GGXX: Just want to clear something up about Sol's air combo

I watched the Sol matches on the Evolution DVD, and I noticed when he does a air combo, he can slash more than once and get I think 2 or 3 extra jumps, when I practice on PS2, I only get one jump and one slash. Is this a difference of the arcade and the console?

ur a moron, its called the Dust Loop. only in corrner, easy wasy to do it is, run in K, S, 6P, they bounce off wall, K, 2HS, jump, D, jump, S, D, u touch ground, jump, D, jump, S, D, tounch groun, do this until ur too far to do another rep then end with HS upper cut.
(u have to pause between the duble hike to that they cant tec, after the 2ND D, this way u can hit the ground and jump again)

WTF, don’t say it like an asshole. You could have just said “Oh, its the dust loop. Its done by blah blah blah”.

You’re the moron, you can dust loop any where, not just in the corner… it’s just easier in the corner and doesnt require you to JI

they certainly END UP in the corner =P

so maybe that’s what he meant.

Try j.Dx2 for more than one or two reps outside of the corner. Notice the lack of combo-ness.

OK, I watched the video again and saw carefully. And I know how to do the dust loop, which wasn’t what I’m talking about.

He did the throw that bounces the enemy, then launched and jumped, and this is how I saw the air combo:

>slash, jump x lk. slash, dragon punch (I forgot what the name of that move is), and a kick