GGXX: I-no Big Hat, Big Guitar, Big Boobs

well, figured since I couldn’t find any threads pertaining to the mammary endowed rock star witch (and I looked 4 pages back too!) I’d make one myself.

Anything to say about her? Kinda curious as to why she’s considered lower middle. I like her dash…a lot…it’s like morrigans and the fact that you can air chain makes hi-lo games pretty devestating. Add the 6p, HS, jc combos afterwards, and you get yourself some decent damage.

I saw a japanese vid with something like this going on in the corner vs. bridget.

d k, 2k, 6p, hs, jc, hs, 632146k, FRC, dash forward, hs, dive kick thingie, land, rejump, k, s, hs, 632146k

not sure if that is exactly it.

Anyways, tips and strats?

I play I-No a lot, and to me her main weakness is just due to lack of coverage (note I said coverage, not cleavage, because the second is absolutely not true). As long as a character stays in the air against I-No, her whole high/low game becomes difficult to implement. And she has no real way to punish those in the air greatly. At least, not that I’ve found so far. I find that if a character can attack from far away (a la a Dizzy) and stay in the air for most of the fight, I have huuuuge trouble fighting against it.

But then again, if anyone can tell me otherwise, please do. :slight_smile:

  • James

I also find characters with good wakeup moves hurt her alot as well. If i-no isnt rushing she is dying.

I-No was my first pick for GGXX and I still enjoy playing her but she has too many holes in her design (absolutely no pun intended) .
Her dash seems great at first in a Morrigan sort of way , but honestly she doesn’t have the option for a good crouching offensive attack so you are left with rushing high attacks . Her crouching kick has limited range and doesn’t really set her up for anything overly damaging combo wise so low attacks are very limited . I think she would have been much better if her dash allowed her to cross-up her opponet with a HS but unfortunately hitting anything with HS while airborne is very difficult .

I tend to abuse the qcb+P music note and guide it at varying heights to keep pressure on them between rushes .

Her anti-air is weak and her supers are very limited in uses .

I think she is a very cool character but I get the feeling she was an overpowered beast in the games beta stages and ended up on the recieving end of a severe surgical procedure to tone her down .


I find the blob is good for stopping those characters that just stay higher than you, it never hits them, but it “slows” them, letting you get in a better spot or out of harms way…

About Dizzy…

The person I most often play GGXX with plays Dizzy a lot, and uses a LOT (A LOT!) of her projectiles, getting around them is sort of tough… but not always…

As you probably know, the blob stops most of Dizzy’s projectiles (except that DAMNED air-spike, which it sort of “slows” down, which is also pretty good…)
Anyway, in my experience against dizzy, the best way to get past the projectiles (usually the person I play throws a air-spike, and when you are sort of temporarily helpless, throws the 3-hit delayed biting fish)… is to… dash, dash break, fall just after first projectile, iad over the second projectile… and that gets you close to her (those projectiles have slowww recovery), but I don’t think you can do the normal iad. K, S, H / S, H iad K, S, H / S,H,ChemLove… maybe you can. I’m pretty slow, and Dizzy’s pretty short, so I don’t know. :slight_smile:

If you’re closer, well, chem love, dash and whack, whatever works…not really an issue.

That spinny large circle-deal… haven’t really figured out a way around that… but it’s pretty slow and you can usually just jump over it, I never usually gain any ground though…
Most of my issues against Dizzy are with her stupidly fast air pokes, but again, that can be stopped if you blob before hand… FRC’ing the blob is pretty important, though, since Dizzy has dbl dashing

Also, her iad.K,S,H, / whatever you want here, is SO fast… blows my mind. Not that safe, though, since there’s no dash brake…

I have an I-No FAQ up, but it’s sort of useless for this type of thing so far… I need to put some more work into it and make it at a more competitive level. :slight_smile: If there are some goodies in this thread I might add them to the FAQ…

Also interesting to note that EX I-No has that vertical Chem Love that deals with what jchensor said… I never realized that until now.

Hope this made sense.

Also, seeing how chensor is a strat/combo demi-god, I probably can’t really help, or everything I said has been tried. :slight_smile:

pffft… Whatever. ^^ In GGXX, believe me, I’m a scrub like anyone else. ^^

I’ll try more IAD’s, though. It’s something I don’t utilize enough, and I can see how it would be really good to get around stuff Dizzy does if you can make it over her projectiles to catch her in her delay.

  • James

Also, if you’re in range, HCF+S/HS goes under almost EVERYTHING… leaves some good oppurtunities, also.
RC -> iad K,S,HS / c.S s.HS iad…etc etc loop

EDIT: I’ve even seen her sword-spike thing go under the blunt of Tyrant Rave (!!)

d k, 2k, 6p, hs, jc, hs, 632146k, FRC, dash forward, hs, dive kick thingie, land, rejump, k, s, hs, 632146k

… that should work, as it is. I’ll try it this weekend when I get my stick >.<!
Dive kick with Slash, methinks…

Dash up short xx air super (blocked), land, low hit = UNBLOCKABLE. Even though you can Dead Angle it, maybe even FD to get away, it still works. I’ve seen the japanese do the 41236 + S after the super if they use faultless defense. Most likely it counters the pushback.


I-no having weak anti-air? F+P goes through so many things it’s not even funny. Weak anti-air my ass. And she has some of the best supers in the game. Both of her supers are extremely effective on both offense and defense. As defense against air attacks, you can instant air her air super (Genkai Fortissimo) and it works as a huge shield. Or you can use F+P as anti-air and combo to her ground super (Madogiwa Desperate). If either of these hit, then you get to follow up afterwards with a short combo (j.S to Chemical Love after the air super works, or just Chemical Love after the ground super). Since both supers are fast on execution and cover good space, they work very well on defense. If the opponent blocks, they are stunned for long enough that you can start I-no’s dash mixup. On offense, dash K to the air super is incredibly good and can also set up a guard break as noted earlier. On hit you get a free combo afterwards. You can also combo the ground super easily after a sweep and follow up (Chemical Love outside of corner, in corner use s.HS to juggle, then j.HS to Chemical Love). On block, you again get a chance to start your dash offensive.

i have the hardest time pulling off the airdash after 632146k in the air.

I didn’t know f.P worked as anti air… it looks too low.

And yeah, I can’t pull off dashing after Chem love on a pad… when I get my stick, I expect it to be muccch easier… :slight_smile:
What goes after it tho? Best case scenario, loop a K,S,H, Chem Love again…
But usually, only HS -> chem love after (although that actually does a lot of damage…)

If f-P is her AA then it’s new to me…I’ll try it out since I’m very willing to learn anything productive about I-No .

I think her air super is her best but it does have limited uses . It covers a wide range and is instantaneos but will do nothing for you past 1/2 screen . her ground super is in the same general group except it covers a small area and still is useless beyond 1/2 screen .
I’m used to playing with Bridget now so I know a good super when I see it :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW…what is iad ?
I’m unfamiliar with the term .


iad = instant air dash

Bridget’s bear is nutso good… man… don’t get me started. :slight_smile:

Yeah, for most characters, Toward + Punch makes their upper-half of their body invincible. So many people can use it as anti-air, esp. guys like Johnny and Bridget, both who can go into huge damaging Combos off of those (esp. Bridget). My problem is that I’m not used to it yet. I have no intuition in my mind to tell me to hit Towards + Punch when someone Jumps at me. In my subconscious, that’s still a formula to die, since that’ll get you killed int any SF game. :stuck_out_tongue:

But in GGXX, it’s really good, and I need to remember that. So I’ll definitely keep trying it with I-No, 'cause it’s true: her Towards + Punch is a very good Towards + Punch (some characters don’t have such good anti-airs with Towards + Punch).

I wanna keep giving I-No a chance, but it’s so hard when I play against people who run the whole fight. How do you catch someone who stays away from I-No all day? It’s really hard for me to track them down, esp. since I have no normal dash. She just feels slow to me.

  • James

I know what you mean. I have some troubles against Eddie, everything he puts out feels like a wall.
If you FRC and blob and go with it (like sol’s uber Gunflame FRC), you can get pretty damn close to anyone.

I’ve seen some people use her QCF+P/K/S as a poke and to get close… I haven’t mastered that, though, too easy to get nailed when I do it.

Ino is hard

lonley is right keep her on the offensive, her ride is no joke. Also the range on her grab is at the least insane. Its hard to beat her without pickin her! And yes thats a really big ass… hat. peace

OMFG, i just posted a page of strats and defence tips, but my fucking cookies screwed up, dont ask how.
So i’ll just post the most useful stuff.

Air defence options:
-Her kick/slash in air has descent priority so you can just jump with either of those and surprise them.
-Electrick kick
-Tiger-knee qcf+hs(have to do early cuz it doesn’t have good priority at startup)

Ground defence options:
-Electrick kick
-Her best pokes to use are F+P, s.k, c.hs. IMO c.hs is the best, descent range and good priority, also fast.

I only use her air super, never the ground one. They are exactly the same thing, except her ground only attacks vertically, the range is exactly the same. Air is faster, way more damage and has potential to follow up with combos. If you want to utilize her air super to the max, you have to learn to tiger knee it. The motion is qcf, hcb+s, you tiger knee the hcb+s, not the qcf. This can be used for both against ground and air defence. It will most likely hit on a counter, so you can follow up with combos after.

After repeating 1/4 of what i did firstly, i think that u guys meant that her defence on wake up sucks, because then i do agree with u guys. Nothing she has is instant so if you’re getting rushed, best thing to do is block…UNLESS…btw, this only works if the opponent is rushing from the ground, actually sometimes it might work against a jump-in too. Her air move, qcf+s goes at a 45 degrees (i assume) angle down. If you can tiger knee this move on wake-up, you will most likely hit them. Just work on your timing with this trick. I need to work with this a little more though, just found it out yesterday, so i need to find out what stuff beats this out.

Anyways hope this helps :wink:

(corner) f.P, HS XX Longing Desperation, d.S -> HCB,f.K

… is a damn good reason to use her ground super. 200pts+, usually well over 50%, and the combo doesn’t have to end there, and there are other ways of doing it.

Also, I’d say her best poke is c.S… crazy range. s.K and c.HS are also good, like you said…

just wondering,
is her name pronounced “ee-no” or “ai-no”?

I posted her unblockable a few posts above.

I have a lot of trouble vs. Cano2k’s I-no. Whenever he thinks I’m trying to run he’ll do a Chemical Love to knock me down. Then he throws a fullscreen blob (so it does more hits and keeps me pinned) and rushes at me. That woman spends too much time in the air:

dash up ->
a) kick, slash, dust (you can easily react if the dust hits into a super) 3 high attacks.
b) kick, land, throw or low hit.
b) kick, super, land low hit (her unblockable, nulled by FD I think) If they’re expecting it from you just dash up again and hit them.

Remeber that 41236 + S/HS hits LOW.