GGXX B'ham vs. Atl Thread

I need anybody and everybody from B’ham and Atl that think that they got the skills in GGXX to speak out and begin an Atl and B’ham coalition and see which southeast city gets superiority in GGXX.

Florida, NC, SC, and Tennessee…I ain’t forgot bout ya…

Everyone The Thread Is Officially Open!!! :clap:

Look For The Romance Of The Southeast States!!! :clap: :clap:

if u feel like driving to Murfreesboro, TN the TN crew will gladly break you off.



so true…but seriously, if u want some comp in XX#R, then come to TN…=)


Whoa whoa, thanks for stepping in James, but I think he was addressing ATL.

A challenge huh? We’ve got about 4 or 5 serious #R players in ATL, and we’d be more than happy to play you guys. Maybe team tourney if you can get together two more people. If we can arrange a time and place to meet that would be cool.

Let’s do our best. Name’s Mike, come post in our thread sometime.

Hi…thats the best i can do lol…my names Raul (ATL) im willing. where when and how are my only questions. certain circumstances apply as always…and if im available hehe. :pleased:

I just saw TN so I jumped in.



WTF…I sure didn’t see this coming… :rolleyes:

IM FROM B’HAM. I didn’t see this coming either , but um seriously i don’t think there’s enough people from B’Ham to try to team battle against some other states in Reload, I would play and PMTONEY9 but thats all the people i know from B’Ham that play Guilty Gear Reload. But if this happens i’ll play.

…EVERYONE knows FL runs the southeast :badboy:

ATL vs. B’HAm woot. Me ,Pmtoney9, and silent shinbi will probally be are team since we are probally the only people that play reload in B’Ham guess everyone will have to see how this works out. Hope we get this going though!

No hes not pmtoney9 :tup: plays ggxx and mvc2 and he can whoop all of u so there.oh yeah there is that other fag doren2k but hes not important. hes jut lame :lame:

Wow so much respect down here um yeah i join in but ont be much of a fight anyway

Generally true my friend, but don’t forget what happened at FR8…

PS You know we love you man.

…FL ran it :tup:

whats your point =P

OHHHHHHH drama!!!

Haha good call, you guys did represent :tup: . Don’t forget that ATL squeezed out a narrow win vs. Miami in team tourney though… Charles still loves you, Eddie wants to cover the cute pirate girl in deep black sauce.

All fun aside though, it would be fun to play B’ama. We need to set out a time, and location that works for everyone if we really want to do this.

Yeah we need to i’ll ask Silent Shinobi and ask him when and location and stuff like that in like a day. Or he’ll probally read this thread and post so yeah i’ll ask him during this weekend when we should have this and try to get it so that it work out for all of us.

just let me know when you guys want to play… we can play at my place I got room for all… team tourney is fun and all but I just like meeting new players… keep in touch guys

Sorry bout the wait but the location is kind of TBA but I know this that it will be in the summer.
Also I am thinking of a tournament in B’ham in June.
Anybody wanna participate?

P.S. This is a GREAT CHANCE for the B’ham vs. Atl battle to take place.

This might be rather fun…for you all. Sad to say I suck so don’t expect a lot of potential from my scrubby Anji. Other than that, prepared to be wow’ed by Charles and Mike. :tup: :tup: