GGXX baiken's combo

Does anyone know baiken’s combo. I have just started playing ggxx and very interested in baiken. So if anyone has any combo’s of hers, please post any.

ok, does anyone play baiken? I would appreciate it if someone would post any info on her.

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Sweep xx door.

That’s Baiken’s combo.

Go look up Baiken’s comboS.


Also, if you ask in the KC thread, Rob or Josh (ExMortis/Lyquid) might be able to help you out, they play Baiken.

sweep mat jump S D, FRC airdash jump S D

The combo is the same, more or less its setups you need to know

ch p counter
throw in corner, sweep
and of course good ol c.d xx tatami

i understand you can do the j.s, d > frc > j.s, d outside the corner, but the timing is balls.

THANKS to all that are helping, unlike some other that has to be an ASS about it. Very thankful to all

can someone confirm this , i want to know if i can still attack after a tatami mat, or will they recover fast enough

p,p,k,s,sweepxxtatami mat, into something

Crow: From my experience in playing, yes you can attack after you do the tatami.

Yeah, Slash Dust is her basic and most damaging combo.

But then you have the corner variations that are so pimp it hurts.

is there anyway to connect her hcf hs grab? and is her normal grab just a close up s? cuz i tried using hs as well but didnt work, does she have and airgrab?are there any other ways to combo the sweep rather than p,p,s? like in a crouching position? won some games today at the arcade 2 wins 2 losses , i lost to venom and testament, any advice how to counter their zoning and traps?

this has probably been posted, but i want to feel special

dust loop

c.D >tatami>p>s>d FRC> ad s>d> jump in repeat from p

yea… thats all i know

have fun

Read up - posted before, sonnyjim.

Baiken’s a lot of work. Be prepared to be owned for a while before you get decent with her.

Anyway, Okay, yes you can attack after a Tat mat --that’s her bread and butter.

Such as try sweep, mat, jump, s, d, FRC, immediately ad, s, D. Great little combo.

IF you FRC the TAT mat in XX version (doesn’t work the same in reload), you can follow up with a lot of other variations.

Also if they don’t recover after the Tat mat hits, you can do a slash on the ground and then jump into s, d, FRC…

Chain grab? Mostly used for pressure, doesn’t really combo off of anything but you can catch people with it anyway. Like come in with crouching punch, standing slash, sweep, tat Mat, Frc, and sometimes you can pull them in with the chain after this depending on distance, recovery, etc…once you pull them in with the chain, you can low sweep mat, or do her forward slash technique, RC it, which launches them into the air for whatever you want to do.

Nice thing about Baiken are her variations. You can have some real fun with her, but she gets owned by a lot of the higher tier characters, so I would also have a top guy like Eddie, Slayer, etc. as backup. I learned that the hard way, playing mostly her for the past year. You definitely need backups.

I use Millia as a back-up - so if anything if I get really owned or whatever i’ll probably switch. But I haven’t played Millia in ages. :stuck_out_tongue:

As for the chain grab, I usually rinse that to put up that little red gauge. Goes up pretty high after 2 strings and 2 grabs.

Her corner tatami variatons are pretty cool though - especially when you can pop in that air-dash - meaning you can get more of the combo in after hitting the ground. :slight_smile:

im trying to use millia as well, but sticking to baiken for now, when i first played the game i used sol, but too much complaining on how good he is so i just stick with baiken