GGXX - Chipp Zanuf

Even though I own the original GGXX on the PS2, I’ve been trying to master Chipp. lately, I’ve been able to master Roman canceling, and I’ve tried pulling combos into overdrives, followed by the cancel, then continue attacking. The problem is that I sometimes have problems linking my combo to the overdrive. can anyone give me any tips on using Chipp? should I use regular or EX?

look in the best guilty gear forum i know

First off, EX characters aren’t even allowed to be used so no, don’t use EX. Secondly, you shouldn’t be roman cancelling after the overdrive, doesn’t really make much sense since you are blowing 100% tension for pretty low damage.

Look up match videos on youtube to see some pro chipp stuff. And make sure the players are japanese…

ok. I’ll take a look. I thought about cancleing after the fifth hit of the HCB-F+HS and follow it up with a combo. and like I said, I own only XX on the ps2, no reload or slash. I’m planning to get accent core on wii if it does arrive in the us, though. That’s why i’m training with chipp.

ggxxx is mad outdated. i dunno if it it will do you any good practicing ggxx chipp since hes probably changed alot. you should just consider moding your ps2 or getting a magic swap and getting a copy of ^c core. Is also probably gonna be hard to find competition for the wii version anyway.

anyway here a relativley simple combo that i think works for any version of chipp
s,s,hs,qcf+s,qcf+s, RC, forward+HS, qcf+p then HS followup
if your opponents in the the corner after the RC you can run up(you have to RC early and run up quite a bit) then do s,foward+p(1 hit), s, forward+p(1), s, crouching D