GGXX Johnny Strategy Thread

sup yall kenshin here.

my fav ggxx character is johnny. this man is the definition of pimp. he has speed, reach, power, and something that most fighting game characters lack these days…style. but surprisingly i dont see that many johnny fans let alone hear about them. plus you dont see many people post strategies about johnny. in this thread you can post strategies and techniques that you like to use. i will start it off.

johnny is a great character to learn how to master. his only flaws are that he is tall some of his attacks cant hit short characters, and some of his moves have long recovery time. but if used right his positives can cancle out the negatives. one thing you have to do to be a successful johnny user is to know when to use your mist finner. thats johnnys main offensive technique and you should use it in many of your combos.

remember that johnny cant run but has a short dash. so use your devine blade to travel across the ground at fast, far distances. but dont underestimate johnnys dash. its great for doing rush combos. more on his dash later on. also know when to use the glistering gold. this technique powers up your mist finner up to 3 levels. the 3rd level will result in a 10 hit mist finner attack. another important note, the level 2 mist finer is great because if it hits then ur opponent cant air recover and you are free to hit them without the worry of air recoveries. also use the baccus sigh when needed cause it makes your mist finner unblockable.

now its time for some combos. johnny is a powerful character who has speedy attacks that are also powerful. so here are some combos i like to use. im only gonna list a few of them for now. ill post more later on.

cp, cp, cp, k, hs, glistering gold, hs, mist finner low, divine blade. an ok combo to use. i mainly use it for style points since i hit my opponent with the devine blade while they are falling to the ground.

jump hs, p, p, k, hs, glistering gold, dash, k, hs, glistering gold, dash, hs, mist finner. note that this combo works best if ur opponent is cornered or near the corner. this combo this good damage because the mist finner is the level 3 one. also good for style points.

ill post some other combos and techniques later. i will talk about things like air combos and his power techniques. but for now i want to hear yall strats and comments. untill then…later.

Dude, I’m pretty sure your combos don’t work…

Anyways…if you wanna start learning Johnny from the ground up, you must learn his Mist cancel…the’s the only way you can put together a decent rushdown…also, learn his gatlings…like I said, the first thing any johnny player needs to learn is how to rushdown. he gains tension hella fast, so there’s lots of opportunities for RC’s & FRC’s…

… i honestly can’t tell if this is a joke post or what. why would you do c.p x3? can’t you just do j.hs s.s s.hs coin whatever? will do a helluva lot more damage. but whatever. most of the combos you posted are bs, and cannot be done unless you have a way of making coin a lvl5 stun attack… have fun explaining to the rest of the people your awesome johnny stuff <3

:lol: :lol: :lol:

blast…id thought id get more actioin in with those crazy made up combos. blah o well:lol: ill get serious.

ok here are some tru combos that i use.

p, p, k, hs, level 2 mist finner, devine blade. this is a good easy combo to use. you can hit your opponent with the devine blade since ur opponent cant recover from a level 2 mist finner. or if you dont wanna do the devine blade you can always throw a glistering gold at your opponent to build up power for your mist finner attacks again.

p, p, k, s, hs, level 3 mist finner low. this is a decent combo since the level 3 mist finner hits at least 9 times. this combo does ok good damage. it also gives you mad style points if people see you use this combo since the level 3 mist finner looks so damn pimp. if you hit your opponent with the level 2 mist finner in this combo then you can finish it off with the devine blade.

s, f+hs, level 2 mist finner, devine blade. now this combo is short but sweet. if done it can take away a huge chunck of health. keep in mind that the s must hit when far away so that the move is transformed into the long version. if you used this combo before then you know how much damage it can take away from your opponent. its also a real good way to piss off chip users:evil:

yeah, it’ pretty fucking obvious you don’t know your shit…either because you’re new or just haven’t even bothered looking shit up for him…

f.s,6H only combos on crouching opponents…it only combos on CH for standing opponents…

Also, you do know that you can FRC divine blade??? a basic lvl 2 MF combos is…

s.k, s.h, 236k(lvl 2), dash, s.k, s.h, 623s~s(FRC), j.s, j.d, 41236H

if you want something REALLY easy…

s.k, s.h, 236K(lvl 2), s.h, 632146h

Kenshin, you forget to mention how great Johnny’s throws are…bar none, the best basic standing throw in the game…can combo easily from it or you can power MF by doing 236h and hunt for air throws…BTW, his air throw is fucking good…you can combo off it in the corner…depending on the situation, you can go for high damage combo, power up MF, or go the unblockable set up…

one thing you must learn to become advanced with johnny is 1-hit ensignia…learn that shit…

<3 <3 glad you showed up in this thread.

good strats but you dont gotta bitch and complain sayin oh its fuckin obvious dat you dont know shit dats da main reason i made this thread is so i can see what type of strats you people use. but id expect that people would be bitching at me since im new here:bluu:

hahaha…it’s all good dude, no need to get all swoll in the chest…if you any more questions, jut ask…I’m sure I can answer them…

fa sho i have a question. do you have any rushdown techniques that you know of?? cause a nigga has tried to do some combos that involves dashing a few times but sometimes the opponent blocks it when im dashing at them during the combo.

for example ive tried doing this. p, p, k, hs, glistering gold, dash, hs, glistering gold, dash, hs, level 3 mist finner low. ive only actually nailed this a few times, but the only way i can nail it if the opponent is near or at the corner. but even then sometimes they recover quickly from the glistering gold and manage to block the rest at times.

i also need to know if johnny has any other techniques that can be false roman cancled. casue im trying to learn some FRC’s but the time’n is strick. but ill get da hang of it…u best believe dat:evil:

don’t try to use dashes during your combos…it just makes it hella harder to combo…also, using glitter is gold during a combo is VERY character dependent…I would suggest staying away from those type of combos until you’ve learned the weights/gravities of every character…

When you’re rushing down, use a lot of s.h and 6h…those will build up guard meter very quickly…oh yeah, don’t forget to mist cancel…it cancels out the bad frames of s.h and 6h…

here are his moves that can be FRC…

623 s(when johnny jumps)
623s, s(the divine blade part)
air 236S

johnny is a hard character to learn…I’ve pend 5 months on him and I still have problems with him…don’t get frustrated…just keep focused on learning your shit…

yea johnny is a hard character to learn but he is worth the trouble. even though i beat many people with him i still have a lot to learn.

anywho i find it easy to hit people wiht the glistering gold by doing the low dust attack then doing it. make sure as soon as your first hit from the low dust attack connects you do the g-g cause when the first hit happens the opponent is still in the standing animation. i also find it easy to nail the g-g with the hs. cause my hs makes people stagger back alot since i use the hs in most of my combos. but i still watch out cause some of the shorter characters like chip are harder to hit with the gg. there are many more ways to nail ur glistering gold like doing your f+p or doing it after your throw.

yo i just remembered something. you can confuse your opponent like mad if you fake them out by cancleing your mist finners. for example if they are blocking and you are doing a combo on them and you get into your mist finner stance, then cancle it with hs. like one time i did this move to a person and he was like 0_0: p, p, k, s, hs, mist finner cancle, devine blade without the flame punch, k, hs, level 2 mist finner, devine blade. the first part of that sequence he blocked. so when i did the fake mist finner and did the devine blade jump he got confused and didnt block the second part of the sequence cause i jumped on da other side of him and then hit him. but this only worked cause he was blocking and i was kinda far away from him anyway.

mmm for everyone in the practice mode you can use the option that gives the moves you’re doing(same line that the damage line.) to see the frc moves.a blue flash will appear at the instant you have to frc…
6k frc is a good option for a free throw…
and yes i’d like to play johnny more seriously he is my second favorite but i have enough hard time with my ky.
johnny is hard to play i do not succed to be agressive enough mainly cause of his dash.
anyway i’m pretty sure once well mastered this dash is an advantage…(like i-no and slayer)
the only combo i founded was(corner)
?,hs,coin,mist finer(low),6k,jump,k,s,jc,k,s,ensenga,rc,land to whatever you want.
in the corner you can us s,coin,s,coin,mist finer lv3,rc to air combo.

anyway my place isn’t here:p

I like johnny’s dash…makes his combos a lot easier…

anyways, I’m iffy on uing 6k in a combo…depending on how low you hit it, it change what combos you can do…if you’re playing #R, don’t even bother, it prorates 70% afterwards…

yes, 6k frc is the best way to set up throw…

Mist Cancel isn’t to fake your opponent out, it’s to get mad frame advantage. Which in turn leads to lots of pressure strings, combos… and because of that, it creates mixups. But MCing isn’t a fake-out.

6K is nice for Tension-less combos off a L2 Mist Finer.

Or to set up Divine Blade FRC combos.

Don’t start combos with punches, waste of damage. 5K is like the weakest you wanna get with combo starters.

Some basic no Tension combos not involving L2 MF:
2K > 5S© > 2D XX 236H. Free coin.

throw, jK > S JC, djK > S > D XX 41236H. Standard combo off throw.
throw, jK > P > S JC, djK > S > D XX 41236H. For heavier opponents.
throw, jK > S JC, djS > H > D XX 41236H. More damaging, normal/light weight characters.

6K, jK > S JC, djK > S > D XX 41236H
6K, jK > S JC, djS > H > D XX 41236H

6P JC, jK > S JC, djK > S > D XX 41236H
6P JC, jK > P > S JC, djS > H > D XX 41236H
6P JC, jK > P > S JC, djK > S > D XX 41236H. For heavier opponents

My scrubby throw set up

236HS, IAD(while coin is moving) j.k, j.s land c.k, c.s, 5s, coin iad over head j.k, j.s land dash in throw B&B combo.

Yes, i do all of that just for B&B air combo.

what do ya go for after a throw: coin or combo???

Personally, I go for coin. There’s not a lot of guaranteed(for most characters) opportunities where Johnny can easily land a coin. plus, you can combo after a coin on most characters. if not, just search for air throws. Only time I even use a combo is if I know that I can end the combo with 1-hit setup into OTG coin/Mist trap.

is there any rooms for strats on ggx2…?..Johnny’s ex mode makes him a much better player with the addition of his air super…which can be linked to his ground super…his dash also doesnt stop…but if you are talkin about a different guilty gear then all of this means nothing at all and totally disregard it…:lol:

EX Johnny has a crappy offense compared to regular Johnny. Supers are pointless, 'cuz he has no practical ways to do big damage even with the supers.
No unblockable death combos, either. And heck, his defensive abilities are pretty sad, too.

ummm… no mist finer ='s suckage…

Ayo, Crimson (or others), can you give me some notes on some good mist cancle block strings/traps. My Jon tends to be pretty one dimentional… trying to fix that.

Edit: Also, I just checked the thread. Any B&B’s off lvl2 mist finer would be nice. Later.