia. Pretty much a fact.

Millia has the air knife, Chipp doesn’t.
Millia can roll if you try to run up and pressure her leading to throw leading to more mindgames…Chipp can’t.
Millia has simpler, better, more damaging mindgames than Chipp.
Millia has better defense.
Millia has bubble lockdown etc etc etc etc that Chipp doesn’t.

You have much more chance of randomly stopping Chipp’s rushdown with your pokes/DP/whatever than you do of stopping Millia since her offense has less holes in it and she has several options to evade you herself or keep you pinned down. You can’t really use long range on her at all since if you guess wrong she’ll get to combo you. Same goes for Chipp, but suffering a combo from Chipp really isn’t as big of a deal. It doesn’t lead right back into a 50/50, doesn’t do as much damage, and he doesn’t have as good of lockdown as she does. You can actually use counters decently effectively on Chipp…but Millia can bait them pretty easily and again…screwing up on a counter with Chipp isn’t nearly as bad. Etc etc.

Maybe you are more comfortable with the Millia match if you’ve played it more, or maybe you haven’t played anyone that great with Millia yet. Either way, she’s the worse of the 2 for Axl.

Actually I have played the best Chipp in the US (Kensou), and Many Millias such as Kono, Toiyet, not to mention I can play her aswell

Im just gonna have to go with you just dont know how to play Axl the way he should be played I dont know and you have never played a good chipp and im pretty sure you have never played a good chipp by the way you talk about chipp

Yeah, Axl is boatloads hard to play…and I’m a scrub who has no idea what he’s talking about because you’ve never played me personally…

Explain why the matchup is harder. “OMG KENSOU IS AWESOME” doesn’t explain why Chipp is worse for Axl. I’ve seen numerous very awesome Chipps play, and well…he’s not as hard for Axl is Millia is, plain and simple. Millia is the better of the two pixies, thus Axl has more trouble with her.