GGXX Board Question

The majority of the Other games section, I must say really is just GGXX and Alpha 3. Now, I know that the Alpha 3 scene is more or less dead. GGXX though, is played quite heavily, don’t you think it deserves it’s own board? Not only will it make GGXX discussion easier, but it also will help, other game discussion easier by not having everything so flooded by GGXX.

thats why theres game combos its a Guilty Gear only forum

It doesn’t have nearly the amount of traffic that this site receives, the forums over at gc, from the last time i visited, are pretty much dead.

i think a gg forum in srk would be a good idea.

This subject has come up numerous times. Some one needs to e-mail (or PM) all the mods.

It should also be noted that GGXX (or #R?) was played at this years Evo, and will probably make an appearance at the next years Evo as well.

But based on that fact, they would also need to make a forum for the 3D games played at Evo (Soul Calibur 2, etc).

Still, GGXX is also slowly gaining a lot more recognition in America. Remember 3S was pretty much dead when it first came out, and didn’t gain popularity untill years after its release.

I think it has a lot to do with playing favorites with Capcom. But, who knows. SRK works in mysterious ways.

Maybe we should gather all of the GGXX players, have all of them sign a petition of sorts, are have everyone of them like bug the mods or something :). To start, I’m a heavy GGXX newb, and I want to learn. To finish, I play MANY other fighting games, and this whole damn board is flooded with GGXX topics so I can’t find good active threads about other games. Kill two birds with one stone!

There was a poll about this. That’s sort of like an anonymous petition.

Nah, I really don’t think the mods read these threads. It has to be brought to their attention directly.