GGXX Combo threat


ok, i was just searching for some combos for my charas but everything i found on 10 pages of whatever were 3 or 4 combos^^

so i thought ill start this threat.

So post every combo u know for every character, and i think it will be easier to find exectly what u want.

ahm, and if theres already a athreat like this, just ignore and delete it^^


Here’s something DA GAME was practicing on Training Mode with EX Johnny:

(Full Tension Bar)Dust^sj.P>K>HSxxQCFx2+HS(once the super move ends)F+HSXXHCB,F+HS.

By looking at it it’s not much,but it does some damage on the weaker characters like Chipp & Bridget.If EX Johnny had the Mist Finer back as a special move instead of a counter,DA GAME would’ve been able to Roman Cancel it into this combo.


wow that’s cool! Im gonna use that next time Im using EX johhny in the arcade! :rolleyes:


Click on a character name - then click on “Combos”. There are still a couple of holes, but overall you can get some solid stuff for every character.


i know it, but i dont think thats everything posible =) and more people find more combos… yeah hm


I’ll start with some B&B Slayer combos:
Thing with Slayer, his combos are meant for DAMAGE. They’re mainly used to punish mistakes by the enemy, kind of like Cable’s AHVB in MVC2.
No Tension:

Dandy Step, Crosswise Heel(QCB+P or K, K), Jump and Fp(2 or 3 hits), K, dj. K, D, Footloose Journey(QCB+K)
-special note, 3 hits on big characters, just make sure they’re above your head when you do the first K.

HCB+HS, HCB, UB, HS. . . repeat until dizzy, IK
I’m not too sure about this, I really don’t depend on this to win so ask someone better than me.

K, QCF+P (a poke combo)

F+k(tap it), S, S, QCF+P
This is a link, so practice it. Not sure if you could add more S’s though.

Half Tension:

S,S,S,S, Dead on Time(HCB, F+S)

Dandy Step, Crosswise Heel(QCB+P or K, K), Jump and Fp(2 or 3 hits), K, dj. K, D, (QCBx2 + S)

Full Tension:
S,S,S,S, QCF+k, RC, S, S , Dead On Time
Undertow (HCB,F+P), RC, Dead On Time

If you don’t like the way I put everything, please ask and I will use the standard GG notation (numpad style). It’s a start though.


timeflip, what the hell are u doin using MY char ^___^?


Bah, fine I’ll play with Ky. I thought I’d had fun for a bit.

Ok, Ky combos (or at least the ones I use)

D+k, S, HS, Sacred EdgexxStun Dipper (kinda risky though) or S Stun Edge.
When I say the Stun Dipper is kinda risky, well it may hit once, then the opponent may block, but if it does combo, it gets you a knockdown, good for Ky.

S Vapor Thrust(on counter hit), S, jump cancel, K, S, dj, S, Hs, S Vapor Thrust

Close S, F+K, S, F+K, S, D+D
Ok I think that’s how it goes. It’s supposed to be a link ending a trip, and it does good damage.



i have serious problems with air combos, hmm with baiken, c.d, qcf.k jumpcancel, s(probs with timing),p,k jumpcancel (thats my prob) s,p,s,d

i dont know when to push up after the jumpcancel move in air


don’t do all that. just go 2D, 236K, JC, S, D(and FRC if you have meter for the AD, S, D).


Testament: B&B AC = j.k,j.s,JC dj.k,dj.d,dj.214p.
B&B GC = 5cs,5fs,5hs,214p
GD loop = B&B GC,RC, wait a split sec j.d,j.214p,/,2p,5hs,214p,/,5hs,214p.