Ggxx button config question

Hey i just wanted to double check if my favorite button config for ggxx was legal. It’s the same as default, except punch and kick are reversed, and L2 is set to (p,k,s). I heard it was allowed last year, but i wanted to make sure, thx.

Button mapping an RC button is banned, otherwise you can switch whichever buttons you want as far as I know.

no shortcut buttons or macros allowed, and it wasnt allowed last year as well. its considered cheating

Your button config can be set to anything you want I think. Only thing is that you can’t have shortcut buttons. shortcut buttons = lowest of n00bs. I remember that you were allowed to change the button config because before every round started people would do the button configs. I of course did the OG one but other people did it with their own custom setup. Thanx.

-See Ya!!!

aw that sucks ;_; Anyway 1 more qustion, How will this work for Virtua fighter 4 with shortcut buttons being default?

uh, they will be disabled of course. everyone has different button setups in vf4 or anygame for that matter depending on how their sticks are wired, so the button config screen is pretty much gonna be accessed every match pretty much.

you can map the orignal game commands to any button you want. like for ggxx, you can assign HS to any button, you can even assign it to numerous buttons like assign HS to X and L1 so you can use either or. obviously thats gonna be game dependant cuz not all games allow stuff like that. i dont think ggxx does. as long as there’s no shortcut buttons or macros(i.e. no assigning like p+k+s to the R2 button, or programming a special to a button if your pad is capable of that).

Unfortunately, XX has no means of assigning a single command to more than one button. This would make RC issues on a pad much easier, as it would solve issues with hand position.

XX has a way to set one macro button to press multiple buttons simultaneously. Even so, it’s still illegal at Evo.

1 Button RC = teh lose. :confused: