GGXX: Dizzy

GGXX: Everything about Dizzy


downloaded from yua’s website

Could someone please post B&B and damage combos?

her usual BnB is a lead-in hit, usually f.P or c.K(hits low)

followed by: close.S, S, c.HS (or standing HS if the guy is pushed too far away)

then its ended with the Ice Spike

then you can FRC the Spike and follow up for more damage

Dizzy basic Combos:

Most of the combos are ended by an FRC’d icespike and it’s follow-up combos,usual starter combos:


Usual follow-ups after FRC’d ice spike:

d.HS Ice Spike(repeat until meter is out)
HS Ice Spike(same as above)
K,S, then in air K,S double jump,K,S,air dust or HS
f.HS then in air S,P,S

Some other combos:
K,S,f.P,d.HS,HCB,F S

Dizzy can play keep-away effectively with the fishes and spears.A TK’ed bubble is quite effective for pressuring or keeping your opponent at bay.

more strats to come later

oh,someone’s actually posting here.
I fucking wrote a bunch of combo here but no1’s interested; so i deleted.

Dizzy shit


grab set ups
qcb+p (it gets blocked)->grab in between hits

anti air
d (kinda slow in ggxx, better in reload)

New reload frc’s




(in air) s,p,p,p,p,hs

c.hs,qcf+hs,frc,dash in,c.hs,qcf+hs,frc,dash in,c.hs,qcf+hs,frc,dash in,c.hs,qcf+hs,frc,dash in,s,s,hs,qcf+hs

(off of frced ice spike) f+hs,jc,s,p,p,p,p,hs

(The reset of doom) (near corner)

jump in hs,k,s,s,hs,qcf+hs,frc,dash in, s,s,hs,qcf+hs,frc,dash in, f+hs,jc (jump toward enemy), (they air recover trying to escape the air combo your gonna do), grab them and throw them at the wall, land, s,s,hs,qcf+hs,frc,dash in,s,s,hs,qcf+hs

I was in a hurry there are bound to be errors

can someone post some dizzy match vids or where I can find them? The links on 2nd post are busted. usually has some. Actually there are some Dizzy vids there now. Its at the bottom of the page.