GGXX: gamecombos' old GGXX site still up

for those of you who didn’t know. i certainly didn’t.

The web encyclopedia v2.0 is also still up:

when i tried the links on the v.2, they appeared to be broken. they still seem to be…

Hmm, you’re right. Looks like those were actaully getting pulled out of the DB. Oh well, guess we’ll have to wait for them to fix the database before we can use v2 again.

i’d say the “old site” as it stands is pretty good as a primer. what was on v2 that isn’t in v1? i can’t wait to see it.

Heh, yeah, I posted the link to it in the beginner’s thread. The only thing different about the new site was layout and the fact that the new site had more accurate char frame info and no system info at all

Thanks for the head’s up. I was in desperate need of frame data and it was consuming me.

Wait, what’s this about inaccurate frame info? Nuuuuuuu…

games/ggxx, as far as I know; has aaaaaaaaaaaaalllways been up. the /ggxx one is broken because it’s a database.


It really doesn’t matter anymore, lol. The whole bloody site is up again.

yes,the sammy center forum is now up,so that’s
that’s the best site to learn combos&strat for each char.