GGXX: General strategies


Well i just purchased ggxx…i know im late but oh well

I just wanna know the general strategies of the game…plus tips, tricks whatever…i like it alot, its pretty fun

Um stuff like the diff btw roman cancels and false romans cancels…and i keep reading about dust loops…whats that about?

I play wid sol, chipp, and i like millia, but i dont know jack shit bout the game lol and noone from my area plays it and no arcades have it…so i gotta teach myself:bluu: any info/tips are greatly appreciated:D


Go to

Go to the character laboratory and look up stuff on any characters you like.

That should help you get started.


slight problem there

gamecombos has been down for at least a week


Let’s see, read the manual for starters to know RCing, for FRCing, go to practice mode and turn on display controls. When you do a certain move and there is a blue flash, that is when you can FRC, which only takes off 25% tension. Dust Loop is for Sol and Baiken, mainly for Sol though. It’s basically the process when he constantly is sjing or jumping while hitting dust. Chipp is a beginners character as they say, but you’ll later find it hard to get past any more experience for some time. Millia is a sick, sexy, voluptuous, tight-ass, sleek thighed…ummm…oh yeah, character that is perhaps one of the best, if not 2nd (Slayer and Faust are always seemingly getting higher). Sol is your Cable basically. Aside from the dust loop, he really doesn’t have anything much. He’s the guy that you would use against scrubs for a quick game, or for sheer annoyance. My tips are getting down how to play it first. When you are comfortable enough, move onto combos.


the ggxx top 4 are Millia, Slayer, Faust, and Eddie

Eddie has NO bad match ups (he has some even matches) but is EXTREMELY DEMANDING on the execution side of things
the other three are rock, paper, scissors

Slayer = Rock
Millia = Scissors
Faust = Paper

Slayer SMASHES Millia, but Faust zones him good
Millia CUTS THROUGH Faust, but Slayer breaks her real fast
Faust COVERS Slayer, but Millia is too quick for him


:lol: :lol: :lol:
yep! i does i-no too.i’d like to play her,but mess of time…

i agree for all else you told.i hate sol but maybe for someone who just start it’s better.millia is hard to play i think and chipp is nearly impossible to play decently when you start the game.

and yeah seems actually out.but it’s not the first time so just wait a little…


thanks guys… game seems really chaotic for me, so ima have to get a lil used to it (and im a marvel player wtf:confused: )

i tried heading over to gamecombos but like someone said the site is down…so sol is like cable huh…well is there like a pattern to the dust loop? can someone list like some damaging combos that i call pull off in a match…nothing fancy…just useful? thx

and i like chipp cuz hes mad quick…reminds me of magneto lol but he takes way too much damage.

thanks again guys:D


For different characters, you should base the dust loop on different methods, kinda like how it’s much easier to do the Iron Man infinite on Juggernaut, but not on Roll. The main setup for the Dust Loop is to lift the guy a lil’ bit in the corner with stuff like the command grab, 6P, FRCed gunflame, impossible dusting, and so on. You then usually lift the guy with one-hit from the K, then 2HS, then start either with a sJCed D, D while landing to do the loop, or with a JCed D, delayed S, D while landing to initiate the loop. It takes practice to get it down and stuff, but it is not always the same per character and per way you start out the dust loop. Therefore learn to adjust and adapt to the characters. But before you do stuff, you shouldn’t overlook the important basics like safe airthrows, dash breaks, IADing, and Impossible Dusts, which will be covered by someone who is up to typing it up right now.


whats 6P? sorry but i dont understand most the abbreviations u used…im a complete newb to this game and all info will help me…i hope whoever is typing that shit up, post it up quickly lol man times like this im glad i learned marvel lol


6P = Forward + Punch.

Take a look at the Numeric Pad on your keyboard…

5 = Neutral.
6 = Forward.
4= Back.
2 = Down.
8= Up.

Note on the diagonals as well. Those should be easy to spot after you know these.

Ex: 236 = QCF Motion.

Hope I cleard that up. Becuase alot of GGXX players use terms like that.


iight thanks for the info kayin…

well i just learn sol’s dust loop…and i must say…its real damaging lol is there anyway else to connect this besides the f+p, k, d+hs setup? cuz thats the only way i can set it up…and off a gunflame… thanks again guys


After the command throw (dp K) and you could run underneath or such when close to corner, off an impossible dust, off Bandit Bringer, off a 2D, Bandit Revolver Rc after initial hit, off a counter 2D, the possibilities are endless, and unlike MvC2, this game requires you to constantly change variations and figure out things on your own.


sorry to be a nag but can u explain what an impossible dust is? and for the 2D setup for the dust loop…you have to RC it right…into the k, d+hs? or is there another way w/o burning meter?


Impossible Dust:

When you do a dust, you knock the guy up in a weird way, and you press up to do a pursuit (as stated in manual). An Impossible Dust is a method of hitting the guy somewhat after a dust, and getting your ass back down. During this state, the opponent cannot recover, and it opens new opportunities for the combos.

Ex/ Millia

D, pursuit, D, D, 236K, 2HS, air combo and reset.

Ex/ Slayer

D, TKed Spin Kick pursuit, land, S, air combo

Other characters who do not have such an ability to get them back on the ground, like Sol, would have to do a guard method. When you press two buttons together, you get the green thing around you. When you hit D, you do a slight pursuit then press the two buttons to activate the perfect guard. You hit the opponent with something, and then land. This acts like an Impossible Dust.

Ex/ Anji

D, pursuit with perfect defense, S, land, DP HS, sj K, S, D

Ex/ Sol

D, pursuit with perfect defense, D, land, 2HS, Dust loop (must be near wall).

You do not have to hold the perfect guard for more than a second, so don’t worry about taking off too much tension.

About the 2D to Bandit Revolver (1-hit) RC, Dust loop, no there is no way to do that without using tension. Either use it, or lose it. Besides, what else are you gonna spend it on?


iight coo thanks alot man


for sol you can do dust,jump,jump,aird(fast),land,jumpd,jc,sd…it works too.

and yes the dust loop is really horrible in terms of two mistakes your opponent dies.that sucks.

i don’t know how but you can start it from anywhere in the screen.i saw a vid where sol started from a corner and pusuited his opponent in all the screen to finish in the other corner in a dust loop.i don’t remember how though.


That I believe is command throw, J D, wait a lil bit, airdash, P, S, D, reach corner, dust loop. You can also add roman cancels from air dust positions depending on opponent to setup the dust loop.


i saw a vid of this he did command grab to FRC gunflame to bandit bringer run a little 2HS jump D ad K-D loop

still can’t do it though…


i saw it too and it works with few char.look at wich char it was on the vid and practice against should work.i don’t remeber who it was.

i’ve listen about gunflame ,623+frc and the throw will grab the opponent BEFORE the gun flame touch him.I never succed personnally but as the guy who told that seemed to be strong…
and it’s true i don’t play sol since a while…


I have video footage of all sols dust loops set ups back when I used to play him. PM me your aim and I will get those to you.