GGXX General System Question


Hey, I just started playing this game for a day, got some questions about the general system…

  1. Dust : what’s the point of using Dust attack (ground Dust, not crouching Dust sweep or air Dust) in an actual game when ppl can see it from a mile away (since they are so slow) and either block or counter easily? I know it sets up for air combos and all but it doesn’t seem too useful.

  2. Light attacks in combos : seems to me light attacks (light punch and light kick) in combos decrease the final damage instead of the other way around, I’ve actually heard about this before too, before I played the game. So is there any point to using light attacks in combos? and say for the air combos (from Dust), why do 4~5 light attacks when you can just do 1~2 or even one and go straight for Slash or Heavy Slash for more damage?


I’m beginning to play this game on a regular basis as well (so I guess that makes me an experienced novice :slight_smile: ) Anyway, dust attacks are indeed very hard to connect & even dangerous if done at wrong time. I feel the best time to pull one off is after your opponent does a move with a huge lag, other wise it should be avoided.

As for the combos, I’ve noticed that too. However I wouldn’t say that they are useless. Doing a few punches or kicks in a row can help keep your opponent at bay, thus they won’t be so quick to counter. Also because they come out faster than a S or HS, you won’t have to much a punishement for whiffing it or having it blocked. Only real problem with setting up comboes with multiple P & K is your opponent can easily use a Burst to break the combo.

Perhaps someone more experienced can add in to this!


Dusts are mainly used against people who block too much; since you have to block a s.D high you can get it off on opponents who are overly defensive.


Depending on your character, Dust’s can be more or less useful. You can attempt to “hide” Dust attacks behind projectiles. You can also combo them in certain cases with counterhits or off staggers or by using projectiles.

Almost all crouching K’s lessen damage, and crouch P’s do as well. Usually it’s the crouch K’s that adjust combo damage to 70% of normal due to the relative ease of connectivity. Low P’s usually correct dmg by about 80%. While it’s smarter to start combos off non-damage-correcting moves, sometimes the situation requires you use a quick attack to hit the opponent (as the slower, more powerful move may be blocked).

For pressure strings, there’s nothing wrong with using the light attacks, especially for hit-throws and setting up guessing games. However, if you get a free combo opportunity, it’s best to start off with a move that has no damage correction like most chars stand K (which is usually fast as well) or S attacks.