GGXX:Baiken vs Pot and Dizzy vs Pot

Who has the edge in these matches and why?

i dunno about baiken vs pot but dizzy vs pot ,dizzy has the advantage why? if dizzy decides to play keep away then pot would have a hard time getting near her, the fishes,spears and bubble would surely hold pot at bay and he IMO has limited options against keep away characters…just putting in my 2 cents;)

…pretty much a bias comment, but potemkin everything! both dizzy and baiken do mediocre damage, give or take, one potemkin buster usually equals the amount of damage they both cause in a chain combo. what’s the probability of an opponent not getting grabbed in one round, assuming both players are at an even skill level. im0, baiken has more of an edge than dizzy does over potemkin anyday. dizzy needs a large amount of ro0m, for her to be used efficiently. catch ya players round’ the forum, adieu, and game 0n!

Baiken’s best aircombos do at least 30-40% on average. Dizzy can do insane amounts of damage with FRC combos using the ice spike. They both at least equal Potemkin in the amount of damage they can dish out in one opening.

Baiken has an edge against Potemkin’s ground pokes because she can kill them with counters. Yeah, she might get thrown, but that’s a moot point if Potemkin is out of throw range and trying to poke so he can get his knockdown and go for grab setups. Her Tatamis aren’t quite as useful because he can reflect them, but she can still put a hurting on him.

Dizzy IMO is advantaged. She’s more mobile and has projectiles to cover her, plus huge damage if she gets an opening. The double airdash really gives her plenty of options to get away from Potemkin.

What would be the best way for dizzy to keep pot away?

Whenever Pot is close, IAD backwards and immediately do another backwards air dash to get distance. From there, use some combination of projectiles (usually a fish followed by a lightning arrow or vice-versa) to keep him out or hamper his movement such that you can set up a hit and go for a combo. Whenever he gets too close for comfort, repeat the double airdash in whichever direction will give you more room to move. That’s a basic rundown, you will have to adjust for the player you’re fighting.

:smiley: Hello everyone! This my first post here. I’m a good Baiken player that has a question about a Baikenvs. Potemkin match-up

You say counters are deadly because of Pots throws right? But how could someone do a throw if Baike P.counters? Weather Pote blocks or is hit, he can’t pull off any move Baiken can’t get away from

The real danger, I feel, is if Baiken is forced to be too aggresive. If Pote blocks, he can punish her lag times at the end of a combo.

However, a good Baiken player wouldn’t finish a blocked string for that very reason.

Seems neither has a great advantage IMO.