Ggxx : Jam

im sorta new to the game but i have played it for some time and seems to me that i like using jam. so i need help from everybody who knows how to use jam. if possible can you guys give me some vids about jam thanx.

Hmm, she’s one of those not too popular characters to work with but can be deadly. Right off the bat you will notice that she is a character that really relies on close-hand competitor. The difference between her and other close characters is that she does not have anything that makes the guy lock up and get intimidated (Slayer with his bite loop, Baiken with her dust stuff). However, she does have a nice little trick that should intimidate the opponent. Her slide move causes a nice stun as well as a good mixup for her charges or her combos. I believe she also has a reversal or something like that, and she has a BS thing with a RCed pillar hyper combo. What you want to do with her is rush down like crazy. You SHOULD not throw out random moves like the 236K because her moves do not give her a 100% safety situation. Because I don’t really use her that much, I cannot help too much, nor give you anything incredibly advanced. When gamecombos is up, look up for Chaotic Blue Threads. That guy knows his Jam stuff.

Important normals, in no particular order:

6P- upper body invincibility, beat out pokes, combos, anti-air
jP- decent priority, quick. Pressure and combos
5K- hits low, chains into a lot of stuff.
2K- hits low, chains into a lot of stuff, a bit more range than 5K, prorates
5S©- JCable, combo starter
5S(f)- JCable, bufferable, chains… lots of options off this
2S- fast, great priority, stagger on CH, a few chains (2K and 2D are the important ones)
jS- launches, JCable
2H- allows for ground combos to kick chain without a launcher
jH- great priority, crosses up, bufferable
5D- hard to see, fast for a Dust (24 frame start-up)
2D- JCable, quick, bufferable
jD- bufferable, decent priority, wall-bounce on CH

Other noteworthy normals-
6K- forces standing on a hit
6H- crazy priority, RC into combo. Can be thrown by opponent even on a hit,
except CH on the 2nd hit, in which case you can combo.

Important specials:
236K- combos
2369K- combo off of sweep, RC into air combo
214K- overhead, dropping down fast, possible air combo on CH
j2K- overhead, mixups, RC into air combo
236S- mixups…
-P: throws
-K: low hit, combos
-S: more or less safe
-H: “mixup,” also a decent AA
46(catch)- defense, also Burst Cancel (parry, Burst FDC)
22K/S/H- powerups, increase damage, also bait things to parry

Pressure strings:
dash 5K, repeat
dash 5K/2K > 2S > 2K > 2S
dash 5K/2K > 5S© > 5H…

  • > 5D
  • > 2D
  • XX 236S
    whatever into 5S(f)…
  • IAD
  • JC, j2K
  • > 2D
  • XX 236S
    whatever into 2D…
  • IAD
  • JC, j2K
  • XX 236S

IAD pressure-
crossup iad2K
crossup iadH

That’s just some generic stuff. She has a bunch of tricks, mess around with all her options and figure stuff out.

The thing about Jam is that she doesn’t have a ton of different options, but almost all of them flow together- if you move fast, it’s really hard for most people to tell what you’re gonna do next.

Whoops, I guess I didn’t put the BS glitch how to. Okay.

BS Jam Pillar Glitch:
xxPillar, RC the first hit, 2HS, 236K, DPK, 236K. Does about 236 damage. When used with a 22HS and two 22K, does about 326 damage. Total BS. However, It is a thing that shouldn’t be abused randomly because it takes up all of your tension.

That’s not a glitch. The 1st hit of the pillar sets base damage to 200%.

Yeah, but there really isn’t any other move in the game that does that.

Not really… The 2nd (or 1st, dont really remember) hit of Dizzy’s Gammy Ray prorates 200%, so if you can magically get that to trade with another attack, opponent == dead. Of course, the move is already useless, so no one really cares.

I’m new to the game also and I was wondering how Jam fairs against the top-tier in this game. Looking at the tier thread in Gaming Discussion, I want to know why she’s ranked towards the bottom of the middle tier. I enjoy playing her a lot but I don’t know if I should invest all my time with her.

Two other questions:

  1. Is there a GGXX resource I can go to since Gamecombos is down?

  2. Will GGXX#R be released in the U.S. arcades?

XX Jam is a novelty item.

Reload Jam is a force… much more worth your time.

It really just depends on how much you like her. But in my personal opinion, I wouldnt get my hopes up- and she is definately not the best beginner character. But she is fun I suppose…

… just not when you are trying to win.

Thanks for your opinion. I think I’ll stick and gut it out with her. I have other questions after messing around some more.

  1. What moves are best to RC? I RC her dive kick but I still cant’ seem to combo after hitting with it.

  2. What is the best combination to use with her 3 special kicks that can combo into each other? Also is the flying kick special the one I should power up the most?

  3. Any combos after hitting with jump S or dust attack?

  4. Is it worth it to FRC her throw?

Question 1: Yes its good to RC it, but the timing is extreamly strict for combos because it doesn’t do alot of hit stun. Use it sparringly, as it is very punishable. You will want to RC her carded flying kick for more damage. And rc her 6hs in and out of combos as it gives the opponent a free throw even if it hits them unless its CH. Jump installed 6hs is great, learn it and abuse it like hell.

Question 2: Its character spicific in some cases. But the rule is usually 236k>dp+k>214k. Yes the flying kick is the best one to power up, carded 2369k.rc>hs>236k>dp+k>214k is too good.

Question 3: IAD s or d (second hit launches with the dust), land and jump to them s>jc s>hs>236k>dp+k>214k.

Question 4: Yes, very worth it. Do it any time you have the level to spare. You will tick into throws alot using broken strings.

Just a little advice, learn to IAD and the properties of the kicks from the air dash. Its going to be very important later, as IAD combos are Jams only real safe pressure in XX.

Sweep gives you a free charge, plus opportunities to parry their attempts to punish your charge.

6H doesn’t need to be JI’d, just fall with jS, land, relaunch to air combo.

Throw FRC is really nice, but you can also get airthrow opportunities after her throw, so don’t worry too much about missing the FRC.

Best move to Roman Cancel would be 236 kick. definately if charged, but most of jams other attacks don’t leave her at too much of a disadvantage.

Since each kick prorates the next kick in the chain drastically you should probly do 236k xx 623 k xx 214 k. After the 214k you can run and go for an air throw set up. keep that pressure. Yes, the flying kick is the best one to power up.

It all depends on the height of your opponent. if you hit with an random jumping slash just double jump s hs and three kicks that guy. With dust hold up hit hs 4 times, s dj s hs 3 kicks.

All day, if you get the chance to throw someone FRC it and get that 125 points of damage. seeing as how everyone has 420 total like a good 25% throw is useful…:stuck_out_tongue:

Chaotic Blue

p.s. also if you want to have a good jam use parry. start with something easy like jump in’s. It will get you hit alot in the beginning but soon everyone will tell you how “gay” it is…:stuck_out_tongue: Good luck.

everyone fucking listen to Romel, his Jam owns all. it fucking owns my Potemking with the damn infinite.

and i know from getting it done to me alot my Romel, her 236K is the mest to RC especially if charged, it does SOOO much damage

Keep it up with the replies! Alright, so is the focal point of Jam’s offense is to hit with that charged 236K? So far the ways I’ve managed to charge the 236K is by…

  1. 2K, 5S, 2D, run, 2K, 5S, charge 236K

This is the BB combo I use to score the knockdown using her 2D sweep. Actually I’m not sure if the part after the run is safe. I could just do the charge 236K after the 2D. I just add the part after the run because a friend of mine said 5S does a lot of stun to her opponent.

  1. any combo ending in 214K, charge 236K

I’m not sure if this is safe because can’t your opponent safe fall after the 214K before hitting the ground?

Wow, your from so cal? I’m going to try to start holding gatherings when my car gets fixed somewhere so we can beef up so cal again. But on to your combos.

  1. never use 2k because 5k is faster has a +2 advantage, and is a standing attack. Alot of people don’t know that jam’s s.k hits low so they wont try to block it low all the time. again, NEVER use 2.k.

My B&B combo is s.k s.s (depending on distance) c.d xx charge 236 k. If I have a charge my combo is s.k c.hs 236 k RC run s.s air combo. about 225 damage. If I don’t have meter, I will either do the combo without the charge and get another one when i land or i will just get 2 charges for an even damaging combo.

And lastly never end a combo with 236k or 214 k unless its charged. only time you’ll want to end a combo with 236k is if they have a pixel of life and it may kill them. Otherwise, thats that. Good luck.

Chaotic Blue

So anybody else like Jam’s ground IAD loop a little too much?
You can act like Magneto and reset it, haha.

CB, I’m living in NorCal right now but hopefully during the summer I will move back to SoCal. I just started playing GGXX last week so too bad I wasn’t able to watch you at NCR.

I’ve been learning just by watching a couple of vids from overseas and trying out some of the stuff people post in this thread. I remember going to Gamecombos over a year ago and seeing your posts on Jam on there. Too bad I don’t know of any other GG resource on the web right now.

What does IAD stand for and how do you do that loop?

I think it stands for “instant air dash”

Ive seen some vids of jam players chaining their ground combos into fast air dash attacks, then air combos…

Ive got it to work only a few times after the 2S, 6K, S IAD jP, jP, jS and so on. What I want to know is how is it properly set up, like the string leading to it and positioning/spacing.

I usually see IAD combos off of 6K, though I’ve also seen them off of 5S©, 5S(f). Usually you do some combo ending with a 2-hit 6K, then do an IAD while the opponent is still in stun (if you don’t know what an instant air dash is, feel free to ask for clarification), then use j.P until you can land, and repeat. I usually can get this to work.

6K (2 hits), IAD, j.P (x4), j.H, repeat.

IMHO the damage on IAD combos isn’t very good, but they’re useful for building meter and overall flashiness.