GGXX:How do you kill "Sol" with millia?


What moves of hers counter his normals and specials? Also, how should she be played to keep sol from his main strategies?


I think this thread is misplaced. It belongs in the Strategy and Tactics forum. It needs more GGX/XX representation in there :slight_smile:


ummm, no, there’s rules AGAINST posing strats for NON-SF games there


What a nazi. It’s not like the description of the forum says there’s anything against it.

Look here for tips and techniques to improve your fighting skills.

It’s useless trying to debate it, though. He has power as a mod, but that one rule is stupid. :bluu:

Oh yeah, grandabx, I’m not sure if you read the Gamecombos forum, but their Sammy forum is pretty good for the GGXX shit.


Grand, you talk about being original, but this is pathetic! What’ s wrong, can’t beat him yourself!? Ha! Plus who said that I’m gonna be using him as my only character for long…:evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

My Sol can whoop your Millia anytime, anywhere, anyplace.


Really? Then why couldn’t you get a single round on her the other day? You’re a spazz kid! Attention everyone: He just does moves “just because he can”. There’s absolutely no logic to his playing style. Talking about he can beat me when he keeps begging for me to train him. NO I won’t train you you half monkey half panther! You’ll remain a scrub all your life if you wait for me to train you. All the times I’ve beaten you you should have brain damage by now. Stop running to the corner, jumping up and using hardslash/roundhouse. learn how to really play loser!:lol: :lol: :lol:


power up your IK
bait sol into doing a fireball, and destroy him:evil:


iks are remarkably inefficient
millia already has the tools to kill sol without use of the IK
besides, when you turn on IK mode, sol will just turtle while your life drops


“GGXX:How do you kill “Sol” with millia?”

Simple, you can’t. Fades out with evil laughter


To kill Sol with millia you simply hit sol until he dies! =O!!


i was being sarcastic
potempkin owns all