GGXX: instant kills


does it seem to you that sol and ky’s instant kills seem significantly better than the rest of the characters?
true they still aren’t easy to pull off…
but most characters’ instant kills have either zero range (zappa, may, i-no, etc.?) or extremely slow and easy to see coming (slayer, venom, johnny, etc.?)…
sol’s instant kill if i remember correctly is this anti-air type of move… i don’t have the game to try now so i’m not sure how easy it is to knock him out of it or block it… but it seems to at least have somewhat of a use…
and ky’s instant kill if i remember correctly is this full screen sword jab thing… that covers quite a lot of range though true not hard to block at all.

the reason i say this is… they say you can instant kill them when they are dizzy… but with characters like zappa (who has the coolest instant kill IMO), they’re probably gonna mash out of the dizzy before you can even run over and pull out the move. but with like ky (say you activate fast enough as soon as you see their dizzy signals while they are still in air), you can just do it from far away and it can hit them before they mash out of dizziness.

so does anyone ever really incorporate instant kills into their real game strategies?


all IK are sorry to begin with, but Sol has onr of the worst…if your opponent is slumped when he/she is dizzies, his IK won’t hit them…they must be standing…Ky is ok…best to set up after Charge Stun Edge…


Sol’s IK is shit, one of the worst IKs in the game. It looks like anti-air, but the damn thing has a fucked-up hitbox that only hits at his knee or something. It can be blocked in the air, even WITHOUT using FD, making it even more useless as anti-air. Not to mention the horrendous startup time, making it impossible to use on reaction for AA (you have to anticipate). And finally, it sails over most dizzied people because they stoop, making it even more worthless. Bah.

Oh yeah, while we’re at it, Zappa’s IK is a throw, and thus unblockable. See how that compares to Sol’s shit.


the best IK is Eddie


Eddie IK has zero range and is blockable. It’s invulnerable high for a short bit, making it decent anti-air, but definitely not the best IK.


but it’s good cause when your Eddie are there…if ppl jumps toward and try to do any moves.
Use it as anti-air.
And May’s IK is good too.
It’s a throw and May will also move.
so whenever you oppoent jumps to you,just do it cause when he land…boom…Destory


Then don’t jump at Eddie when he has IK on. He can’t threaten you with it at all, and he can’t jump at you either because he can’t FD anything anymore. He also loses the FRC for his moves and the RC, so he becomes much easier to fight. His IK is not threatening.


I-NO’s and Justice’s IK looks the best.


Baiken’s IK is interesting because she actually runs and won’t stop running until she reaches the other wall. I’m not sure exactly what kind of properties it has (if it can be airblocked) but the hitbox is ridiculous. I once caught a Dizzy that was jumping quite aways over my head with it.


So youll go that far to win huh? Play against me next time. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


Fuck that, you use Faust!

Anyway, IKs are still kind of shitty all around. Baiken’s is not really any different, just pointing out an interesting property that hers has.


im acctualy probably gonna have to go with ky haveing the best instant kill. No instant kills are really usefull, as in makeing starts for them to much(theres a couple tricks ive seen for some like johnny however). But kys is just good, i guess it does what its supposed to do. Its fast and the charge up time is fast. If the opponent is EVER dizzy there should be no way for the to live. Kys instant kill just goes to far and charges up to fast for a person to mash out of it correctly, if you see the opponent get dizzy. Other then that hmm not much use, but it does its job.


Potemkin has the top 3 best IK.
His is a counter, stops anythign except a projectile.
and has a HUGE hit box.
May’s and Zappa’s and the top two.
and some ppl have found set ups for them. sol’s and ky’s are HORRIBLE, and ur not a true GGXX player if u think they are the best.


Axl’s and Anji’s IK has fantastic range


Axl’s and Anji’s IK has fantastic range)))))

but u can see them a mile away


actually, potemkin’s is an actual hit NOT a counter

still, it turns him into a big brick of priority


All of this talk about IKs. The best IK in the game is Eddie’s sweep near the corner. Don’t have to press 4 buttons and you get the same effect :lol:


Is Millia’s IK any good…Plus i hear when you see a glow on the screen, it becomes unblockable… but it takes a long time to appear… is this true…?


Personally I’ll agree with FINAL SHOWDOW and say that Ky probably has the best IK, just because of the speed and range. Second would be Zappa because if the fact thatit’s a throw that stays out for about a full second, and can be perfectly ticked into with the dog. After that… Justice’s ig ok cause it’s fast… but you can’t use him :frowning: . I-no’s is the coolest (ROCK ON!), Potemkin’s doesn’t outprioritize supers… got hit but Ride the Lighting trying it. Eddie or Bridget have the worst because of the zero range and blockability of them. MAy’s isn’t very good because it comes out too slow. Ok, that’s my 2 cents.


My view of IK’s are this: In the first game, they were a lot better and you won the match, not round. That’s why they called it INSTINT KILL!! I’m playing GGXX and the IK’s on it are alright. Sure it’s eye candy, but in a match with a human opponent, it’s useless and a good way to lose your burst bar or whatever that shit is. I noticed that once you activated IK, you’re glowing red (like in the first game) whoever, you cannot perform infinite supers like in GG1. I guess the programmers thought it through when they added the new elements and shit.

I hate I-NO!! Is there a way to stop that damn guitar move, cuz that shit is mad chip damage! I tried IK’s, supers, attacking in her preparation stance, etc… nothing seems to work. If it wasn’t for that damn move that she pulls off almost 3 times a round, she wouldn’t be a problem. Lastly, are there any infinite vids out?