GGXX: I-no combos and strategy


i-no is my favorite of all the new characters in ggxx (bridget was until i found out ‘she’ was a guy :frowning: ) … anyone else use her??? ive never seen anyone else use her but me… basically all i do is abuse the green ball projectile from across the screen and dash in. any good follow ups for her hcf+s/hs move? i love her dash :eek: !


That’s the move that staggers when it hits right?
Well, if you hit that, you can try to connect with her 6P - HS
After that, air combo that shit.

I suggest: j.HS, 632146K, FRC, airdash forward, j.HS, 236S, (land, then jump) j.K, j.S 632146K.

Or something along those lines. It is DEFINITELY worth learning the timing on I-no’s FRC for 632146K. In the air, it opens up high damage combo opportunities like you would NOT believe.
Speaking of FRCs, you could FRC her 41236s/hs. It’s hard to get used to, but with good timing, you can catch an opponent guarding with this FRC, and then throw them with little or no resistance.


nice ! does anyone know what the timing is like on the FRC for her 632146+K move? i heard the timing is along the lines of a roll cancel in cvs2…


The FRC timing is pretty tight on her hcb, f+k, so I’d save it for bigger combos. The FRC is right when she splits her legs.
…that sounded dirty.
Anyway, her B&B air combo is f+p - close s.slash - Jump Cancel - j.s - Jump Cancel -dj.s - dj.hs -> hcb,f+k.
164 damage on Johnny, it’s a pretty damn strong combo.
El Kabong combo(thank tragic for this):
Corner Johnny. Close s.slash - s.hardslash - Instant Air Dash(s.hs is jump cancellable, and you can just do uf, f to do the air dash from the jump cancel. Timing is super tight, but it’s been done a lot) - j.k - j.s - j.hs - land - close s.s - s.hs - Instant Air Dash - j.k - j.s - j.hs - repeat until you’re too far away to do the combo. A good finisher after you land is close s.s - f+p -> hcb,f + k.