GGXX: Baiken vs. Light Weights


Hey sup, I’ve been playing Baiken for awhile and I know all of her highest damage combos on medium and heavy people but what about light weights? Her basic “Dust Rebound” combo doesn’t work properly on them.

Dust Rebound
d+dust - 236+K - sJC+punch - slash - dust - air dash+slash - dust - land - slash - JC+slash - dust

Her basic BnB works but I need a replacement for her dust rebound.

Basic BnB
d+dust - 236+K - slash - punch - kick - jump+punch - slash - dust/623+slash

I have some different variations for a light weight dust rebound involving RCs and such but they don’t seem guaranteed unless you do the dust - RC - dust exactly frame-on.

Anyone got any suggestions of what I should be doing? The most I can do to light weights at this point is a little more than half and they don’t seem reliable.


Against lighter characters, Baiken can do (in the corner): 2D xx 236K, [sj.S->sj.D (FRC), airdash forward, then another quick sj.D, land], and repeat what’s in the brackets once or twice more. Doing an airdust right after airdashing reduces the amount Baiken is pushed back, so the opponent is still stunned and you can superjump up with another sj.S->sj.D.


Ah ha, thank you very much. I’ll get to testing that! Sounds like it has promise.

Any particularily good mix-ups I should be aware of now that light weights are settled? I have several of my personal ones but if there is a universal tried and true mix-up for Baiken I would appreciate it.

Some Mix-ups

  • slash x 2 - jump cancel - j.HS - j.236K
  • slash x 2 - HS - 236K RC - brief run - throw ( if in corner press HS - 236K after the throw for a juggle starter )
  • slash x 2 - hs - 41236HS - any mix-up
  • HS - 41236HS - any mix-up


Baiken’s mixups come into play when you can get within her 2D range (all up in your opponent’s grill). With Baiken, you generally want to zone with IAD-back tatamis (77236K), 6P (good as anti-air and vs. some ground pokes like Faust’s), 2D, and j.HS. Once you get close, you can insert her instant overhead (6239S) into block strings such as:

2K->5S->5HS xx 41236HS, if the chain is blocked, 6239S (RC) j.S->j.D
2K->5S->2D xx 236K (FRC) 6239S
2K->5S (jumpcancel) j.HS xx 236K, 6239S when you land

You might even try her instant overhead after a 5P or 2K. You can also insert her instant overhead after any jumpcancellable normal (2D, 5S (close and far), 2HS, 5P). If you have the tension, you can bring your opponent all the way to the corner after a 6239S (RC):

6239S (RC) j.S->j.D (FRC) airdash forward, 236K, land, sj.S->sj.D

Hope that helped.


Tatami FRC to IAD D is really the best start for a combo against lightweights (in the corner anyway). As other D-Loops tend to fail more often as they float higher. With IAD D, you can just do any D-Loop combo or whatever after no problem.


I know most GGXX terms but IAD eludes me. “Instant Air Dash?”, what is considered an IAD? 77 or 99?


Both 77 and 99 are commands for an IAD (backward and forward, respectively).


Thanks for the help, knew about her instant over head but never bothered to learn how it worked. Very cool, thanks for the IAD 2.

If anyone else has anymore Baiken tricks they want to share, spill em!


IAD is 7, 4
IAD is 9, 6