Ggxx : Chip Help!

hey i just got ggxx and i am blown away, i decided i really like chip can someone help me out with BBs and general strategy? whatever i need to know on how to play chip well. thanks!

I have recently started playing with chipp. By no means am I a master, but I will tell you some of the things I have picked up.

I have been figuring out different ways to go into air combos with chipp in training mode. One way of doing this is off of gamma blade(41236+HS). After gama blade dash up and do S,S, jump, jP, jK,JS, JC, jP,jK,jS, JC, jP,jK,jS, Beta blade(623+S). You can also go into this aircombo off of a tiger knee alpha blade. He has a lot less recovery after air alpha blades, so if you land near them after the air alpha blade, do S,S into air combo. Another good combo is dash in, forward punch, S, H, alpha blade, RC, forward HS, JC into air combo.

From what little experience I have had with chipp, his forward P is really good. Decent to do when they are getting up or as anti air.

Chipp is hard to play because he takes tons of damage, so you have to stay away from being predictable

i don’t play chipp but if you’re a beginner maybe you should try someone else before.i think chipp is one of the hardest char of the game to master…it’s hard to follow what you do on the screen and any punishment destroy your life meter…lol.

mmm as for combo as i tried him a few well
s,f+p,s,hcf+hs,duck hs,jc,k,k,k,k,k,jc,5k,jc,5k,dp

sorry but that’s all i remember(maybe there are some hits more or some mistakes it was a long time ago,so…)

Jump cancel a 2HS, are you sure you didn’t have guilty gear mode on. I’m pretty sure you can’t jump cancel 2HS.

Chipp’s combos are basically ground ones or the triple jump air combos. Some people also like doing a single jump air combo that ends with j. D so they can do gamma blade OTG and continue the pressure.

His general triple jump combo is p,k,s, jc, p,k,s, jc, h, dp. You can maximize the damage by doing, k,k,s, jc, k,k,s, jc, s,h,dp. The timing on it is tighter but with experience you should be able to do it. Sometimes you will have to adjust the combo depending on how you start it. For example you might have to do p,p,k,s. It usually depends on how low or high they are when you jump at them.

Anyway here’s some easy ways to start the air combo.

anti-air 6p, jc
dp, rc, 6h, jc
236s, 236k (overhead k), p/h, jc
s,s,h, 236p, rc, p/h, jc
gamma blade, s,h, jc

as for the ground combos they’re all pretty straightforward.


from here you can either

  1. 236 s, 236s, (or 236k)
    most ppl see this in the arcade. after the fire punches you RC and do it again mostly.

  2. 236 p
    this is best option for damage. RC the alpha blade and do a triple jump air combo.

  3. 236 236 k (the super)
    it’s nice and easy, plus you get to OTG gamma blade right after.

also, comboing into a sweep (2D) is good. but remember you can’t chain far S or H into it. I like to do 6p,s,6p,s, 2d as a nice easy combo. Then you otg gamma blade right after.

Chipp also has some jump install combos but you can always learn that later.

Generally with Chipp you want to use your speed to win. His 6p is hella good so you can lead with that a lot, but it will get beat by low stuff so watch out. All his S attacks are good too. Use that stuff to pressure them, along with 236s. Just be random with it, s, 236s, 2d, 236s, bla bla. The reason you’re doing this is because you’re looking to connect a sweep or make them jump and airdash at you.

When they jump at you either do anti air 6p into air combo or try to airthrow them.

If you get a sweep, do otg gamma blade, run up and hit them a few times, then follow up the pressure by airdashing at them or teleporting. His jump s and jump h cross up so utilize those.

Good job, Chipp is sooooo a beginner’s character. Funny thing is, when you get intermediate with him he seems to hit a wall then you have to work hard to get through that wall.

Sweep is your best friend with Chipp. Strong priority. It eats most moves that don’t have some “anti-low” invulnarabilty, and the sweep leads into his B & B combo of “OTG Gamma Blade then run up gatling chain.” His forward+punch is good. Low HS is good for anti but kind of slow. Jumping HS is annoying as a jump in. Tiger kneeing Alpha Blade is a nice move because it becomes much safer that way. Oh and he has the amazing jumping taunt :stuck_out_tongue:

Honestly I do not play Chipp at all (well, in random select). I’m just relaying what the local Chipp player does to us. Basically rush that shit down and abuse your speed and high priority.

chip is the fastest character in the game. so use that to ur advantage. his alpha blade is a tru friendship killer move. its fast and must be blocked low if its on the ground. it can also use it in teh air for a speedy way to travel airborne. make sure that you always stay on the move. chip has the lowest stamina in teh game and a few good moves will kill him in seconds. and also remember that big combos arent always teh way since in teh game the higher the combo the lower the damage u deal. since ur startin out with him use some short but sweet combos.

ooooups you must be true i played in gg mode at this period. but i play regular char and without gg mode since a while sorry for the confusion…
mmm personnally i really think chipp is hard to play.Good chipp players deserve all my respect…

Run in with 6P, watch whatever your opponent sticks out get beaten, combo.

B&B RC combo is
whatever to 236S > 236S RC, dash 5S© > 6P(1) > 5S© > 6P > 2D, 41236H(OTG), mix it up from there

If you hit an anti air 6P on CH…
6P (CH, anti-air) > 6H JC, iadP > D, land, Gamma Blade (OTG)

Pin your opponent with Chipp’s priority and frame advantage/minimal frame disadvantage.

Example, 5P and 2P leave Chipp at advantage. 5S(f) leaves Chipp at -1. Gamma Blade goes up to +5.

If 236S gets blocked, it’s relatively safe if far away… however, if you expect your opponent to try to punish it (maybe you did it a bit close, for example) you can delay the next 236S and hope for a CH, which will stagger. Free combo.