GGXX Eddie thread

Post anything you would like about Eddie strats combos. What are some good air combos and what are the best ways to connect into them. And what are all his unblockables.

eddie is a beast!

Wow, this must be the 5th or 6th thread asking for Eddie help.

Yay, good Eddies post and don’t give strats. gogo

Aight eddie strats peep game Chain saw -> Command grab set bomb ohhhhhh shat! top eddie >=X

Well, might as well start the little push. The main unblockable that everyone uses is c.D, summon eddie, shark attack while running up with a K, S, buzzsaw, Dust, S, HS, 41236 S while setting the bomb some where along the line, double jump, S as the first hit of the big drill comes, blah blah blah. A standard must air combo is to rush them in the corner so that you can setup the damned fang in the corner, trigger the Eddie drill bomb, P, double jump, Hs, D, land, sj K, HS, D. Basically you poke and rush with stuff like c. S, drills, and eddie moves, and you fly away when they hit your eddie. He’s good because he has a lot to his arsenal, and he doesn’t have any disadvantages against any character. I’m no expert, but I’m sure there’s bound to be someone that will help you.

TOP TIER… hehe…

Tell me more bout your Eddie LEETNESS :smiley:



Im getting better with him I like to go for a death fang after a drill cancel it etc… ive got my own strats and combos. This is also for other people anything eddie goes here

blah aight ;D ill post a random combo i use to this to punish sol after i bait a uppercut and have enuf for a FRC and cant summon little eddie

slash-> hs 1 hit close spike FRC run in slash 1 hit -> 6p -> sj standerd air combo.

does really good damage =]

yo i need highin combos for eddie

runer up n doo dust, they canno block very well

DEN?.. j.p X 12038023985034802982394057823490857

bestest high combo are backgroun turnning red no? That highest.

go own. -thumbs up-

how to win a match with eddie!

counterhit c.hs -> far drill frc -> iad j.hs -> iad j.d -> sj. k -> sj. s -> sj.hs -> sj.d

bye lifebar!

How does Eddie beat Chipp? :confused: :rolleyes: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

pick another character ;(

i still need to send you the footage of the finals
where it takes u like 10 mins to pick a char =/

My brain took a shit

i satill say u shoulda picked slaya and rocked chipps world make that foo see birds around his dome =0

i know ;D invincible bite!


DC’s on my feet make my cypher complete