GGXX Help - Chipp

I’ve been trying to do this combo with chipp. Here’s how it works (Needed full tension gauge):

I started off by doing 632146+HS, RC after 6th him immediatly, then follow up with jump kkkk, double jump kkkk, triple jump kkkk, just before the opponent landed, Gamma blade and follow up with a last second combo.

Is this combo any useful?

I only play GG casually, so take what I say with a grain of salt, but I think the combo might be kinda meh. IIRC Zanzei Roga (the 632146+HS) has some hella damage scaling, and the 50% tension would basically go to waste. It looks DAMN cool though.


@Dice: It is 100% tension.

I know, I was just saying that though Zanzei Roga does spiffy damage by itself, RCing it gains you very little. Sorry 'bout that.

I’ve found that a lot of combos in GGXX look hot - but the damage just isn’t worth the pain of execution or the waste of tension.

LOL, yeah, switching from KOF and CVS to GG, I kept thinking, “Whoa, they have how many combo vids on youtube? For individual characters? DAMN!”

I actually tried that combo and when I did it the first time, I took out about more than half of my opponent’s life bar (Even though I was practicing in Training mode.) But, you guys might be right, wasting tension to RC at the very end of the Zanzei Roga might be a problem. Any Combos I should be aware of?

someone posted a good bnb in the last thread you made.

Chipp is more focused on mix ups than combo damage any ways. Learn how to work his mind games and pokes to win matches. I’m not very good at the game so I can’t help you a ton but yeah. Dont worry about trying to do the most damaging combos so much since Chipp has to waste a lot of meter to do a lot of damage any ways (like that combo you mentioned in your first post). You’ll need that meter for your teleport mind games and RC mix ups. He’s more focused on working up the guard meter so when you do damage it adds up.

I understand the concept of using Chipp’s Teleport Mind games. Is there any combos that could be useful with teleporting into combos and moves?

Also, In arcade mode, when I fought Boss I-no, I have a bit of a hard time evading the Megalomania attack that she often pulls off in the battle. Is there any way I can dodge it?

Teleports lead into combos but you can’t use them to continue combos. Again…they’re mind games. If you’re looking for a more combo oriented character with a frentic playstyle…I would suggest Millia. Once you learn her she has a lot of ways of doing half life combos and can continue with serious pressure afterwards and is just as fast as Chipp. I just pick Chipp because he’s cool looking and has really good pokes and he’s a ninja and all that stuff. He’s definitely not a charater I would pick for his combos because…a lot of them aren’t that damaging and he’s really just more mind games than anything. Really fun mind games. His combos usually do more damage after you raise the guard meter and generally create momentum to take off chunks of health.

Oh and can anyone teach me how to FDC with Chipp (jump in mind games)? That would be a good addition to my mix up game.

Thanks for the advice, DJ01. I take that in consideration since I’ll probably be participating at a tournament at Yasumicon in Miami.

I also tried using May in Training mode and I did a massive combo (I didn’t know how I did it (except for the fact that i did two giant whale supers in the combo.)) that took about 286 damage (Yes, I was in training mode when it told me the damage.) would May be a good choice for heavy damage?

As for Millia, I was impressed with what I could do using her. Is there any good combo I need to know when using her?

Also, Is there any way to combo a character into an instant kill with anyone?

fuzzy gaurd anybody? hahahaha…

You need to put “Recovery” on during practice mode, or your combos don’t mean anything…