Can someone give me a few basic and advance tips and combos for him.?


heres the combo i always do =
p, k, c. slash, c. dust, Sacred Edge, (with full tension u can throw another sacred at them, or Ride the Lighting, eirther one will hit.)

throw xx k, slash, jump, k, slash, Hslash, DP Hslash

some common strats that i do is jumping Hslash a lot, that stops anything, c. Hslash pushes opponent away(great to get outta corner), cancel QCF Hslash then run with it is great after knocking down ur opponent, and i also like to jump then dust very early, great for jump ins cus its like a low-jump and if ur opponent trys to punish it the lil orb u put in the air will most likey hit them

im not top-player or anything, but thats wut i do :slight_smile: hope it helps