Ok, I don’t know why I created a thread for May, because she really annoys me. But I’m searching for a char who fits my style, so I might as well try her out.

Anyway, I saw this cool combo for her, she does something like K, S, sonic boom dolphin, FRC, AIRDASH, S, HS etc etc…

How does she get the airdash after the FRC’d dolphin? Is there jump-installing involved? Or can you just input airdash real fast after the FRC?

And what’s her best dust combo?

I don’t understand how she does it either. May plays somewhat like a toned down blanka.

To be honest, I can’t answer any of your questions… but if it helps I’ll share my patterns

Chain I like is just the standard one, standing neutral(or hold back) kick, slash, heavy slash…

  1. then do upwards dolphin(slash version, whiffs), land and hcb+k grab
  2. down+heavy slash sweep
    3)hcf+kick or hcf+slash then run/walk foward and repeat chain
    4)forward+heavy slash overhead
    5)down/forward + kick slide
    6)down(charge), up +heavy slash(wiff, crossover), land and repeat chain
    7)hcb+slash super(blocked) xx killer whale

Edit: Does anyone have a combo that involves her DP+s?

The rolling move indeed is DP+slash. My mistake.

d+K,d+S, Sweep, Iruka-san(Horizontal) FRC, HS(before you land), air dash K, HS, jump K, air dust, double jump HS, air dust

here’s a nasty combo for May we saw it done by Koinuma in a match vid…

EDIT: we do this on the import version because May’s air dust was tweaked in the us version…

yes ive seen that combo in a may vs dizzy vid. i’ve tried it, but i rarely connect the HS after the horizontal dolphin. it seems like she usually drops too fast after the FRC for her jump HS to come out.

I think maybe there is a double jump after the FRC dolhpin, so maybe jump installing is involved? i’ve gotten the HS to connect a couple times, and those times, maybe i accidentally did jump install? who knows.

anyway, may’s pretty cool because she hits real hard and takes damage good. kinda my style of char, because i’m sloppy and i get hit a lot.

edit: and i do have the jap version for console, not usa version.

my friend says JI is not involved…

ok here’s another combo for May:

overhead kiss(hcb k),Near S, jump K, HS, air dust, double jump HS, air dust…

May works best as keep away, when she gets the dolphins started it will be quite hard to get near.Her f+p has upper body invincibility use it as an anti-air and it has high dizzy factor meaning your opponent will be dizzied faster if her gets hit by f+p.

JI is involved if the Air dash happens right after the FRC, but you can easily IAD after landing and still hit it.

i’ve been using may a bit and i do believe that a key part of her game rests on her 6.P

maybe i’m crazy, but something that has that much invincibilty and does that much dizzy damage, it must be important

its all about S>6P>S, 3 hit combo and the 6P still hits up for the dizzy :slight_smile: BTW, Zazz, whats been goin on w/ GCC?


Who said DP and HS? What does that do? I hope you meant DP and S.

All overhead kiss combos vary depending on where your opponent is when you kiss them. The only thing that always works is to smack them with Shamoo after they bounce off the wall.

Hey Ed, if you want to airdash after the sonic boom dolphin you need to JI it. Here’s what I do. K, S (JI), d.HS, Dolphin, FRC, airdash, whatever.

You need to cancel the jump install with either the dolphin or another move. Personally, I like to throw the ducking HS in there, even though it might cause the horizontal dolphin to miss. But hey, I like my 25 percent tension thank you very much.

Personally, I found the whole FRC horizontal dolphin to airdash thing quite difficult and I decided to make that the last thing I learn how to do with May.

As for dust combos, I heard something about an 80 percent combo but I’ve never seen it or read about how to do it. Anyway, I just do D, D, (j)HS, D, Restive rolling. You’ll rarely ever mess that up and it still does mad damage. You can add stuff in there like S before the HS if you want to, but you could whiff things depending on how far away May was from your opponent when you hit the dust. If you want to get fancy you can RC the restive into more air stuff.


JI is needed, huh? yeah, thats what i thought. I can easily do the JI after FRC if I do something like K,S(JI), dolphin. But I simply cannot pull off K,S(JI),sweep, dolphin. I guess I’ll tinker someday more with her.

As for dust combos, I could do D,D,D, jc, K,D,restive rolling. but the restive rolling is not guaranteed afterwards, sometimes the opponent flips out. maybe i should take out one of the dusts to guarantee the rolling.

maybe i’m crazy, but hitting someone with f.P about 3 times then IKing them when dizzied . . . is that the super May strat?

and to answer your questions: YES I AM A SCRUB WITH MAY.

from the jap vids i’ve seen, no, that’s not her main strat. jap may does a lot of jumping around, zones with dolphins, and occasionally hits you with killer combos.

It’s better to do a huge combo instead of the IK when you dizzy your opponent. Your opponent can shake out of the dizzy before you can get your IK off. They have to jump, though. May’s IK is a grab. (I love it when people don’t know that.)

The JI/sweep is difficult. It goes S(7), sweep(1), Dolphin(1-6), FRC, airdash, etc.

I still haven’t gotten it down yet. It’s hard. It’s even harder to do it in the middle of a match.

I could never get the JI thing down. I’m pretty sure that you don’t need to JI for the vertical dolphin FRC though. It’s harder to combo into so I don’t know how practical it is, but the damage is decent.


Yeah. I know this thred has probably been long deserted, but I am in need of assistance from some one who may have more exp than me with effective May play.

What are good strategies for zoning? and is playing zones best for her?

What are her more damaging combos/ set ups?

Personaly I am from a rush down play background, so its hard for me to adjust to May, but i have taken an odd liking to her. She is different, and i find using her more challenging.

I am trying to break myself of the redundancy that i fall back on with May. I think i am predictable, and i have a huge problem against counter characters like Anji and Baiken.

When i can effectively play keep away its almost counter preductive. Because for all the work i put into zoning, I dont know the combos to make people pay big for mistakes.

Is it possible to play her as rush down? her f+p seems like it has alot of potential but what can i really do with it?

Alot of times its more effective to see some one played correctly, then it is to explain it in text. If it is at all possible, if anyone has any links, or info on where i can find some good May matches, that would be a great help. She seems to involve alot of planning, traps, zoning, and patience. And i am used to rush down, so I am struggling. Perhaps I miss interpret the meaning of rush down. But either way, I would like some other peoples insight on this. I think she has some huge potential, but i am having trouble making it to the light at the end of the tunnle.

Thanks, and sorry for bombarding you all with questions. I hope this post doesnt collect dust.


Thanks alot for all the help -.-;

I have been expirementing a bit, and I am finding it difficult to jump install consistantly. What is the spicific button imputs for it so I make sure i am doing it right. And what is the best combo follow up after a FRC’d dolphin? Any big combos? I hate taking chump damage with her when she has moves that stagger and set up so well. But i dont know any meaty combos to throw out or set up for and because of that my play style with her is simplified and predictable. Some one help. Jeez…

ok i know this is really late and no one probably cares, but in order to get the HS after the dolphin in that huge may combo you do this.

c. k, c. s, c. dust, slash dolphin, frc, FAULTLESS DEFENSE, HS, land, air dash forward, k, hs, land, j. k, j. dust, dj. hs, dj. dust.

It’s still hard, but yah you have to faultless defense

Oh my shit geyser

that’s a sweet ass combo.


k,s(ji),2d dolphin across FRC (highest point) iad K hs, land, s hs vert dolphin,vert dolphin

as for FDing that one combo, theres no need too, timing is everything

how do you charge the vert dolphin while doing standing attacks? i see it all the time, but i can’t figure out how to do it =/ also how do you perform the ji while charging for the dolphin?