I kinda new to the game and I want to see some combo vids of I-no if their are any. Thanks in advanced. :o

I wouldnt say that the FRC Chemical Love is unreliable. I do it about 95% of the time no problem and that is just being realistic - it seems like more than that. I will say that it can be hard to compete at high levels without the high damage potential of her CL FRC combos, although its far from impossible. FRCs are nothing more than timing, comes with practice. Venom also has a 2F frc and he uses his just as much if not more than I-no does(#R venom).

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ttp:// has a ton of I-no short I-no combo/strat vids you can download. apart from that, i would go on IRC and try to find a few match vids or combo vids. They should have something you could learn from. Also, the combos on this site are all #R combos, although they should all work in XX.

If you want some substantial, reliable damage, just combo the dash- HS into 6HS it’s easy and does some 130 odd damage. it’s not dust-loop level damage, but it’s hefty, meterless, easy, and most importantly, pretty safe.

oh, and she has tons of combos into super, learn as many as you can. My strategy with Ino is to go for about 3-5 solid, smaller combos than to ever really try to land one huge one. And throws, personally, I think mastering I-no’s throw game is more important than mastering her CL frc combos. Learn to steer her musical note into places that make your opponent absolutely miserable. And try throwing out the 236H as close to the top of Sol’s Gunflame as possible without getting hit by it, it really messes with his game, even if he frc’s.

lol i agree i find hader the frc in#r(or it’s just different so i don’t get it very well yet) but it’s really possible.what i just find hard is cl,cl+frc(=632146k,632146+frc)
axl’s 46s is 2 frames and my friend get it perfectly.
ky’s 6k,s is 2 frames(if opponent’s crouching) as well and i get it really well.if you’re lazy in ggxx you’ll never be a good player imo…or just play sol,etc…

cave man do you know how much frames is it to frc the cl in#r?(just to make me an idea)

As far as I know, it is still 2 frames to frc the CL in #R. The hard thing about the CL frc is that it is ambiguous at first. Atleast with axl, sol, eddie, alot of other characters…its pretty easy to understand where you must frc. For me, the CL was alot different. But once you get a feel for the timing, it will all come together.

And if you want reliable damage without frcs, I would definately stick to your b&b combos( 2K, 6P, 5H, [j.H,] CL or dash K, land, S, 6P, H, [j.H, ] CL or dash S, 6P, 5H, [j.H,] CL etc) and use your meter for comboing into supers and frcing the note(much easier than the CL) for mixups. Dash H, 6H is an easy powerful combo, but i wouldnt call it reliable due to the height j.H has to be used at to completely execute. Its too telegraphed to conncect unless they whiff a move. But you can use this in your favor by sometimes purposely using dash H so it doesnt execute and going for a high/low/throw mixup into her b&bs. If you were to connect dash H however, you would be better to follow up with 6P, H, (j.H,) CL.

in her B&Bs, I would choose to omit the j.H part of I-nos B&B because they will not be able to tech, and you can throw a note to control space or force them to block and potentially follow up for another mixup.

I agree with madboymanic, you should focus on her throw game. Its her best defense besides supers. Her throw has alot of priority.

there is a I-no combo movie here ttp:// that was recently released i think. It shows some of the things we have been talking about like crossups (the SJ FDC j.S crossup at 1:05) and the empty j.H, throw at 2:48 and lots of 632146K, 632146PKS, 632146PKS

hey caveman, what do those brackets around the jumping normals such as [j.H] signify?

I just put those brackets there to show you dont have to use H, j.H in the combo because it can be difficult to conncect depending on range. So instead of dash K, S, 6P, H, j.H, CL you would just do dash K, S, 6P, H, CL

Personally, I connect with D.H alot. it’s a great thing to to against wakeup, if you whiff, or if it’s blocked, you can go into high low mixups. I get a pretty significant chunk of my damage with Ino using D.H, once you learn the hight, it’s incredibly easy to figure out when to stop holding dash to make the whole thing work from just about any distance. Hell, I can pull it off fullscreen if I get a safe dash-in. Plus, if you throw the mikestand and it gets blocked, you’re safe, and you can generally keep the momentum going in your favor.

Nice. The j.H itself just rarely connects for me, but as long as you are dealing damage with it its all good. For me, the damage dealing comes before the j.H (2K/throw if it whiffs) or after they block it. Most people just block high as soon as they see the animation for dash H which makes the other options hit more often. On wakeup or when they are locked down with a note, it is pretty good. That is when I use dash H stuff mainly. But even then the dash H itself rarely lands unless they try to jump or mistime a reversal.

Also, if you are connecting with dash H all the time, try going into 6P combos afterwards. You can still get a throw if you whiff the dash H by option selecting her 6P with a throw. So just do dash H, 6P+H and on block/hit you will chain into 6P and if you whiff the dash H, you will throw as long as you are in range. The 6P combodeals more damage and is even safer than 6H. Even though it is not as fast, the range you gain is a good trade off.

p.s. everyone check out the vid at

Just a note on the d.H it’s really easily punishable if they are fully mobile when you start it. learn the distances for when it connects soonest, and try not to just dash around throwing it all day, it takes a while before it hits, so the best time to do it is against wakeup or when you’ve locked them down with a note.

Random I-no trick: Against some characters, if you land the 6p, s.H, CL combo in the corner, and miss the FRC, you can still hit with both hits of the mikestand for a whopping 171 damage!!!

that’s pimp, so I guess you could do CL->frc right after?

I dont think so, they recover after the second hit of the mikestand, you’d have to RC it, but hell, if you did, you could start most of the combo over again…

  1. What is the use to the 41236+S/HS?
  2. what are some of her anti air moves?
  3. what is the motion for Tiger knee CL?
  4. what are some useful chains into her 2363214S super?

this is all for #r, btw! thx!

This is the only one I know since other characters use it, anyway it’s 632149S. Instead of just pressing forward after HCB, tap diagnol up.

41236 S/H or “stroke the big tree” as it’s called, is a pretty damn useful move. It’s fast, goes under a bunch of stuff, hits low, staggers, and isn’t as punishable as Sol’s Grand Viper. It combos into super or 2S-> CL FRC combos, did I mention it’s fast? Plus, the H variety is FRCable for some crazy throw setups. and who doesn’t like those? Oh, and you can kinda combo them into themselves like Slayer’s dogbite, it’s only good for 2 or 3 hits, but it’s free damage and it gives you a second to plan your next move. Plus, it’s a garaunteed hit after a throw, so you can close the gap…

Edit: Oh, and you can do some crazy stuff off of a counter hit with it.

thanks for the tips.

more questions!

i notice in several combos, after cl is frc’d, the player is required to IAD.

How am i supposed to do this? just hit right/left twice after the cl is frc’d? I would test this myself but i find it next to impossible to frc the cl. Thanks.

  1. as someone has already mentioned, 41236S/H have an extremely useful ultra low tech crouch property. The S version is also useful in block strings like 2H, slide cause unless they IB or super, they will be hit if they try to move or attack. They are also useful if you want to escape/punish someone’s IAD barrage since I-no doesnt always have an AAA for that situation.

2)For anti air, i use 6P, j.P, 5K, air throw, TK CL, slide, supers. All of these have to be spaced properly. Learn to use her air throw as anti air alot and always option select it with FD. I-no has a good throw so learn the nuances of it.

3)as someone else said, 6321469K you can also do a quick 360 forward for a CL which may work better for you.

4)you can combo any of her jumping attacks into super and any of her JCable attacks into supere except for P. I use her air super more for defense/crossups than offense, so i dont use it in combos very often unless it will finish them off.

regarding the CL FRC, its not too hard once you understand the method. just do CL, foward+frc, forward. so in essence, you are buffering your air dash in with the frc. As an example you could do 6P, H, j.H, CL, 6PKS,6, (airdash), j.H, CL or what ever extension you would like. Also, this works alittle differently if you happen to JI the chemical love. In that case, you would have to do forward,forward+FRC. So here would be a combo that hs both methods in it: P/K/S dive, P,K, JI CL, 66PKS, (airdash), 236P, H, TK CL, 6PKS6, j.H, CL
For the most part, you will use the 6PKS6 method as JI CL combos/pressure arent used as much.

Also, for TK and JI Chemical Loves, I only use the 360 method, it works best for me. Just seems like it is easier to judge the correct height when TKing the CL since you can just change the speed of the 360. Like the last combo: dive, P,K, fast 360K, 66PKS, 236P, H, slow 360K, 6PKS6, j.H, CL.

what exactly is the TK? not familiar with the notation?

Oh, and for anyone new to the thread, there’s some more great I-no stuff here: